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    thacriddler reacted to scottheisel in Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Reunions (5/15)   
    This record is super-good. My only (minor) complaint is how many times he sings the chorus in the album's first track. Like, it's excessive.
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    thacriddler got a reaction from Mourning Wood in Samhain "Inituium" LPs on Ebay   
    I think I have the most expensive pressing on discogs but Im way too stupid to figure out pressings. 
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    thacriddler got a reaction from zerohacker in CONVERGE - Jane Live 2xLP (5 different artist covers) PO Now!   
    usps went hard

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    thacriddler got a reaction from Satan in I have a question for vinyl collectors   
    Wouldn't punk rock be the right answer
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    thacriddler got a reaction from stl_ben in 7" vinyl storage   
    Why not just buy some 7" boxes from a sleeve website?
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    thacriddler got a reaction from blackhouse records in *PRE-ORDER: RAS KASS "Soul On Ice" 20th Anniversary Redux 2xLP (w/21 track B-sides/rarities CD).   
    That is a great album but man it has the most anti-white song I've ever heard in my life. 
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    thacriddler reacted to nardes in What will happen to your records when you die?   
    I told my wife to log in to my discogs, see what she can make some good money off of and take herself on a nice trip. She deserves it after putting up with all my record buying bullshit #thehobby  
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    thacriddler reacted to shenanigans in Angel Du$t - Rock the Fuck On Forever   
    VC needs to get back to a thread for each individual release instead of these catch alls like this one for 3 angel du$t albums and the fat thread for every fat release
    and yes I'm just mad that I missed the clear on the second 7" because of it
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    thacriddler got a reaction from torpaul in PO: Moment - Thick & Unwieldy From All Our Layers 2x LP (Discography)   
    I saw them once. They were very good. 
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    thacriddler got a reaction from ChasHawk in FYE Exclusives   
    The FYE where I live has the most expensive vinyl I have ever seen. Also next to nothing on sale. When something is on sale it's like a buck off or something.
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    thacriddler got a reaction from Klefki in Turning Point "1988-1991" 2xLP + 7"   
    It's weird, I actually looked for this last night. I don't have a local shop to buy it from though.