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  1. Genuine question as I haven't frequented this board in quite a long time and just read through the last few pages of the original thread. Are we not allowed to share video game music bootlegs we've collected at all? Or are we just not allowed to advertise them for sale?
  2. Oh hey, this community is still kicking!

  3. Madeon's upcoming album GOOD FAITH (which drops this Friday!) is officially getting a vinyl release (due out February - March 2020). Holographic cover, removable plastic sleeve (if you take it off there is no text at all, super clean), translucent vinyl with gatefold packaging. PO LINK: https://madeon.store/collections/drop-2/products/good-faith-vinyl
  4. I wish that one was available when I ordered my early bird variant ;-;
  5. Wasn't too surprised to hear Porter Robinson had been working on this one since like 2015
  6. Lorem Ipsum is so great. Instantly pre-ordered the early bird variant.
  7. I'm looking for one copy of each of Illenium's albums, "Ashes" and "Awake". I'm pretty late to the game here, but with his third album coming out this year I'd really love to snag the first two. Thanks!
  8. Ah that makes sense, I was trying to place the order super quick before it potentially sold out so I must have missed it. It's okay though I was just curious. Thanks for clearing that up!
  9. How come yours cost so much less? Mine was like $47 lmao
  10. I'm assuming you guys are talking about deejay so I can't help much there as I ordered mine from HHV and paid the same night. However I just noticed HHV isn't sold out anymore? Maybe try canceling your Deejay order and ordering through HHV instead.
  11. That's odd. I ordered mine through HHV.DE and haven't had any issues so far.
  12. Thanks a bunch for the feedback, especially that bit! Much appreciated.

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