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  1. When I first started buying vinyl 15 or so years ago, I had also just discovered Thou. I hunted down all of their releases at that point and made the conscious decision to be a completionist with their discography (sans variants). Little did I know what I was in for, ha! Still following them all these years later. Great band. Not for everyone.
  2. I agree. At the same time it’s only four songs. Assuming one song per side.
  3. I had the hardest time ever trying to pull that record of there. I’ve encountered that problem before but nothing like that. Ugh.
  4. Some badass doomy death metal here: Apparition - ‘Disgraced Emanations From A Tranquil State’
  5. Nu-metalcore? Vocals need more ARF ARF. This band is unintentionally funny to me.
  6. Dude seriously. Scary how time flies once you’re over 30.
  7. I can remember before the album came out listening to ‘Dream House’ and my jaw dropped. Pretty remarkable at the time.
  8. Personally I think my MOV black copy sounds immaculate. 😎
  9. I keep thinking the host/servers aren’t getting paid but who knows. And yea fuck all the pop up ads. Literally squeezing the page from top and bottom.
  10. Holy shit that went fast. The ultra limited clear with actual flies went up later than the other options. Fuck! Definitely would’ve snagged that. Oh well, feel lucky to get the tri color version at this point ha. I kinda want the plushies
  11. You ever seen them live? Listen to their records? Somehow I’m able to separate art from the artist. Weird stuff, I know.
  12. Also I noticed that stuffed cat from the shirt was placed upon one of their backline amps/speakers when I saw them in Austin.
  13. This thing took forever but I’d say it’s worth the wait. The splat pinwheel is gorgeous and if you really want to unlock the true visual essence put that thing up in front of the sun or any source of light. Wowza. 👨🏻‍🍳 *kiss* Oh yea and it sounds pretty damn good too. Clearly I’m biased but Idc. EDIT: ordered from Bullmoose

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