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  1. Pretty excited for Rocket League coming to the Switch. Anyone here play Brood War still? Fairly disappointed at how quickly that seemed to die after remastered came out.
  2. Gonna throw my hat into the ring on this one as well if anyone would be so kind as to share with me.
  3. This. I've been wanting this for so long.
  4. Throwing my hat in the ring for the Silent Hill. Too many good tracks from that game. Yet somehow they remind me most of some of my favorite game glitches.
  5. Yeah Vader and the Emperor opened it up to humans to fill the roles in the ranks, except for Vader's own battalion (the 501st) which he kept primarily clones who were with him throughout the clone wars and during the switch to the empire shenanigans. Dude still had sentiment.
  6. "You'll never defeat Andross!" Seriously, it's like impossible to unlock hard mode.
  7. Hands down the best Star Wars release.
  8. I hope you did. That soundtrack is baller.
  9. Will probably pick up the repress. Would love to see a Green Hill Zone from Sonic or something.
  10. Much more devastating than what was being talked about. I agree, reading is overrated.
  11. Yeah, especially when it comes to looking up ways to treat patients who have depression, osteoarthritis, hypertension, and an infected knee joint, but you only know that it is a gram positive cocci. The school compensates for it by just having us actually talk to standardized patients instead of writing papers, then using a simulated person with those symptoms so you get to watch the person die in front of you if you mess up. It's been an emotional few weeks for a lot of us. But thanks!