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  1. Another good'un! Very excited for this album.
  2. It was reverting to 999 each when it first went live around 1PM yesterday.
  3. It also appears that a tour with Simple Plan may be getting announced soon, too. They both changed their profile pics on Twitter to the same thing: a pizza character.
  4. I got an email from them saying this will be a full release on Record Store Day.
  5. I'm bummed the show closest to me is a festival so it more than likely won't have the full album.
  6. Went to Spotify to check out the new song and apparently there's some foreign rap artist with the same name whose new single is on the band's page at the moment. At first I was like.. "this is different".
  7. The tour isn't a rumor anymore. http://eve6.com/tour
  8. Only 200 copies made on clear vinyl and also only available in bundles. Expected to be released in April. They put out Open Road Song as a single on streaming services. Quality seems to be pretty good, but these bundle prices aren't luring me in. eve6.merchnow.com
  9. Not really a fan but $100 for an autographed test press seems pretty reasonable.
  10. Just did my first play through and... yeah. Not great. It’s non-stop shitty biker bar rock riffs with even shittier lyrics. If they stick around with the mainstream/Goo Goo Dolls crowd, they might get some love, but it’s like they totally abandoned their old fan base here.
  11. Another year, another RSD I cross my fingers for That Thing You Do.
  12. Yeah, I would’ve bought the correct /100 if I had known at the time. I know it would’ve caused too many headaches to try and correct any orders after the fact, but still a bummer.
  13. Mine finally showed up today. 111/600. The pizza box has a couple minor dings but overall this is very well done!
  14. Simple Creatures - Everything Opposite atozmedia.com/soundcard PNJTWT?H436NX The ? is a number between 0-9. Taylor Swift - Lover samomedia.com/download-cards 812-20298DR?JED2S The ? is a number between 0-9.