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  1. Caught night 2 of their LA residency last night. Some of the best individual musicianship I've seen in one band for quite some time. These humans are completely dedicated to the craft. So much energy, humility, and posititvity. Not an act to miss if you have any interest at all.
  2. Brevity is the the soul of wit, guys. May cannot come soon enough.
  3. Are you sure? Description says Virtuoso Ebony Wood, which I'm pretty sure is the V2 cart. For tables that both cost $1,000, getting a $950 cart is a way better deal than getting a $100 cart.
  4. Cool. It should be noted that the ZeroDust can be had for about $35 shipped from Japan via eBay these days if a less extreme stylus-cleaning experience appeals to you. Why isn't anyone making this type of product in America yet?
  5. Daniel Blumberg has had two solo records in the vein of this type of music, one while in Yuck, one since leaving. Neither those nor the sophomore Yuck LP recaptured the magic of that first one they did together, sadly. All of it has been fine, just not as magic.
  6. Lol guise. A+ exchange. Relevant to the amp discussion: that Onkyo has a separate Wolfson DAC for each stereo channel. I've never heard of that setup before. Is there really any benefit?
  7. Yeah at first I rolled my eyes a little at the idea of a BC guitar, but if what they say in the video is actually true I'm pretty interested in this instrument. I had to laugh that Billy keeps calling the "wings" hollow even after the engineer kind of politely corrects him and explains how it actually works.
  8. 300 days 300 miles Coachella contract. They will likely play a Localchella show in LA between weekends, though, that will get announced closer to April.
  9. I wouldn't worry too hard about getting the colored vinyl in a preorder with $8 media shipping if you have access to a decent store near you. I was able to easily get the limited variant of Fragrant World complete with bonus 7" when it released.
  10. Stoked for this. New song sounds a lot more world music-y like All Hour Cymbals than the last two albums. Fragrant World really grew on me. It's definitely close to dethroning Odd Blood as my fav of theirs. Love the way this band expands their sound with each LP. In other news, the dance in the video is hot. Gotta learn it.
  11. The Sprout is fine. I've definitely been considering it as a go-to recommendation for a good all-in-one solution in an entry-level setup now that they have the price in a more reasonable place. But ajxd is beyond entry-level. The Parasound integrated looks like a great option, ajxd. I really do think you limit yourself by needing the DAC and phono pre onboard, though. My recommendation of the Rogue Audio Sphinx + SMSL M8 DAC, for example, would give you close to the same basic feature set as the Halo for $1,000 less. Note also that the DAC is the same as is in the Halo and it has a display. BONUS! That Sabre DAC is the best I've come across. Whatever you go with, if it has that you'll have a happy digital listening experience. I guarantee it.
  12. I also kinda wish that these "new for 2016" tables would show me something that I haven't seen before. Instead of, you know, looking like everything else. And when I say something I haven't seen before, I mean useful innovation or interesting design. Not this sillyness:
  13. It seems like all that Benny and Ben are saying is the timing is a little odd. It's like they missed the stereotypical window for this type of release by a few weeks. Then again, maybe that's by design. It IS sort of an anti-holiday song, after all.
  14. Yeah I think the stream of the demos that was on soundcloud for a while contained the alternate mix.
  15. There's an alternate version of Nobody Moves that was available briefly before it was swapped out for the original mix. It has alternate guitar and vocal takes. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm keeping mine tagged like this: Can't give up on the past. I'm so glad they released these songs with a better master.

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