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  1. I have a few Bannon prints that have been sitting around since I purchased them. Never have been framed or pinned to a wall. They've been rolled up as they were shipped since day 1. Email me at if interested/questions and we'll talk about payment. I'm unaware of what prices should be for these, so I'm neglecting to attach a number on them for now. We can talk reasonable prices upon receiving an email. DO NOT pm me here. Images: https://imgur.com/a/IX2yH
  2. Yeah i saw that on the site, didn't really pay attention to it to figure out what it was. Either way, the selection is pure shit.
  3. So I stuck with earphones. Bought the westone um pro10's. They're pretty much shit. The cable feels cheap as hell and it sounds like I'm listening to music in tin cans. No matter how I equalized them I was just incredibly underwhelmed. I'm going to return them today, see if I can maybe get a refund to original form of payment instead of store credit, or buy Amazon gift cards as suggested.
  4. It's store credit from trying to cash in on my protection plan from some bose earphones. They no longer make that model so thats what i'm stuck with. For the last 4 years or so I've used the protection plan to get a new pair and just reupped the protection plan. I don't know if i could use it to buy amazon cards that would be nice though. I'm currently watching reviews on the ones suggested, they are the ones i was already looking at. The momentums seem to be for mobile use which I'm not interested in. I'll just use some shitty skull candy for that until I care enough to upgrade.
  5. I have $140 ($200 budget) of best buy credit. I'm looking for some headphones, they have some sennheisers and Polk that I was looking at a well as many other brands I'm unfamiliar with. They have some Polk buckle that look interesting, but haven't found any reviews with the use of records. Anyways, here's a link to the headphones. I'm interested in any suggestions whole I continue researching. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/headphones/over-the-ear-headphones/pcmcat143000050011.c?id=pcmcat143000050011
  6. On Jan. 20th these will be available without invite. I read 7pm-9pm EST...not sure about that though. oneplus.net
  7. Yo, people have been protesting this way since the 60's. Blocking a freeway system is an efficient way to get noticed, have your cause noticed, whatever the fuck.
  8. This album ruled my life for a about a year. Loved it.
  9. Figured, I was always hopeful that he would stay under the radar, stay with his small "crew"/label and do his own thing. His first few mixtapes "EP" and "Overly Dedicated" are fucking awesome.
  10. But seriously, the only hip-hop show I've been to was Kendrick when he was nobody. Maybe 40 people there. I got real into underground nobodies a few years back. There is some top quality shit out there, I know nothing about it now. I imagine Kendrick is some super star sell out by now? Yeah?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XioVrUjQ-D0 I can't believe this shit exist.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3weukfPsi4 Really good story at the beginning that I did not skip through.

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