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  1. I don't really understand the logic. The shirts are meant to look unique and fun (independent of the site's look). And the OG logo will always be the OG logo.
  2. We did. No luck. The logo will probably change this year, anyways. That said, in the interest fairness, users will be able to select a theme with the old logo in tact.
  3. Probably. The reality with that logo is that the AI file we have is missing several background elements which prevent us from making high res copies of it. basically, we start getting heavy pixelation on the background record texture. On the tote bag it works cause its screen printed (although, its got less definition), so maybe that's what we'll do for the shirt. I'm sure we will at some point if these sell well.
  4. Yup: NON-WOVEN, 80GSM Fabric, Coated Water-Resistant Polypropylene. 20” Carry Straps. 20”W x 13”H x 8” Gusset.
  5. Ha, thanks. Yeah, we didn't want to release anything like that. Conversely, I am working on a visual overhaul of the boards, blog and the VC logo. That should be debuting sooner rather than later (unless the higher ups shoot it down)
  6. If you guys like these, we have additional color combos we can release. We just didn't want to over produce. Also we want to do a community shirt (designed by you guys) at some point.
  7. I guess you could call this our Summer / Fall collection. T-Shirts are $16.99 each*. Tote Bags are $3.99 each. Order them right now: bit.ly/vcmerch * Add an extra dollar for XXL shirts
  8. So the good news is Vinyl Collective was not affected by Heartbleed. Your information wasn’t compromised, so there is no need to change your passwords. That said, if any of you are still uneasy, you can always edit your information from the control panel. What is Heartbleed? It’s an exploit found in OpenSSL - a method of cryptography for web-based databases. As a result, its possible that your sensitive information was exposed for those in-the-know to see. Google was affected, as was Facebook, Yahoo, Tumblr, and others. About two-thirds of the internet uses OpenSSL, so you can imagine why this is a big deal. All of the sites I mentioned above have already patched the issue and are requested password changes from users as a precaution. Likewise, there have been no reports of compromised information falling into the wrong hands. For a complete list of affected sites and their current status, see this list from Mashable: http://mashable.com/2014/04/09/heartbleed-bug-websites-affected/ Back to VC, we never used OpenSSL for our security. As such, your information was never in danger. Regardless, we’ve gone over our security again just in case. Also, as noted yesterday, we migrated VC to new servers this morning. You should notice the site running faster than ever. If you’d like to know more about Heartblood, read this article: http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/07/massive-security-bug-in-openssl-could-effect-a-huge-chunk-of-the-internet/
  9. Ha. I'm working on a better design for 2014. And by working, I mean, I said I'm gonna do it... now I just gotta figure out what it will be.
  10. if I hated money (or had any for that matter) I would def. back it. edit:
  11. the danger there, I feel, is that people love Shaq so much that these boards would probably convert into full time Shaq/Shaq-fu discussions.