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  1. anyone that has a carpet drop i'd send you an offer on it
  2. Iris is awesome and I just got into them this year, so this is really exciting news when I assumed they were more or less a dead band. If anyone still needs a copy of Haunt Me they are up for order at MMR. https://middlemanrecords.storenvy.com/products/13696365-iris-haunt-me-10
  3. i'm malding and I can't find my tri-fold insert either. ugh what the hell, time to chargeback the record label
  4. are these available? How To Socialise and Make Friends Old Gray ‎– Demo 2011 Title Fight ‎– Floral Green Turnstile (2) ‎– Step 2 Rhythm Merchant Ships tape
  5. if you're pricing to sell i might be interested in The Weakerthans ‎– Live At..., Title Fight - Shed , Paul Baribeau - Unbearable , Lemuria (3) - Get Better screenprinted. Let me know
  6. Got a copy of teal and jungle. Maybe I should just grab a white copy too so I can make 3 band variants 😈