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  1. My offer still stands. Deluxe splatter (no book) for tri if anybody wants. If not, it's all good. Y'all two have fun getting swollen by your post count and peaking on boards.vinylcollective.com
  2. "Got the deluxe the morning this was released simply for the photobook" - I figured this statement would make it obvious I didn't want to get rid of the photobook. My original statement was concise. I don't assume people can read into my mind, but if you're gonna come at me with this patronizing "Please stop and consider what you're actually proposing." Just like you say I shouldn't assume, if he didn't understand what exactly I wanted to trade for, he can simply say "Hey, are you trading the photobook too?"... because, ya know, thats concise...and a nicer way of putting it. My long drawn out response was a reply to his crap attitude and implied slight at my intelligence. To any future people that have a problem with the vagueness of my post or how much of a complete idiot I am... I would like to extend a tremendous apology, and I will be much more careful with my silly words in the future. Y'all good now? I was just trying to extend a simple trade. Glad that all got cleared up. It should be over now right? ........right?
  3. Yea I gotcha, just wanted to be specific lol. Would totally throw in the photobook for a sick Turnover fidget spinner though.
  4. Proposing to trade record for record. Not record for record and photobook. I'm assuming the $40 price tag is split $18 for the record and $22 for the photobook. This would be a great opportunity for someone who loved this variant but wasn't willing to spend $40 to get it, so they went with the tri color instead. I'm not about to give a $40 value away for an $18 one. Even if, say, my record is actually priced at $25 (and the photobook $15) due to the "limited bundle" aspect of it, I still wouldn't mind losing a few bucks if it meant I could have the record and photobook I wanted and someone out there could have the record they wanted without spending an extra $22 just for a photobook that they didn't even want. So... please stop and consider that I'm not an idiot. I assumed it was obvious what I was proposing, but I guess it's harder for others to understand. Have a nice day
  5. Got the deluxe the morning this was released simply for the photobook. Really loved that tricolor though, would be down for a trade after release
  6. Found out about the 7" last night. Only one record store in my area (Louisiana) was carrying it and I'm not entirely sure how many. Stopped by today, and they didn't even have Light Me Made yet, just the promo 7". So, they gave me one for free. I wish you all the same luck as I had.
  7. So, drove home from college today and found a few packages, one of which was from MerchNow, so I was a little confused. Ended up being the Neck Deep record (I purchased the Warped Tour variant). Full package: Record, flimsy lyric insert, white sleeve. I absolutely love this record, but was pretty disappointed with this. I thought with the special jacket you got at Warped, you'd still be shipped the record and the normal sleeve it comes in (the album artwork sleeve), not just the boring white sleeve. Also, the "splatter" just doesn't look as good as it could. These aren't really issues at all, just some things that, when I think about them, I can't help but let out a little sigh. When it comes down to it, I just want to listen to the record, so it's all good. Here's some pics. (My Warped Tour jacket is at my apartment at school, so not included - I have the orange one, though)
  8. This new stuff is sounding a little different, but, for me, it's not too far off from The Finer Things. I agree 100% it's more "poppy", but, to be fair, TFT leaned pretty heavily on the pop side. It seems as if the thing missing from the newer stuff is those "hard-hitting" parts (I guess you could call it that). I wouldn't go as far as saying this sounds like or is just as pop as All Time Low, but they definitely seem to be heading in that direction. I don't know. Personally I really like the new stuff. I just feel like SC's music has always been heavily driven by pop, so something like this didn't really come as a surprise.
  9. I completely see where you guys are coming from, and definitely respect it. But to be honest... I actually really like this album, and it's one of my favorite releases this year from that genre. After the first three songs they released I was pumped ("Pretense" is still one of my favorites from the album.) I've listened to KP for a while (While I Stay..., The Weight That..., and Don't Come Home), but just never really got too into them. It wasn't until WISS when they REALLY got my attention. And I don't know, now I just really enjoy this album. I feel like now that I have such an appreciation for them I should go back and listen to their older stuff again. I hope this album grows on you guys though!
  10. He said in another thread it would be up on July 31st if no more delays come up. Also, I see this wasn't posted in here, but did anybody else see this? It was up about a week ago and sold out after maybe 6 hours:
  11. Bump... No longer selling the Citizen - Silo 7" Updated with all my CDs. Love these things, but figured I'd sell some if anybody wanted them!
  12. Not too bad actually. Glad to have some breathing room to fill up the bank account. Will definitely get the HT variant. Do you happen to know the amount pressed too?
  13. Don't mean to dig this up, but new song yesterday! SO stoked for this now that I've heard another song.
  14. Travis, will Knuckle Puck - Copacetic most likely be posted up on its release date, July 31? And any hints on variant color?