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  1. What? I see OGs pop up all the time for $500-$600. Which is still outrageous.
  2. Just dropping in to say that ‘Plagues’ is a top 10 Converge song. On a personal note I got into them not long after Jane Doe came out and was blown away…then was initially disappointed when YFM was released. Thought it was a step back (I no longer believe this). Then they came out with No Heroes and had returned in all their glory. Great fucking record.
  3. What if I told you members of Deafheaven are metalheads 😱??
  4. Yea wow, all versions on Ipecac's webstore sold out 😲
  5. Yep, that’s the one. I can’t wait to compare the sound of it to the new one coming out this fall! (I think my current copy sounds great btw)
  6. I don’t have an OG copy but I do have a ROBO repress from 2012. The jacket is a reverse board print, so it’s super washed out and muted. Not glossy whatsoever.
  7. Yes, check out the original Trust No One pressings.
  8. Tetsuo clearly loves slobbing on DH’s knob. Makes me cringe a bit, but whatever. Anyway, the two new songs put me to sleep. And I’ve been a fan since before Sunbather. I don’t think they’re ever topping that record, they caught lightning in a bottle with that one. I’m still looking forward to hearing the new album though. Maybe it’s a grower?
  9. Anyone else disgusted by having to look at a nearly decade old thread about a random glassjaw gimmick record on the front page every time they look at this forum?? I used to enjoy the band 20 years ago too. But fucking hell, lock this tiresome thread and put this band out of it’s misery once at for all.
  10. A cool couple million in revenue in 48 hrs from a special edition PO that has a year long lead time...that is pretty crazy.

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