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  1. Agreed, a box set would have been amazing. Also agree that despite of how stoked I am that Vol 3 is being rereleased, that purple is a poor poor choice. Red, Blue, White, Smog Black or even pale Yellow would have been better for this.
  2. Same reversed bordered cover as the 10 year deluxe cd/dvd release that also featured Purity but not Frail Limb Nursery. Interesting....
  3. ouch for UK price, but still super happy to add this to the collection at this price than £200+
  4. Just pledged for the vinyl and lyric book after listening to the album on Spotify here in the UK! Entire album is fire - really into your lyrics. Looking forward to adding this to the collection. Keep up the creative work buddy!
  5. Anyone else notice that all the links to the reissue have been pulled?
  6. Does anyone know if this will also get a release in Europe or UK? None of the distros so far offer international shipping. TIA
  7. Both, green smoke and red smoke ordered from EMP landed today in perfect condition. Only played the green smoke but sounds awesome!
  8. 'vinyl as a hat and necklace for size reference' Did anyone else see this update on Discogs...brilliant! I haven't figured out how to add images to a post yet, but look for the last image on the discog listing; https://www.discogs.com/release/18211051?utm_campaign=release-update&utm_source=relationship&utm_medium=pm
  9. Agreed, keep trying. The city&colour website just refused to upload the cart for me, but Dine Alone worked out way cheaper for UK. Just got my order confirmation email also so look out for that.
  10. ulp..thought I'd try Dine Alone one more time. Became available again. Madness. Managed to grab one happily.
  11. Dine Alone sold out while in my cart and about to check out, became available again, then sold out AGAIN while in my cart and about to finish checking out. I cant even get the city & colour website to work, cant add to cart or upload cart. Another fucking bulls up.
  12. Mwahhahahaa, a fucking countdown for tshirts and a logo pint glass. WTactualF
  13. So I finally took delivery in the uk of my copy, from the centre blue/red/clear and I've gotta say I think I lucked out. Happy to say its in great shape, vinyl have not shifted, still together in place, no dings or tears although extremely dusty. But more than I expected after all the bed reports being posted. This was delivered with the over priced serigraph, which imo looks poorly printed. Thats my only regret from this purchase.
  14. Not received mine just yet, but this will be exactly the path I'll be taking if it turns up damaged. Ain't no way I'm spending $133 on a new release to receive a damaged/warped/scratched one. I'm praying I'm lucky with this one.
  15. If this is correct, will explain why those who have requested replacement jackets so far have reported being told there aren't any and none will be produced in the future. Completely refuse any refunds too. If they have been sat on these for years shouldn't they have said so for clarity, the more I read different results coming through the more I feel they miss-sold this.
  16. Or up on bulllmoose now https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35037923 or if you are UK based try here https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/killswitch-engage/the-end-of-heartache-deluxe-edition
  17. This link https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/the-end-of-heartache-deluxe-edition.html But looks like they've stopped preorders now unfortunately. Not sure why, only the first 2500 was limited with a presumed open preorder for the standard. Perhaps they'll have it back up later, keep checking.
  18. Finally got my shipping notification to the UK, if anyone from that part of the world was wondering. Thats for the bundle including the serigraph.
  19. ooodamnnnn. Always when I try to stop buying any more vinyl for the rest of the month. Question; is RunOutGroove US based only or do they have a UK/Europe site also, would like to get this exclusive web version but shipping always kills me. Edit: Shipping is only $15.99 so not as bad as has become the norm.
  20. Sorry, I meant other than on his IG story, as after 24 hours that disappears and as I mentioned, completely missed it. Posting the numbers on something a little more solid would have been better for those who also missed it and would like to check. Or did anyone manage to get a screen grab maybe?
  21. Thanks for the heads up. Just missed out on that sweet violet/black but managed to grab a Coma to make up for it.