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  1. Also I noticed that stuffed cat from the shirt was placed upon one of their backline amps/speakers when I saw them in Austin.
  2. This thing took forever but I’d say it’s worth the wait. The splat pinwheel is gorgeous and if you really want to unlock the true visual essence put that thing up in front of the sun or any source of light. Wowza. 👨🏻‍🍳 *kiss* Oh yea and it sounds pretty damn good too. Clearly I’m biased but Idc. EDIT: ordered from Bullmoose
  3. Pretty amusing. Clearly MJ really cares about how the actual plastic looks visually since her IG account is all about cute vinyl pics. If the product deviates too far from the actual result she gets big mad. Like others have asked, I just wonder how it sounds? I have a different variant otw and I can’t wait.
  4. Man I’ve been underwhelmed with their studio recordings ever since Celestite. Their magic has been waning ever since IMO. Still good live though.
  5. Fack. I’m not on IG so I can’t see stories. What’d the video say/show?
  6. These motherfuckers. Ordered iridescent blue months ago when it showed more became available. Today finally received the record and it’s the metallic silver. Not happy. 😤 EDIT: OK, I take it all back as I was apparently mistaken. This iridescent stuff is real. When I first glanced at the vinyl it looked silver/grey. When I actually took it out and had light reflect at different angles I could see it really is the iridescent blue. Pretty cool stuff. I wonder if I’m the only one who mistakenly thought it was the wrong variant.
  7. I saw that but still. EDIT: and now it’s sold out, clearly underpriced 😆
  8. A lot of sellers that sell boots refer to them as ‘imports’. Something I’ve noticed. I wonder how it compares to the OG pressing?
  9. Same. This also happened with Wish last year I believe. Initially released on RSD as a picture disc, then months later on good old black vinyl. Exactly how I expected.
  10. Never listened to this ‘band’ before. That new song sounds like an audio abomination but that’s just my opinion. Truly terrible. Like Iggy, what are you even doing being in that video. 😆
  11. I never got a postcard either, kinda bummed about it. You can try entering your email address to unlock and then order the exclusive variant.
  12. Damn I wish I knew this hack! Even though shipping’s only $3.99. Good to know in the future though.
  13. Looks like I barely snuck in an order from Bullmoose. So glad I never bought a bootleg copy! This has been a white whale of mine ever since I got into this damn ‘hobby’ almost 15 yrs ago. Patience baby!

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