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  1. Clearly. Anyone that was purchasing records 10+ years ago knows that prices are NOW fucking insane. I am old as hell, and started buying records in the late 90's, mainly becuase they were far less expensive than their CD counterparts. The bonus was that I was listening to mostly hardcore and punk, and the hardcore and punk bands never really stopped putting music out on vinyl. 10 years ago most single LP's from smaller labels would have been $14-$16, and double LP's would have been around $18-$22. Prices have certainly not dropped, quite the opposite. Back on topic...the new single (Interrobang) is a ripper.
  2. I was able to get an order through for SDRE on Bullmoose. I have an original press, but I am a sucker for all things SDRE AND all things clear vinyl.
  3. Super happy that Relapse shipped me a black copy of this after I pre-ordered a splatter copy within the first 15 minutes of this going up. They told me they cannot replace it with a splatter, they don't have any. Dope.
  4. deleted for now
  5. Will wait for reasonable shipping elsewhere. Fuck that noise.
  6. I have ordered a stupid amount of records from ImportsCDs on ebay over the last few weeks. Only 2 have been cancelled, everything else has shipped. Even my most recent orders (2 days ago).
  7. Damn, saw this bumped and got pretty excited. This is the first time in nearly 2 years that there hasn't been an active 20-25% code. Bummer.

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