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  1. We wanted to try something different packaging wise to show off the tri-color for it. A lot of people are very pleased with it but we knew not everyone was going to be keen so we made the second press a normal jacket for those that want the more standard release.
  2. We were running out of bubble wrap and there was a problem with our replacement shipment. It should arrive in the next day or two and we will be back shipping orders again. We could just go to the store and buy some bubble wrap but shit is expensive and we're on a budget! still ahead of schedule though Thanks for being patient friends!
  3. They have started shipping and some have already arrived! A fan posted this on our facebook page
  4. thedillon

    Pokemon Go

    I have a 380 golbat.... not the best pokemon to be working up the CP on but it was the first I evolved so I guess I gave it a little extra love. Plus I must have caught 40 zubats
  5. thedillon

    Pokemon Go

    I'm level 7 right now. I have Golbat, Pidgeot, Hypno, Grimer, Squirtle, Machop, Krabby, Shellder, Spearow, Gastly, Nidoran (F), Eevee, Meowth, Abra, Venonat, Rattata, Caterpie, Seel, and Weedle. Took me a day to figure out the game but once you realize how to use the candies to evolve it gets a lot more fun. I just took over a gym as well.
  6. thedillon

    new tattoo appresh

    Wow!!! That's incredible!
  7. The first and second press will ship before the extras go up so it's up to you! I wouldn't risk it and can't guarantee a copy for anyone.
  8. thedillon

    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    yeah i guess you're right... it just feels like mark and travis ditching tom to go make another pop punk side project again but just calling it blink-182 because they're tired of waiting on tom
  9. thedillon

    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    I really like it. It's hard to classify it as a blink-182 album for me... really feel like it's the follow up +44 album with more blink influence. A lot more Skiba than I expected but I don't hate it. I'm also a sucker for John Feldmann. I love a ton of things that he has produced and I will be adding this to my list. My friend said this and it couldn't be more true to me: "It's like my parents got divorced and my mom re-married this other guy... but he's really fucking cool. He likes and plays a lot of the same music that I do but he's still not my dad. He's just the "cool new step-dad" that I might see more often now but I will never miss a chance to spend time with dad."
  10. we ended up with 28 extra copies of tri-color (final pressing number 528) and we're gonna throw them up in the store at some point. I'll post here before we do it. they will be limited to 1-per household and if you've previously ordered it as well then your second order will be canceled. we want people to get this that missed the opportunity.
  11. thedillon

    The Eagles. Hotel California matrix

    wait... i really like the eagles
  12. Pressing plant just sent us a photo of the tri-color!
  13. These are officially off the press. We should have them in hand in 3 weeks... Looks like we will ship a little early.
  14. a few of these only come on black vinyl
  15. thedillon

    Brand New Jude Law 7" F/s

    lol EDIT: by the way... there is one for sale on discogs for $450 near mint condition. there's a reason it hasn't sold yet. the price is too fucking high. the highest this record has ever sold for on discogs is $305 in near mint condition and the last one sold on may 3 sold for $85. Highest on ebay is $345. you really need to check your prices... especially if you're going to come into this forum trying to make a quick buck. SEE YA
  16. Have the following for sale. Please send offers. Panic! At The Disco - Too Weird Splatter SOLDPokémon - Masterball variantSOLDAcceptance - Phantoms - Blue Marble first press Yellowcard Box Set - "Good" Condition Mae - The Everglow Nightmare Of You - LP & EP combo sealed
  17. Hmmm just tested it on my mobile and it's working fine... was able to add to cart and get to check out. Let me know if you're still having issues in a bit. We're going to scrap this website entirely and have a new one ready before our next release. Almost all of our negative feedback has been the website.
  18. I definitely won't complain about either of them coming in early!!!
  19. Here we go! The second press of Boys Like Girls debut album. -500 copies on translucent red -Standard record packaging -Includes lyric sheet insert On sale tomorrow, May 17 @ 11:00 AM CST/12:00 PM EST http://www.fielddayrecords.com
  20. Trying to make this happen. Does anyone actually give a shit or am I going to lose my ass on this? Hahah