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  1. Came to update this thread after a crazy day and y'all are on top of it! New single is damn good.
  2. I loved War Paint when it dropped. Still do. Golden Record took me some time to love. It's worth a listen again if you enjoyed their S/T album.
  3. Big time, which is what made me love the band in the first place so I vibe this HARD.
  4. The Dangerous Summer have announced their 5th full-length album Mother Nature. Pre-orders here. Listen to their first single here. 2nd single here. Tour with Have Mercy and Modern Chemistry this summer. Tickets here.
  5. From someone on Twitter who has heard the album: "This ranks in the scene amongst all-time greats like Gospel and The Greatest Generation" I think it sounds good.
  6. Hmm, I wonder if any other bands/labels received some Hot Topic leftovers...
  7. Fire is the weakest track on the album, FYI. Album is a banger.
  8. Semi-vinyl related, but if anyone sees one of those Crosley suitcase record players in the Palm Leaves print (AV Room model) in the clearance section of their store for under $120, hit me up. My store had them on clearance, but alas they are gone. Need to grab one as an Xmas gift for someone casually trying to get into vinyl who needs something simple to work with.
  9. Still have tons left. Had a bit of a family emergency last week but I am back to selling/shipping all these off. Make a (reasonable) offer.
  10. List has been edited, still have plenty of records, make me some offers.
  11. Sorry for those miscalculated prices, I went strictly off Discogs pricing.