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  1. customer service sorted me out and I just paid shipping again. got my copy today
  2. yeah they bought out last.fm. the band was just a stepping stone into owning a share of the music streaming industry
  3. kinda surprised they allowed people to even buy 2 with how quickly the first records went
  4. I forgot to swap John Mayer if anyone wants to trade that for something else.
  5. the package actually arrived today lol. not upset tho, just unfortunate timing edit: fuck it, gonna be that guy and send a nice email them asking if I can have a copy mailed to me if i pay for the shipping.
  6. RIP me. spent about $65 there 5 days ago
  7. new variant of Errorzone got posted, glow in the dark red. Not sure quantity. also it's $25 instead of $20 like the other variants. https://closedcasketactivities.com/products/vein-errorzone?variant=35336951431329
  8. it's one of my favorite discoveries of this year!!! so good
  9. ahhh shit! I didn't see the UK version of the PN store when googling for the record but I did end up ordering a copy from banquet records since I couldn't find any NA shops selling the new record. thanks!!
  10. bump for represses notification. just found out about this band
  11. if anyone is ordering from secretly and doesn't already own STRANGER IN THE ALPS they're selling it for $10 https://www.secretlystore.com/stranger-in-the-alps-phoebe-bridgers