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  1. I'd do horrible things to wonderful people to see The Strike again. I'd also do just about anything for an Avail reunion.
  2. I am dreading work today. I get to come in early so I can leave early but I've got to go to a safety meeting and acknowledge that my work accident was all my fault in front of basically every higher up at the company. Then tomorrow I get to deal with my disaplinary meeting. Then at some point after that I get to have a meeting with the safety officer about issues I brought up with the guarding around where I got hurt. When the machine came in the installers said it would never pass OSHA Inspection but you guys signed off on it. Plus in my meeting with the OSHA Inspector she brought up that the guarding needed to be extended. Dreading work. Dreading work. Anyone want to come up with a new career for me.
  3. The issue isn't .500 baseball vs .350 baseball to me. It's .500 baseball knowing that each year is only going to get worse. I'd be all about full on rebuild depending on how confident I am in whoever takes over for Melvin at the end of the year.
  4. I just don't see how the Players Association would ever agree to that. I believe I mentioned earlier that after the initial Braun PED issue he got lucky on I was calling for the Brewers to try and void his deal. I'd be all about enacting a voiding of contracts. Hell I'm all for getting crazy strict with their punishments. Void contracts would be great I just don't want to fathom what sort of concession the Players Association would want for this. I would strip prior MVPs and such from players caught for PEDs. When I bought up banning players from All Star appearances for PEDs it wasn't as much to punish the player. All Star games should be to showcase everything right with the sport. I don't want the games to be tainted by players who have made a mockery of the game. With that said it's just sports so in reality nothing that happens there affects my life so I shouldn't spend time thinking about it.
  5. My local shop has a pretty decent clearance section that keeps me purchasing, but yeah, shits gettin' crazy.
  6. I have a hard time settling for mediocrity. Plus I think the Brewers roster is in a pretty bad shape. Gomez needs to be traded or will be gone after next season. I just can't see the Brewers giving him a mega contract. With Gomez the only players that I would call core players left on the Brewers roster would be Lucroy, Braun (depending on what you think of him), and maybe Nelson / Peralta. I'd also put Orlando Arcia in there as a core piece too, I've enjoyed watching him develop so much over the years. That core needs a ton of help and the Brewers aren't going to be able to fill in the roster through free agency. Which is why I'd like to see the Brewers trade off Lucroy assuming his value is extremely high. Gomez has to go this season or in the offseason. I'd like for Braun to go just to remove old bad blood and let the Brewers just move forward. Guys like Nelson and Peralta I wouldn't trade but I would also listen to offers for them. If a team blows you away, then move forward. With the Brewers minor league system rapidly improving the high end prospects would put the Brewers in a good position to be competing in 2-3 years again. Hopefully the Orlando Arcia turns into the stud SS that I think he will be. The Brewers have a nice stable of lower upside prospects in the middle minors, Tyrone Taylor, Reed and a nice stable of high upside Lara, Gatewood, Harrison, etc. I just view the Brewers right now as a building that is falling down. No matter how much money you spend trying to patch it up its still got a crumbling infrastructure. I thought the Garza and Lohse additions were good moves to keep the Brewers in contention enough to try and catch lightening in a bottle. Last year was kind of that exact scenario. I just view it as now being the time to condemn the building and move on. Perhaps we could keep the team intact and try and add another patch or two next offseason and maybe we could compete for a Wild Card but I'd rather just try and accelerate the rebuild that IMO has to happen at some point.
  7. I've always wanted to see a stipulation added where players caught using preformance enhancing drugs or using other means of cheating being banned from any form of MLB award. Get caught for PEDs banned from All Star games, and MVP, Cy Young contention for the rest of your careers.
  8. Thats my thought too. Those players were generational players. Both put up numbers that would have put them in the 10-15 of all time. Basically it goes back to the bigger they are the harder they fall. What annoys me a bit about Braun is that Braun was a generational player for the Brewers. It looked like he was going to go down in history as equal to or greater than Robin Yount or any other Brewer great. In the same way that Bonds and A-Rod were the face/s of their era Braun was the face of the Brewers. When the face of the league or of an individual team gets caught cheating it's bigger than just a scandal involving the player. Its a scandal that taints the entire league or franchise. Why some Brewers fans are willing to forgive Braun annoys me. Yes Braun is still a borderline elite franchise, but he's not a player that the team can build a contender around. Rebuild, remove the cancer that is Braun, trade anyone else you can and try and start trying to rebuild the way the Brewers did in the early 2000s.
  9. I've always had a bit of dislike for Braun. I always thought he was one of those guys that isn't in any way genuine. He always seemed to just try so hard to say the right thing that it made him so unlikable. I will say when he did sign the, at the time, reasonably priced extension I did start to come around to him. Then shortly after that he had the initial steroid issue that he got off on a technicality. I wanted him suspended then and I wished the Brewers would have had a way to void his recently signed extension. I spent so much time arguing other Brewers fans about that. It was almost vindicating when he did end up getting suspended. There still are quite a few Braun supporters out there, more than you'd think. Cheating suspensions should be much more severe than they are. I understand that it's just a game but I'd like to have integrity in sports.
  10. Has to be. I won't jinx it by saying to much but I'm hoping you get good news promptly.
  11. Hate that the Brewers rep for the All Star game is Ryan Braun. Can't wait til he is long gone. I get he's still good at the baseball but the Brewers aren't going anywhere so just do whatever it takes to trade him away. I'd seriously be happy if he were traded for a few borderline prospects.
  12. I may hate tossing my money at the beast that id amazon, but damn it if it isn't so damn easy. I definitely get sucked into the convenience of it way to often. Best of luck with it then, hope it's shipped without delay and safely to you.
  13. amazon overnight shipping? When I need something on a tight deadline I'll hit up the amazon. They seem to have some of the most cost effective one or two day shipping.
  14. Everyday I have re-wrap up my finger I have a hello of a time not dry heaving. Stuff like this doesn't gross me out when it's on other people, but damn if it isn't near impossible for me to deal with on myself. I think it took 2 hours in the bathroom to change the bandage today. Good news is there isn't as much blood, but there was puss. So yay to it healing.
  15. Eh, most ambitious thing I've done today is pooped...and I've done that 5 times already.
  16. Damn man, I'm super sorry to hear this. I'll be wishing you the best. Is everyone around here having crappy work situations. Jhulud has had his ongoing issues. Bruce's significant other just got let go. You got canned. Yesterday I got put on notice and told "it'll be near impossible to see us keeping you here after this". Eh thems the breaks when you willingly take complete responsibility for something that isn't completely your fault. ...but sincerely best of luck to VC jobless crew, in its ever expanding numbers.
  17. Best of luck with all that shit. I know you've been dealing with a lot with your job for quite a while so I just hope things settle down for you soon.
  18. This comment is not possible. ...and just saw razorburnz already said this.
  19. That really sucks. It's not like I can offer up some profound advice, it's just a shitty situation. So I'll just say I hope that things work out best for y'all/
  20. Four Fists are just Astronautalis and POS. I'm late to the rap party so I have no idea who those guys you mentioned are. I've only over the past few years been getting into some of the mainstream hip hop from the 80s. Boogie Down Productions, Run DMC,Leaders of the New School etc
  21. I've been on a huge Hip Hop kick too. I can't get enough of Four Fists, but really anything with Astronautalis or POS is full of win.

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