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  1. Just FYI, the band announced on IG that there will be a US/Can/Mex release of this out on Friday.
  2. Hell yeah! I've been waiting for this news ever since I gave this a first listen. What an awesome EP (album)! Don't care for all the fifth wave discourse that followed, but this record is great. The harmonica is such a good touch, same with the sprinkling of horns. Picked up an orange copy since shipping was cheaper. Thanks for this!
  3. Forgot I ordered this and the funfetti variant showed up today! It's a pretty nice variant but it's definitely more of a splatter than "sprinkles" of colour as originally advertised. It sounds great but my copy is warped as hell. My cartridge is so close to hitting this record, it's making me nervous. Still, overall a nice package considering the price. The zine is a nice touch, and I like all the little insides scoops. There's some fun Canadian connections in it too - was surprised to see a photo of the band in Montreal with David Mitchell from Gulfer! Also, surprise Nardwuar!
  4. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have splurged on an OG last year. Thought they lost the plates for this in the Universal Music fire in London, and figured a re-press wouldn't see the light of day considering this band just disappeared. Good news for people who don't own a copy though!
  5. Another splatter for the Dogleg collection, fuck yeah! The vinyl bundle was such a great deal too - good value for those who missed out on the first pressings of Melee.
  6. Aw man, I guess I did get a dud. The rest of the sides sound phenomenal btw - which is why I thought I was hearing wrong at first. Tested it out on another table and it does the same thing But yeah, amazing accomplishment for post-rock AND an indie label with two employees (Stuart thanked them both in the IG post on Friday, haha)!
  7. Pretty bummed. I finally picked up my reserve copy (the indie yellow) of this from a local shop and Side A seems to be off-pitch. The notes drone and sound way off compared to the digital version I've heard. My tonearm is clearly moving side to side as it tracks, so I'm thinking this is an off-centre pressing issue. Has anyone had this problem with their yellow copy?!
  8. I loved Hypnic Jerks but going to wait it out a bit before placing a pre-order! Lead single is a bit too much, not a huge fan of the heavy bits. Beautiful cover art though.
  9. Wow. I love it even more now! Hilarious anecdote. Thank you for this
  10. Very very excited for this album. Just what I need while in lockdown. New song is surprisingly beautiful, straightforward but probably my favourite Mogwai lyrics.
  11. Tri-split finally showed up! It looks great, sounds good so far too. Happy I decided to stick with the tri after the factory fuck up.
  12. I never realized how in demand this record was/is. I have the original white pressing with alternative artwork and it's great, but some of those prices on Discogs...wow. The white blob in blue and confetti pressings look awesome though.
  13. Yeah, picked one of these up too. I missed out on the first pressing because I couldn't swing it and DA's shipping fee was outrageous at the time, but this time there was a $7.00 CanPost option! Absolutely shocked and pleasantly surprised. Excited to finally have some Moneen in the collection.
  14. Ugh, can't justify this right now but that Maybes EP is still one of my favourite releases ever. It's just a collection of perfect sounds! Hopefully the EP will be released separately at some point.
  15. All variants aside (sad I missed the blue), the album is fantastic. I'm on listen #5 while working and I love all the little details. First song really sets the tone well and that continuation into Sunblind is beautiful.

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