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  1. This is the harsh truth...Haze is too fuckin busy and his time is too valuable to fuk wit a lost $5 CD. There. I said it.
  2. Initially went for the Las Vegas Nuke Testing GITD version, but was too slow. Feel lucky to have gotten the Pink Parlor edition. I like how Hughes is more distinct visually on the pink cover.
  3. Deathwish PO exclusive ltd to 100: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/neurot/products/shrinebuilder-shrinebuilder Neurot PO ltd to 1,000: https://neurotrecordings.merchtable.com/artists/shrinebuilder/shrinebuilder-shrinebuilder-vinyl-2xlp
  4. After watching that music video I am left with only two words...cringe & wimpy.
  5. If you don’t want to support it then don’t buy it in the first place. I’m not buying any of that shit cause the music likely sucks. If you think every band member involved in your music collection hasn’t done or said something offensive/questionable you‘re delusional. But whatever.
  6. Some of y’all are such fucking pussies. I swear. #cancelculture I wonder how many posts it takes before I get called a Nazi/nazi sympathizer.
  7. Out of print doesn’t mean unavailable. It just hadn’t been repressed since 2013...thus previously oop.
  8. ‘The Waiting Hurt’ is such a damn good song. I’m having flashbacks from 20 years ago thinking about it.
  9. Derek I’m burying the hatchet on you rn at least myself. It’s just frustrating watching threads go to hell over the stupidest shit and clearly I didn’t contribute to the greater cause by calling you out. Whateva. Clearly I don’t know all the history between you and JFC... It’s Labor Day and I popped off...oops. I really like the new Tool record btw and the only song I don’t really care for is Descending oddly...looking forward to my Amazon shipment arriving hopefully later this week!
  10. Derek loves to feed the trolls which then feeds his post count. Never have I come across a more long winded and insufferable poster online. Gets triggered over the stupidest shit and whines to mods for help. Pathetic all around. I’ll gladly dip out now and let Derek do his usual white whale thang... whaaa whaaa Uncle Joey is spamming towerrecords and sam goody vinyl POs whaaaa plz ban him hurr durr. Fuck off already and try getting a fucking life that doesn’t revolve around monitoring this board 24/7 and chiming in on every thread you can.