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  1. The whole month of June has a stamp by it so the album could come then...
  2. Seeing them on June 8th. Hopefully they'll have some vinyl on tour. Everything they do is perfection.
  3. You got in under the gun then bc it won't let me add more than 4 of a single item.
  4. Looks like they don’t wanna give free shipping on music orders.
  5. if she thinks i'm gonna buy a copy of each including the CD and an extra pic disc for posterity, she's 100% correct.
  6. Any updates on Mario 64 from Raygun? Been crickets for awhile.
  7. You can just beware if you downloaded any music that was attached to your order. Even if you downloaded 1 song they will charge you for the full album and won’t refund you.
  8. Poor Ed. Never had a bad experience buying from him.