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  1. THE FIRST 100 ORDERS WILL RECEIVE LIMITED EDITION COLORED VINYL: TRANSPARENT GREEN W/ BLACK HAZE Picked this up and one of the Shirtkiller versions. I hope I get the TR green. I personally don't like the mystery. I wish they gave you the ability to choose. Thanks for posting this!
  2. I agree. As much as I think TTBOADH is amazing I think with Parting the Sea TA has actually increased the intensity with the lyrics, slightly more melodic touches with vocals, and you can hear the progress they've made as musicians. Not to mention the production is better without going slick. I wouldn't really argue with anyone who feels differently because in the end they are both great albums. Now the wait for the deluxe version!
  3. Described it exactly. I don't know how the limited white hasn't sold out yet. Any fans of the previously mentioned bands and new Keith Morris band OFF! would definitely be into this album. I hope they come out the west coast.
  4. Threw down for a hoodie too, so it was probably pretty obvious that I fuckin' dig this band. I don't know how they are deciding. The only downside is my box got banged in the corner, so dingy on all, but hell, I am still very happy.
  5. YES!!! Got my order from Deathwish today. White, check. Blue, check. Green, check... what's that underneath the other records... clear! Thanks for making my week, Deathwish!
  6. Did you ask him about the clear or did he say he couldn't talk about it? Ah, this damn clear is going to haunt my dreams until I find out what the hell is up with it! Variant freak. Oh yeah, I got a shipping confirmation from Deathwish too. I think it is the regular limited pressing.
  7. CONGRATS to the winners. Just judging by how many entries and views for this contest, hopefully it is a clue to Admin/labels how lame those twit this twit that contests are. This type was more effective.
  8. Still waiting for you to actually ship my records. Paid over two weeks ago.
  9. Out of every 100 times I go to garage sales and regular flea markets I find punk maybe 4 times. I have had some amazing scores on rare pre 70's jazz and rare soul. I figure it will be maybe 10 to 20 more years before more punk stuff starts regularly showing up. Most of the time these trips are a waste of time. You just have to enjoy getting up early and the very slim possibility that you might find something. The golden rule is, get there early or just stay in bed. I've been staying in bed lately.
  10. Finally picked up a Government Warning shirt. Now, if you could just get the Deep Sleep guys to send you some shirts...?
  11. I got a nice copy of Make Do and Mend "End Measured Mile" from member mike at ihatepunkrock.net. VERY fast shipping. Others need to take note, especially you members on this board who still need to ship me my goddamn records. They will be nameless for now.
  12. I got my record from ihatepunkrock.net today and am very happy. He shipped it crazy fast. Looks like they still have the clear w/red black and blue available. I'd jump on it, if you're one of those variant types. I know I have that sickness.
  13. Ordered when they put them up and finally got them today, Oxblood and White. I guess I got lucky? Hopefully others will get theirs soon.
  14. David HAS Come To Life! I'm not sure what is up with the flat that goes over the actual cover?
  15. If we're looking at the same picture I don't see two greens. The one on top to the right is green, underneath a blue, and left of that the white. That clear version must be a tour variant, at least I hope so!
  16. I left all the black vinyl for you. You're welcome. Mine are both on clear.
  17. Yeah, I got lucky. When I saw them they didn't even have them out. I'd heard they were going to be available so I asked. He seemed real hesitant to pull them out. I should have had my gal buy one too, but there were others there that were salivating when they saw them. so I wasn't greedy.
  18. Picked up some vinyl from Jail Weddings including a limited to 50 7" when they played in SF. Great live band.
  19. Going back and looking at my paypal info it looks like a paid Antagonist Records(Trever's label) for these. Is Folsom a part of that label? I could have sworn I bought them right from the Folsom site.
  20. Yep, I wrote them before this was sent out and Johnny wrote me back, actually two emails to apologize and let me know what was happening. I really appreciated that. I am glad that they realize there is a problem and that they are moving forward to fix it. This is what it takes to make a good record company great. Looking forward to buying from them again.
  21. Yeah, I got a white copy yesterday in the mail. It also has a faint brown streak or 2. Seeing them today...can't wait! That is the ultra rare "Forgot To Wipe-Skidmark" edition . The version I got is invisible. No not clear. Hope to someday see it.
  22. Good to hear they are shipping. Ahh, such fond memories of another site crashing and endless refreshing. They should really turn that type of fiasco into a video game, "No Vinyl For You, Try Back Later".
  23. "PRE ORDERS have a much higher probability of short run colors" Probability not.

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