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  1. rabbitvinyl

    PO: The Dodos - Certainty Waves

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up! Had no idea they were repressing Beware of the Maniacs - I added the red 1st press to my wantlist on Discogs like two weeks ago. Great news!! Pre-ordered the bundle right away. Single is good and sounds like a heavier version of their first two records. I like how every layer comes together toward the end of the song. To be honest, I've never really been disappointed with any of their releases, so I'm definitely excited for some new Dodos.
  2. Those swirls are the nicest set of any record I've seen. So beautifully done! And after such a long wait, so worth it.
  3. rabbitvinyl

    PO NOW: Interpol - Marauder

    What's weird about it? His voice has been like this for awhile now, especially in his solo stuff and the Banks & Steelz record. Even The Rover has a similar feel! I'm not a fan of the overly-distorted vocals though, if that's what you mean? It all sounds too mashed together. Overall not a terrible song, but not great either - Rover was more fun.
  4. Really thought they'd keep it limited to that box set, especially considering their usual habits. Glad that Robert decided not to this time, as some of the tracks on 1 + 1 = X are beautiful. Michael Price is one of the ET artists I haven't really been able to get into, but I love the album art. Song previews song alright too! Maybe I'll give him another shot.
  5. rabbitvinyl

    General Headphones Thread

    Anybody else have the LCD 2s? I own a pair of LCD 2.2, bamboo and run them through a Furutech ADL GT40 but I'm not sure if the headphones would benefit from something more powerful. The GT40 is a crazy all-in-one unit though, and I would recommend it if anyone is looking for a small, simple solution to switch between their turntable and a PC. Seems like Schiit gets all the love lately, but there are other options!
  6. Yup, fully aware. But the LP is $22 CDN and so is shipping. Going to try and find a copy locally instead.
  7. Damn it. I love this album and still don't own a copy, would've been nice to get a copy of this.
  8. Simple, but they didn't look so cheap. Something About Airplanes had a die-cut cover, and the Photo Album had beautiful packaging overall that fit well with the theme of the album. This one looks like a shitty Instagram ad. The 3D effect to the typeface is dated, and the gradient in the "Thank you for today" lettering is just...bad.
  9. That's the offensive part. It just looks like they don't give a fuck anymore.
  10. Hey look, someone who thinks he knows me!
  11. This is coming from a fan who's seen the band so many times over the last...almost two decades (holy shit!) and loved every one of their albums except Codes & Keys... First off: the album art is terrible. Like, really, really bad. What the fuck were they thinking? And the single is crap. Sounds way too muddy through my headphones (LCD 2.2s, in case anyone blames it on shitty equipment). The production is all over the place, feels very 90s-pop and I'm really not a fan of the chanting song name thing. Comment/person above is totally right in saying that Gibbard's voice is lost in all this noise, which has always been one of the band's strengths. Bleh. Not good. Super disappointing after reading everywhere that this would be their "return to form" post-Walla. WHAT IS THAT ARTWORK?!?!?!
  12. rabbitvinyl

    PO NOW: Interpol - Marauder

    Their self-titled isn't nearly as bad as people say. If anything, it would have been much worse with Carlos still in the mix - he apparently wanted to use more synths and keys on the record, and the rest of the band essentially re-wrote the whole thing once he decided to leave. In an interview a few years ago, Carlos mentioned that when he heard the record for the first time, he couldn't recognize any of it because so much of it had changed. I'm all for his bass lines and he had so many great ones when he was in the band, but I think the balance between the rhythm section and Kessler's guitar is really what makes them stick out nowadays. Excited for this.
  13. rabbitvinyl


    Yeah, what the fuck? This is pretty infuriating.
  14. rabbitvinyl

    PO: Nils Frahm - All Melody

    The extra LP it comes with is phenomenal. I liked it better than the actual record (All Melody), but I prefer his softer, melody-driven piano tracks.
  15. rabbitvinyl

    Amiina Kurr 10th Anniversary Reissue

    Sweet, thanks for this. These ladies are amazing! Price is a little steep so I might hold off until later this week. Now if only mum would re-issue Finally We Are No One......