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  1. You can buy a test press for $150. https://mxpx.com/products/copy-of-vinyl-test-presses-box-set-limited-edition-7
  2. So I contacted Saddle Creek about needing to change my shipping address, and I was told the LP's should be shipping this week. However, the 7"s are delayed so if you ordered the bundle, they'll be shipping the 7"s separately. EDIT - They just sent an email out confirming this. They expect to have the 7"s around August.
  3. The page says they won't be shipping until late June/early July so if the band gets any, it'll only be for the second leg of the tour.
  4. /1000 ordered easy peasy EDIT - Looks like the /1000 is already sold out. Damn!
  5. Hoping it’s 3,000 of just one version so the variant collectors will only need to buy one.
  6. Yeah, it's only 9 songs. There's a good chance it'll end up being 15-20 minutes total.
  7. I haven't gotten an email yet, but the package showed up on my USPS app over the weekend.
  8. Nothing yet. It’s been about 2 years since they announced it and auctioned off a test press for charity.
  9. They were originally only available for their fan club. Don't you get it? You gotta give them money in order to pay even more money for the more limited things nowadays.
  10. I had a similar setup years ago. Most soundbars have at least one RCA input, but you'll need a separate preamp. I used a Pro-Ject Phono Box and it worked fine.
  11. Got #1742. Spinning Mad Season now and it sounds fantastic.
  12. Up on Saddle Creek's store, too (available without the 7" for a few bucks cheaper if you don't want it). Desaparecidos - Read Music/Speak Spanish (Remastered) - Saddle Creek (saddle-creek.com)
  13. I had a positive experience from SRC a few weeks ago. They finally restocked the +44 album on the US site and I got it within a week. It also shipped from a random distribution center in Kentucky and not from NY so that was a surprise.
  14. I'm pretty sure it did. I'm not seeing it on the site anymore. They did put some back up for sale last week when they started shipping (I was able to add around 90 to my cart at the time). Mine's getting delivered tomorrow. Excited to finally have this in my hands.
  15. For real. And I just got my box set shipping email!
  16. Just got shipping email for the collector’s edition.
  17. Nothing yet with my order, but MB20 just postponed their tour to 2023. The $130 they held for my vinyl is nothing compared to the $400 they’ve had for my tickets since early 2020.
  18. I just got this for Christmas and I love it. It doesn't smell much out of the bag, but they say to use drops of essential oils to make it work better (which I haven't tried yet). https://www.amazon.com/Aromatherapy-Diffuser-Diffusers-Freshener-Record/dp/B08B54QN6V/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=record+player+air+freshener+car&qid=1643143934&sprefix=record+player+ai%2Caps%2C101&sr=8-6

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