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  1. nick059

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Anyone still think there's a secret second album? I thought this thread was for conspiracies, not pressing/shipping info...
  2. nick059

    PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    I think for me it really is just Turtleneck that I dislike. I know it returns them back to the days of Alligator and whatnot, but it just feels like it doesn't belong on this record. The song seems disjointed and not well put together in my opinion. And after the cohesiveness and general smoothness of Trouble Will Find Me, it's an unwelcome change in my mind. But I'm sure other people really love that song, so.........Opinions eh?
  3. nick059

    PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    I'm on my third listen of Sleep Well Beast, and I feel like the parts I don't like on this album currently outweigh the parts I enjoy. There are definitely some fantastic songs, but at the album's end, I'm just remembering the parts I dislike, which tarnishes the record in retrospect. I absolutely adored Trouble Will Find Me, so this is coming as a pretty big disappointment to me. I have hopes that with subsequent listens it will sink in and get better though...
  4. nick059

    PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    NPR hosted a live stream of them playing the new record live in its entirety. It can be found at the link below if anyone is curious. The mix isn't the best, even for a live show recording. http://www.npr.org/event/music/545815805/the-national-first-listen-live-presented-by-world-cafe-and-npr-music
  5. nick059

    PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    This album is going to be incredible. Each consecutive record I've liked more and more. I can't wait until next Friday.
  6. nick059

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    So there it is. Brand New in 2017 is actually fantastic. After first listen this album obliterates all expectations of Mene and Nightmare mediocrity. Looking forward to spending more time with the album.
  7. Love Kingprince and SOS. Love the single. Will love the album.
  8. I love his first album. Really excited for this too from the new song.
  9. This song is much more in line with what I'm hoping this album will be. Song sounds great!
  10. This album is great. Fantastic buy.
  11. I started up Fallout New Vegas again. I'll be seeing you guys again in a few months.
  12. nick059

    2015 Steam Summer Sale Thread

    Anyone picking up anything in the encore sales? I ended up buying Banished and Grow Home in the past few days.
  13. nick059

    2015 Steam Summer Sale Thread

    Picked up Child of Light and Metro Last Light Redux. Trying to keep my spending down this sale. We'll see how long I hold out...
  14. This album grew on me a lot already. I'm really digging it. I wasn't a huge fan of In Currents, so Imbue has surprised me.
  15. nick059

    PO: Lord Huron - Strange Trails

    Dang. Well that's all I've got to offer. PS. I went to K-State as well. Nice to see a fellow Wildcat on here