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  1. I don't understand why this doesn't come with the DVD it was originally recorded for...
  2. I love you for this. It's been ages since I've been meaning to pick this up! Boomkat's shipping rates are incredible too. THANK YOU!
  3. Who hurt you? This is the most un-Canadian response I've ever seen. FWIW, I haven't seen this at local shops either. I would assume it's just not a popular thing to stock, and since it's a 3LP it might be pretty pricey to ship over if it's just gonna sit in the bins.
  4. I don't have a cat because I'm allergic. But, this is really nice of you!
  5. Got these in today, they look amazing. But...is anyone else's copy of How Strange, Innocence just two dark blue records? Barely any splatter or colour mix. I thought it was one dark, one light blue but I guess I misunderstood the description. Either way, super happy to finally have these in my collection!
  6. Man, I can't imagine the feeling of receiving that designation. No matter your opinion of Pitchfork, it must feel great. Good for him! The album has some real highlights, as someone who only ever dabbled with his previous stuff. It's a lot more "pop" than before, but I think it works well here.
  7. I cannot tell you how many times I listened to this album in my angsty teenage years. And I cannot tell you how big of a crush I had on Brody Dalle.
  8. Fuck yes. Ordered both coloured versions right away! Quite pricey with shipping, but whatever. Will finally have a complete EITS set of full-lengths and $1000 more in my pocket! Mockups look amazing too.
  9. I have an OG copy of this that I found years ago at a local shop, so I can't justify buying it. But the rework track by Kronos Quartet is really lovely! I commented on their post for this announcement asking them to reissue "Finally We Are No One" and they said it sadly wasn't up to them. Someone also left a comment on the album's Discogs page saying FatCat has confirmed there will be a reissue in 2019, but that's been said before and nothing ever happens. Crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs and balls for it to be true.
  10. I absolutely loved these guys when I was in high school. Their live shows were always so fun and full of energy (especially considering there was only two of them). I remember seeing them open for the Arctic Monkeys, and fully enjoying their set more than AM. I'm still salty that AM didn't play an encore. Anyway, this album was huge for me. I saw them countless other times after the AM show, and I was always trying to get my friends to listen to them. It's too bad this is in GBP though, because with shipping and exchange rates it's way too costly for a single LP
  11. This is great news. One of my favourite releases of theirs!
  12. Thanks for sharing this! Antiphon was recommended to me by a friend who's really into jazz, and it quickly became one of my favourite albums in recent memory. Love the addition of the conversations and how he structured the songs around them. It reminds me of Charles Spearin's "Happiness Project", which I would recommend to anyone who's already a fan of the Broken Social Scene/Do Make Say Think catalogues. A beautiful record that flew mostly under the radar here in Canada. But yeah, I'm happy to hear there will be a pressing for this release right off the bat! The preview track on Bandcamp sounds great too.
  13. Yeah, fuck him for wanting to do something different and provide for himself (and his family). Also, that giant new Spotify ad with Alexisonfire in Yonge-Dundas square sure screams "We make no money from this!".
  14. In an interview with the Edge 102.1 in Toronto, George and Dallas mentioned that there are no plans for an album or EP at this time - just the few shows in the summer. But they do say that there are a few songs in the works, and that there's a possibility of them just "dripping" singles out once in a while like Drake. They seem like they're happy with the freedom that streaming platforms provide artists nowadays. And Dallas talks about how he has the keys to a recording space so they just go and jam/write whenever they feel like it.