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  1. I'll admit, I was completely surprised. I guess at least the thing still plays. I definitely left some comments (but no photo) on what actually happened. Who knows. The confirmation of my refund e-mail actually says "Looks like the item you are returning does not need to be returned to Target this time in order for you to get your refund. Feel free to keep it, recycle or donate it! If the item was damaged, please dispose of it safely." so I'm happy I can keep it with a totally guilt-free conscience! Thanks, Target! I guess that's a happy note on a totally gloomy day in a totally gloomy time...
  2. Well, my last package from Target came. I dove in on the B2GO deal and got Allen Toussaint's 'Bright Mississippi', Joe Strummer's 'Streetcore', and finally the preorder for The Subways' 'Young For Eternity' reissue. AT & JS showed up without a hitch in perfect shape. Subways weren't so lucky. Package was creased when it arrived on my doorstep and I knew it wasn't a good sign. Opened it up... It's livable, I guess, but jesus christ if I buy something new it'd be nice for it to be new when it shows up. I WAS surprised to find that when I went to issue a complaint, it said the LP was now out of stock/print and that they would flat out refund me without having to return it! It's still playable, too! Woohoo! Might buy somethin' else to make it a B2G2. HA
  3. The stereo is definitely lacking in comparison to earlier pressings. Woohoo! I got the new Flaming Pie 2xLP pre-order for waaaaay cheaper. Went ahead and ordered the 4xLP white album cause why the fuck not
  4. I'd have to say that just might be the price Hollywood gave Omnivore reflecting on the price tag. Anyhow, Omnivore does amazing work on their releases and really has their heart in the game (they've released a few things for a band I'm in). I'm just happy this record is finally seeing the (harsh) light of day. Sorry.
  5. I missed out on the color variant!! Does anyone have this and would be willing to part with it?? PM me or better yet, e-mail me - [email protected] Thanks!
  6. Does anybody have the color variant and would be willing to part with it? Searching far and wide...