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  1. Kinda underwhelming IMO, but I guess that’s what you get from something called the playable collection. Pass
  2. True dat! Their merch direct store is closed. Aside from Brooklyn vegan where else would this be available?
  3. It was awesome. Best old man show I’ve been to. They had 2 stages, each band went on directly after the last one, no wait time in between each one. 4 bands, show started at 6, was over by 10. codeine blew me away soo good. They had the “import” reissues there so glad I got to grab those. Unwound was probably the best live band I’ve seen. I’m from Washington. I’ve seen mudhoney, I never got to see soundgarden, and Pearl Jam is way too pricey. I can say I’ve seen the best and it’s Unwound.
  4. Anyone else going to the showcase in Austin tonight?
  5. It doesn’t sound terrible, but it doesn’t sound as good as the OG version. Probably because it’s mostly white vinyl
  6. Damn didn’t realize this was worth so much. I got the topshelf clear/blue clear. Got a trade list?
  7. Dope thanks for the heads up, I did see one insert it was a half sheet with just thanks on it. its weird I had 2 records come in the mail today with no inserts that kept me wondering. This one, and the lifetime “s/t” OG decaydance press had no insert
  8. Anyone get shipping confirmation for the white and green version? Also does anyone have an OG version. Trying to confirm if it came with an insert
  9. Agreed, I don’t really really need these, but if there was a promo code or sale….I would be tempted
  10. A bunch of beach house exclusives just dropped https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/search?q=beach house
  11. Seattle- singles going steady, daybreak records, silver platters has a lot of metal, jive time, easy street and sonic boom are both great too. Portland- if it’s still there I liked 2nd Ave records
  12. If anyone sees a clear copy for not $30 please post it up, k, thx
  13. Bandbox color version of here’s where the strings come in https://bandboxrocks.com/products/superchunk-heres-where-the-strings-come-in
  14. Nice! I think the only thing that I’ve bought brand new is my current stylus. I watch a lot of cheap audio man on YouTube. He’s sold me on some Sony bookshelf speakers I got open box. Love em

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