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  1. Holy shit is that No Country For Old Men shirt a Converge shirt?
  2. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM here comes the BOOOOOOOOOOOOM ready or not HAHA how you like me now
  3. If you score a release 3/5 do you give it a... KKK?
  4. Also, if you paid for your records in the last 2 to 3 weeks and don't have them it's probably because I didn't have any mailers at the time of purchase. My local record store gives me a bunch every Tuesday so your records went out as soon as I could ship them. A couple orders even went out today!
  5. Sorry for the late responses everyone! Everyone's records are definitely on the way! I know I'm really bad about responding to PM's... most of the time I see them on the mobile browser and then forget to respond when I'm home. Rest assured, your records will be in your hands soon!
  6. Bump. Got a ton of new mailers. Plenty of great stuff is still available!
  7. Yeah dude, your payment went through just fine! I didn't realize you were worried about it. Your records were shipped with everyone else's!
  8. If you've paid for records, they are shipping out this morning! Thanks so much everyone! There's still a ton of great stuff available!
  9. Are you sure you're thinking of the Hollywood location? It definitely doesn't have one.
  10. easily one of the worst bands ever don't say faggot that is all
  11. Man, I was at the Holywood Amoeba last week and I looked through that entire ROCK section. Took me like an hour. Found NOTHING.
  12. In for the 180 gram. New song is killer, my most anticipated album of the year. Stoked.
  13. Sorry dude! $40 is my cut-off for records personally. I don't like to ask for more than that, unless it's something really special.
  14. At first I was a little bummed that we have already heard four songs from the record, but SEVENTEEN SONGS? I'm more than happy with 13 new ones.
  15. Target all the way. I used these to move a small collection of about 300-400 this Summer.
  16. The other EE is so bad. I remember when their album came out and I saw it on some blog and got really stoked then bummed once I heard it.
  17. Brock, I did not scam you, but I did screw up. I asked a friend of mine to mail the records for me (yours an another poster's) because he was mailing some of his own. He agreed and we never brought it up again. Turns out he never did it, and they've been sitting in my apartment, forgotten, ever since. To be honest, I've mailed so many records this Summer that I forgot it even happened. I refunded you your money and offered to do the same for the other buyer whose records were supposed to ship at the same time as yours. I do have almost 4000 posts, I do have perfect feedback otherwise, and I have never once failed to complete a transaction in the 4.5 years I have been posting on this site. I should have been more punctual with my replies, but my "stressful week" has been more like a "stressful Summer". Full-time class schedule, recording/gigging with bands, moving, graduate school preparations, etc. I simply don't have time to check VC as often as I'd like to. It bums me out that I've got this permanent red mark on my profile now, four years into being a part of this community, because of a lazy oversight on my part.