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  1. Wow haven’t seen a thread like this in a while! Definitely delivers! Keep up the good work everyone!
  2. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/death-cab-for-cutie-we-have-the-facts-and-were-voting-yes I assume this is new to go along with the transatlanticism 20th anniversary.
  3. Why are we still talking about this? A 2x10” for a record that was originally pressed on 1 lp is fucking stoopid. End of story
  4. It’s just more if you wanted to try a different stylus that needs a different cartridge, you got options to swap stuff out
  5. I just googled them and they both look pretty sweet. If I had to pick one I’d go with the JVC cause it’s a direct drive. Also looks like it has a detachable head shell so that will give you more options when it comes to different carts and stylus.
  6. I remember seeing that they did some shows for stay what you are and donating money to some anti abuse fund or something. If you wanna stop buying records for artists because they’ve done bad things you should probably get rid of half your collection while you’re at it. They’re all bad
  7. Hey if you still want that Orville peck https://www.banquetrecords.com/orville-peck/bronco-[rsd23]/19658784141 nm it’s gone
  8. It wouldn’t suprise me if there will be another color press of this in the future. Like an urban outfitters exclusive or something
  9. Yea I’m gonna say the BV variant is the best but that’s only cause I wanna justify paying more for it. Also I’ve been wanting to pick up the 2nd press red for a while, but now that that there is this I’ll save myself some $$$
  10. I did see that, got one. Not too bummed tho. I do have a 1st press on white. But that ringer shirt tho
  11. Thanks! Would prefer a US store so I don’t have to worry about international shipping
  12. lookin for a Orville peck bronco if anyone sees one
  13. Yo, bought a new LP gear stylus for my atlp120 but I was dumb and it’s for the wrong cartridge. It still fits in and I think it sounds better than the stock atvm95e, but I have to turn up the volume almost twice as much to hear. I could’ve bought the stylus with the cart for only $10 more than what I paid for the stylus, but I didn’t think I needed it. Anyway if anyone has a cart they wanna hook me up with let me know!
  14. Via Apple Pay it was about to let me purchase
  15. It’s kinda dumb you can add one to your cart and pay for it but it won’t include shipping costs. That’s gonna be a headache in refunds

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