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  1. https://bsodrecords.com/products/mario-kart-nes Didn't see mention of this - sold out pretty quickly on release day. Hopefully some more will be released when they start to ship.
  2. https://pinwheelrecords.square.site/product/radiohead-kid-a-mnesia-3-lp-set-indie-exclusive-red-vinyl-pre-order-/2093?cs=true&cst=custom# 4 in stock
  3. Ended up getting a refund for Juice Wrld, Ariana, Lana, and DNCE. Planned on selling all of those so no big deal. Wicked, Empire of the Sun, Marshmello, Dashboard, Mendes, Nina, Mad men Christmas, and M.M. Retrospective made it through. Not the best packaging but all arrived without any damage.
  4. Juice Wrld was up too! Snagged a few of those
  5. Wicked, Nina Simone and Eden have all shipped out to me - the rest have been delayed until the 11th it seems