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  1. https://www.wannahearitstore.com/s/search?q=Jimmy eat world wanna hear it is doing 20% off this weekend RECORDSRHEAVY
  2. Picked up the Zia exclusive, if anyone has a tour green one they want to get rid of I’ll take it
  3. This is what I’m hoping for, but even then it’s still a waste of money on vagrants part. I’ve heard lately that 7 inches are getting more expensive to press so I can’t imagine why do a 10 inch, let alone a double one. a double Lp would have sounded better and been cheaper. i can’t imagine why they would do this unless it’s a FU to Chris Conley
  4. went with the brown copy from 1234 go, if I’m gonna buy a pice of shit it might as well look like one
  5. Weren’t there supposed to be more copies of 4 min mile? Not just that green right?
  6. Listing for SWYA on brown https://www.amazon.com/Stay-Brown-Double-Vinyl-Limited/dp/B0BDSLNWF7/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=stay+what+you+are+vinyl&qid=1662900816&sr=8-1&tag=v06a8-20
  7. This blows…I’m bummed I sold a regular copy of SWYA years ago and now I can’t even get one for less than $100 even tho it was pressed a crap load. And now it finally gets a repress but it’s a 2x10”…..lame. I guess at least it’s not a picture disc.
  8. That color is horrid, gonna wait to see if vagrant has their own webstore color
  9. Ahhh soo many questions!! here…. https://www.target.com/p/large-stackable-storage-wood-bin-pillowfort-8482/-/A-17478760
  10. Fucked up “hidden world” reissue https://getbetterrecords.com/products/fucked-up-hidden-world-reissue-lp
  11. I don’t think so, I passed on that weezer green album and that never got restocked, I’ve been kicking myself for a while on missing that one
  12. Comes with original mailer, shoot me an offer
  13. Wish that box set wasn’t $100 but that’s inflation i guess. Already have the Green MOV so I’ll just stick with that. Seeing as how this is on RFC now I’m sure it’ll be around for a while.
  14. The Promise “believer” lp repress /200 http://www.indecisionrecords.com/products/621843-the-promise-believer
  15. Ah some guy on Instagram was posting about it like it came out yesterday. Looks like I’m 10 years too late to make fun of this…Carry on…