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Out Now: Yndi Halda - "Under Summer"

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Saw these guys last night and was so happy I decided to suck it up and leave my house on a Monday night. It was a really amazing show and the lads were all kind enough to sign copies of Under Summer and A Sun Coloured Shaker for me. 

The outro to "This Very Flight" is incredible live - they walk around the crowd with these hand chimes to play the piano melody. It's nuts. 

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It's a really nice 11 minute track, SS 45RPM, etching is subtle on the reverse, but well done. Sounds great. I would have never imagined this from the same guys that did Enjoy Eternal Bliss. But it's a natural progression from Under Summer, which has become quite the grower.

Once I just let it go and pretended it's a different band, judge on the music, it's definitely keeper material from me. I've had to do that on occasion, when the bands do a change or even a complete 180 on you. Often that mental trick helps me be more objective, keeping some the emo and expectations in check.

Happened with Cheatahs: Mythologies. I wanted to burn that album on first listen. But I put it away for several months and then went back to it 'forgetting' what it was supposed to sound like -- and it's been in fairly regular rotation since. (But I still like earlier Cheatahs better). Sorry about that tangent :mellow:

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