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  1. Sweet. Thanks for this! IMO one of the most consistently solid rock bands of the last decade and a half (can't believe it's been that long!).
  2. 15%, and it used to be 10% after 5k in annual sales but I don't know if it's the same anymore. But there's also a cut that Paypal takes, so it really adds up!
  3. I don't know if this is allowed, but shameless plug for my old band. We'll be donating ALL proceeds from the sales on the three days (and any time in between) to a local charity that helps out with the homeless/at risk communities. https://relicband.bandcamp.com/ Thanks
  4. Mogwai were on BBC6 earlier and announced that their latest soundtrack for the show ZeroZeroZero is going to release tomorrow on their bandcamp page and be pay-what-you-want. Half of the proceeds from the first week will be donated to Help Musicians UK and the NHS.
  5. Mavi is the best part of this release. That track is just too good. Also, tan pre-order sold out! Black still seems to be available.
  6. Anybody want my copy of the /250 red splatter? I'll trade for a COVID-19 vaccine.
  7. That video is absolutely atrocious but the track's alright. I feel like he's lost a lot of his classic cynicism and he brings out a lot more cliches lately, but the production reminds me of some of my favourite stuff off the first two albums. There's an interesting mix of features on the track list too! Either way, nice to have some new stuff by Skinner in these weird times.
  8. This album is quite lovely. Incredibly simple, but I like it a lot more than her previous efforts.
  9. Wew. This was fun! Thanks for the tip on Polyvinyl. Picked up the following releases, with some completely unknown stuff that was recommended: On Hold by Photay Le Treizième Étage by Louis-Jean Cormier Esja by Hania Rani Alvvays by Alvvays Antisocialites by Alvvays Quit the Curse by Anna Burch Piano:Dismantled by Polypores & Friends Incidental Music by W. H. Lung buffering juju by dumama + kechou Anak Ko by Jay Som Everybody Works by Jay Som Turn Into by Jay Som Their / They're / There by Their / They're / There
  10. Just finished the first listen through. The album slaps. I like it better than The Ooz, but I think that's because this one is a lot more concise and doesn't seem to drag. I get why he did it with the Ooz, but this one is much more digestible in one sitting. Highlights: Comet Face, Slinky, Airport Antenatal Airplane, Theme for the Cross and Energy Fleets. I like the more relaxed stuff.
  11. I guess this one's about his ex-lover from Barcelona. Crazy to think many of the songs on Ooz were about that, and now not so long after he's got a kid and a girlfriend. Life comes at you fast, man. Anyway, great song. The bass line is chunky as hell and I like the overall energy on this one a lot. I do wish he would add more drums to his studio recordings, because the guy who drums for his live shows is incredible. Easy Easy with drums is phenomenal. Excited for Friday!
  12. I don't know why but I'm so excited for this record. I haven't listened to a lot of this kinda stuff in recent years, but it takes me right back to the "glory days". Ordered a splatter bundle as soon as I saw the news! They seem like really nice guys, as well. Looking forward to the day they make it across the border. Also, hyped that there's an Eames LCW on the cover.
  13. Yeah, they really do sound great! And they look pretty too. Would recommend to anyone who's a fan of the band. I only had Conor's solo albums, because most of the Bright Eyes albums are/were fuuuuuucking expensive here. So it was either I paid ~$40-50 per album, or just plunk down $175 on the set.
  14. I just bought the boxset before Christmas. Figured it was a healthy decision for my first holidays alone in seven years. Somehow turned out to be a great decision, and I was even more happy to hear this news yesterday! Can't wait to hear what they come up with.