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FS/SS: TBS, Dikembe/Wavelets, HRVRD, Tiny Moving Parts, Park


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Alright. I need to trim some of the stuff I don't really dig all that much from my collection, and I'm also hoping to upgrade my turntable soon. Really looking to get rid of the TBS stuff, but not looking to take a loss on the older presses. The newer ones are pretty much cost plus shipping, or best offer. Most of the other stuff I'm just looking to get cost and shipping for, with the exception of Eisley and FOT label blowout. Shoot me some PMs. I'll add a few things I'd consider trading for at the bottom.

Adding some Prices. Will accept offers on most, but I'm pretty firm on most.

Atreyu - Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses - grey marble

August Burns Red - Indonesia 7"

$25ppd Johnny Cash - American Recordings (I) (would trade for III)

$23ppd Dikembe - Broad Shoulders - starburst

HRVRD - Cardboard Homes 7" - brown/gold/whatever it is

$17ppd Park - It Won't Snow Where You're Going

Park - No Signal

$18ppd Signals Midwest - Latitudes & Longitudes - blue/white starburst

$8ppd Tiny Moving Parts - Old Maid/Coffee With Tom 7" (Clear & Black variants, $8 each, $5 each if with something else, or $13ppd for both)

$17ppd Wavelets - Athletics - clear red

Taking Back Sunday:

Update: I put my TBS stuff on eBay.


Tell All Your Friends:

•Blue (3rd press) $40ppd

•Yellow (3rd I think) $40ppd

Where You Want To Be:

•Black (2nd press) $15ppd

We Play Songs:

•Black $10ppd

•Orange $13ppd


These are things I'm looking to trade FOR, not things I have to trade. Some of these I'd be willing to do cash plus trade, depending on the deal.

•Brand New - TDAG older non-white press. I have one of the black MOV represses without the sticker on the jacket I'd put toward with cash or more vinyl.

•Copeland - In Motion, YAMS. Obviously I'd put cash forward too.

•Norma Jean box set

•BMTH - Sempiternal

•Coheed - SSTB, Black Rainbow

Thanks guys. Hope to hear from you.

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