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  1. Fuuuuuuuuck. I just ordered Mink for full price 2 days ago. D'OH!
  2. This is the most Elgin-centric thread I've ever seen
  3. My band The Feeders just put out a new record called 'Kerchoo'. I'm a big fan of our singer Sam Vicari's writing and real proud of this record. Links to the bandcamp (for digital) and vinyl (via Eccentric Pop Records) below! Let me know what you think! Following a steady output of successful digital EPs and singles, Chicago’s The Feeders present their debut full length “Kerchoo.” The band plays catchy, hook laden power pop reminiscent of Superchunk, The Muffs, and Teenage Fanclub, and has a pedigree as notable as their influences – bassist Eli Caterer is best known as a founding member of Chicago punk legends Smoking Popes and drummer John Perrin can be found keeping the beat for legendary American rock act NRBQ. First press is limited to 500 copies on futuristic shiny silver vinyl. Check out the debut single "I'm a Rat" on all streaming and video platforms, and hear for yourself why we are so, so stoked to have this record on Eccentric Pop! https://thefeeders.bandcamp.com/ https://eccentricpop.bigcartel.com/product/lp-the-feeders-kerchoo
  4. Heads up! We're making another new live record with all new material! Will be available on vinyl via Pravda Records later this year! Here's some more info and a link to the first one below! Watch Josh Caterer (The Smoking Popes), John San Juan (The Hushdrops) and I make a new record via livestream this Thursday on May 13th! Here’s a clip from our last album ‘The Hideout Sessions’ which was released just a month and a half ago. We’re already ready for volume 2! This next record will be filmed at ‘Space’ in Evanston, IL featuring all new songs and even more special guests (such as Max Crawford (Poi Dog Pondering), Phoebe Caterer (Josh’s daughter), and more surprises)! The album will be released later this year on CD and Vinyl by Pravda Records! Really proud to get to play drums and make records with one of my favorite songwriters of all time and 2 of my favorite musicians. Watch me play with crossed fingers as I hope nothing goes wrong! Get a virtual ticket in the link below for the low, low price of $15! You can rewatch it unlimited times for a full 72 hours after! https://noonchorus.com/josh-caterer/
  5. Why are people buying multiple copies of this record. Why.
  6. The Hideout Sessions stands as a powerful and highly listenable document of Smoking Popes frontman Josh Caterer stretching out with a new band of accomplished players for a one-night-only, live-to-tape recording. The album is being released by Pravda Records on 12” vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve, CD, as digital download and via streaming platforms on March 26. On October 28th, 2020, Caterer joined forces with John San Juan (Hushdrops) and John Perrin (NRBQ) to rock out 21st century versions of songs your grandparents used to dance to “back in the day.” They covered a few Popes songs, too. It was an inspired evening of music.

The recording took place on stage at the Hideout, one of Chicago’s most beloved intimate music venues. Due to the pandemic, the Hideout’s doors had been closed to the public for several months, and the room had to be empty for this performance, save for the skeleton crew of sound engineers who captured the event. As Josh and his band recorded the album, the entire thing was live-streamed as a ticketed virtual concert. The result was a high-quality rock show – raw, sweet, honest and cathartic. Harnessing the unique blend of punk energy and Sinatra-style sophistication that has made Caterer’s work with the Smoking Popes so enduring, The Hideout Sessions throws a surprising mix of musical ingredients into the power-pop blender, and what comes out is a truly satisfying and savory sonic experience. Expected release: March 26, 2021 https://pravdamusic.com/album/1873125/the-hideout-sessions
  7. One thing to consider about the price, though. A small independent REISSUE-ONLY label (Real Gone Records) licensed this album from one of the largest Major Labels in the world (Virgin Records, now EMI). From experience, I know how awful these kind of deals can be for whoever is attempting to release the record. There's a lot that goes on behind closed doors of making past major label vinyl a thing. My guess is that even with negotiations, the licensing fee for pressing this hit-including major label album was completely astronomical. And what's unfortunately likely is that Virgin (who owns the exclusive rights to the recordings) has absolutely no plans to reissue this album themselves, let alone on vinyl. "We're not planning on doing anything with this music ever, but you want to press it? We'll license it to you for a price point that's beyond capabilities of you making any worthy profit." It's happened to my own band and other friends who had records on major labels. It's awful.
  8. This is kind of mind-blowing to me because Lili and co. grew up in the same suburbs as I and used to go see my local band 10 years ago when they were teenagers. My band got back together 3 years ago for a reunion at a DIY church basement show and Beach Bunny opened. Now my girlfriend cuts her hair... Good for them to be hitting so hard lately!
  9. It appears Dirty Reggae will STILL be the 10-track vinyl master and missing the other 4 tracks... I bought a single copy of the self-titled even though I already have the original german promo... Just not into the latter material than the early, but fuck do those pinwheels look good...
  10. If anybody can get a copy of Fountains of Wayne - 'Welcome Interstate Managers', can you PLEASE pick it up for me?? I'm an out of work full-time musician that can't pay eBay prices. Only one copy each at all stores around me that I know of 😕

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