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  1. I don't mind stealing music I've already purchased, but I... A) don't really know how only have a work computer, so I don't want to go stealing music on it
  2. No download code with this one, eh? I feel like this is becoming more common lately.
  3. My classroom has a solid chunk of my prints. I don't know how to post the pictures without too much effort. Also, to join the ranking discussion, the post-Hot Damn! era, while still good music, is the low point for ETID. There's good and great songs in there, but the overall sound was on the more boring side. This makes sense, as my buddy who grew up with the Buckleys said Ratboy was a drag on everything. He stopped caring on NJA and that's when they started pushing their sound in different directions again, then he was out of the band and they went nuts. LNIT is great for what it is, and Hot Damn! is classic, but Ex-Lives was excellent, outdone by From Parts Unknown, topped again by Low Teens.
  4. Coming out of message board retirement just to say that if you haven't seen an ETID Christmas show, you're missing out. Being from Buffalo and being big into ETID since 2003, I've managed to hit at least one night every year since they started these in 2006 or 2007 or whenever. Best concert of the year. The last two were unbelievable, especially 2019's 2-night version.
  5. Fuck man, I grew up on Queen. I would LOVE this, but I already have just about everything legit that they put on vinyl. Well, full albums, at least, no singles / 45s. I also don't have $500, but this box set would be amazing.
  6. Do you guys simply nail the cross pieces in or do you do any elaborate stuff like notches or whatever?
  7. I mean, I do too, but I'm super poor and shouldn't be buying records these days anyway. Oh well, I have the vinyl, can't complain.
  8. I'm super bummmed there's no DL card. I did a quick search to illegally DL it and couldn't find it, either. I like having everything on my ipod for my car, too.
  9. Listening now.. it's pretty great, and the packaging is very nice. Worth every penny.
  10. Jesus, took me 59 tokens to get the Helter Shelter, the only thing I didn't have yet.
  11. I got the hack again just now to get the last wheel prize... I've landed on the two spots on either side of the one thing at least 15 out of the 40 spins I've done, haven't gotten the prize yet.
  12. I thought I was on to something when the spins kept just missing the one building I need. It always just passes the peg, so what I did was slowly move the spin wheel one spot over. Then I spun like always and just missed it like normal. I think the wheel is rigged. We'll all get the shit right at the end.
  13. I always wish there was a database of tours bands do with supporting acts, dates, etc. I usually think about it when I remember my first concert - Green Day touring in support of Insomniac. I am curious as to who the openers were, but can never find anything when I google about it.
  14. I've spun the prize wheel a million times and there's one building in there I can't seem to land on, no matter what. It's pretty irritating. Also, I definitely used a hack way back so I guess I can't really complain, but I'm dangerously close to running out of space. What do you think the chances of more land expansions are?
  15. Pass The Flask has one of my favorite album intros. The bass / unplugged guitar / whatever it is (haven't listened in a while) transitioning into the whole band diving in and then going all out with the vocals is just awesome.
  16. That Siouxsie Sioux woman annoys me a great deal and I've never heard of her until now. Awful.
  17. Can we talk about how "Siouxsie Jeanne" is: A) the worst way to spell Susie? B ) the worst way to spell Jean? C) the worst song PBC has ever produced? I wish I could forget that song existed.
  18. Aw man. If you ever wandered across any old economics books (I know, I'm a nerd), I would love you. Like copies of anything by Keynes, Adam Smith, Hayek, Ricardo, Malthus. After that, French or German novels from the second half of the 1800s have been fascinating me lately. Preferably in English, since that's the only language I can actually read in, but if it's cheap to ship I would take whatever. I'd send you a little money for your trouble on top of the shipping, but it would all be bonus if you looked, I certainly wouldn't expect you to do so and be disappointed if you didn't.
  19. Only one more community prize, but it's 10 million GOOs away.
  20. I have a dual degree in Economics and History plus a certification and master's in education, so I've written more than my fair share of papers, and to be honest, I like writing papers so fuck y'all. I get very frustrated when I assign a 2 page paper in my classes and the kids bitch, though, because in high school I regularly wrote 5 pages and obviously longer in college. I could fart out two pages and these kids turn in a page and 5 lines and think it's good enough.
  21. Question: when ordering take-out, do you guys tip? I never know. I work part time at an ice rink and eat a lot of my dinners in the office there and there's a nice bar/grill next door that I order from. I never know if I'm supposed to be tipping. I think not, since there isn't any actual table service. Do cooks get tipped out by servers? If they do, I feel like I'm shorting them by not tipping. Also, similarly, if I order a sub from a sub place (Jim's Steakout or whatever local place, not Subway), they often have a tip jar but I don't think I've ever put a penny in those things. Don't know why, because I feel I'm pretty generous when I eat out.
  22. If you have a droid, search for the 4.5.0 apk hack. It gives you a bajillion dollars and a bajillion donuts as soon as you buy anything. I bought a tree, and then had infinite money and donuts. I uninstalled the hack and my donuts disappeared (cash stayed), but I have climbed up the donut count through tapping goo and whatever else anyway.

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