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  1. to be honest, i'm not sure. i think its owen but i can email you a scan of the photo if you want. the bloke is lying on a couch in his living room and has a beard... its numbered as 12/50 Yea I have the 7" but I didn't get the picture of Mike :'( Would you be willing to sell yours?
  2. I have the Just Stay 7" How much did it end up going for on ebay? Last time I checked it, it was at $20
  3. I'll have to do this route when I go. Unfortunately looks like plans have changed and I may not be going this weekend. I was really bummed.
  4. Has anyone been to Academy Records, Other Music, or Sound Fix?
  5. Well i've been to Generation a few times. I'm looking for a good used store in hopes to find some Cap'n Jazz records.
  6. I'll be heading into the city for the weekend and I plan on hitting up a record store or two. The only one i've been to so far is Generation Records. Are there any other really good places?
  7. Either that or Virgil is making us sweat it out. Yea, is he going to wait til the 30th to announce it either way?
  8. Thanks a lot! I hope you're exaggerating about the shipping a little haha.
  9. Does anyone have the Japanese import of I do perceive. by Owen?
  10. So I guess I got the picture of Mike. Also sounds like I will have to order a copy of this on black. Lucky bastard. Yea the one sleeping on the couch is Mike.
  11. I'm looking for a copy of Cap'n Jazz - Shmap'n Shmazz on CD. Does anyone have this and would be willing to sell it? Thanks
  12. Would you be willing to trade your picture if you get the picture of Mike?
  13. :Crosses fingers: Please don't tell me we have to identify a bunch of records from just looking at the color.
  14. I finally got this in the mail! It's beautiful! Only one bad thing. All the preorders were sent out with a #'d picture, half were Bob, the other half were Mike. I was hoping to get the one of Mike, but of course I got the one with Bob. So if anyone ordered this and got the pic of Mike, would you be willing to trade (just the picture).
  15. I just tried to get a job at a record store by me that just went on fire in the Summer and they're re-opening in December. However, they're not looking for anyone for their 5-9 pm shifts, just 10-5 shift, which I can't do because of school. Congrats on getting the job though!
  16. I like to make posters of my favorite albums. I currently have only made one (Owen - At Home With Owen), but I plan to finish up the Owen discog. and do the Cap'n Jazz record. I just get the CD and take it to Staple's and get a big copy made. It looks good.
  17. I got my copy from Merch Direct today. However my needle on my record player is fucked up, so I can't tell you if there are any skips.
  18. I do indeed have all those Joan of Arc records.
  19. goodcore.com - though i didn't do too much there swaglounge.net - all flash not totally what i would personally do but i had a hand in it i do web layout daily at work and do dynamic content generation, which would probably be helpful for the zine. i'm not on AIM much but you can email me. I'll just PM you then.

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