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  1. This has been available on CD in the past but is being pressed on vinyl for the first time. https://borealisrecords.com/product/best-of-stan-rogers-double-vinyl/
  2. Here's my copy of the Peacock held up against light: https://i.imgur.com/bi2r9OK.jpg
  3. Another new song out, Strangers Forever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sV46Eo5J10
  4. I emailed Cut Loose and they don't know if there is a difference between their /200 opaque pink and the versions that others got at record stores, Amazon, etc, or what the actual pressing numbers are.
  5. My bandcamp order says it was shipped on March 19. Didn't get an email update though.
  6. Canadian orders here: https://dubleplus.com/collections/pup/products/pup-the-dream-is-over-vinyl There's a Green / Purple splatter variant, no word on the pressing numbers.