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  1. spoke too soon. Gabbert gonna start this season?
  2. Jaguars extend London games until 2020. So another 6 years of hearing they're moving to England.
  3. Holy frijoles this is good. Completely forgot I got ordered it too. Late night drunk buys came through with this one.
  4. With that said did it ever go on sale at ht? I want both variants of this garbage
  5. sucks that it's fish in a barrel. Shit in a sleeve with a nostalgic name and we're all sold on it.
  6. She said "that's how we got in" in reference to the attack before Carl cut her off.
  7. hope they dont got predictable and it gets him killed instead or he ends up killing Carl's gf
  8. I have cooper and he has gurley. 3 wr league and I have sanders, Bryant, rishad Mathews, and lafell. Rbs are bell Abdullah and karlos Williams. Trade or naw?
  9. Remember when the Hawks vs the 9ers was the new hot rivalry?
  10. Saying fuck this and going to watch the green inferno tonight can't wait
  11. whoever owns the rights is probably going for a Halloween money grab Bc of Wes craven dying.
  12. Heard Donald Duck is kind of a dick so I wouldn't try going after his.

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