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  1. All variants aside (sad I missed the blue), the album is fantastic. I'm on listen #5 while working and I love all the little details. First song really sets the tone well and that continuation into Sunblind is beautiful.
  2. Always fun to see these guys doing well and putting out new stuff! Also stoked that they're now on RMR so I don't get burned by Topshelf's shipping. Singles all sounds great so far too!
  3. I found a used copy of the US press on a local store's website last weekend, and I finally bit the bullet. It's also signed on the back cover with "Alright man, you're a king love u" and "you're a beautiful human - joe" and just "Ellery" with a heart. It's pretty sweet. Great, great album!
  4. Agreed about his recent stuff, it's a little aimless and not very interesting guitar work. This one sounds a bit more varied at least. That's definitely true about the Sonic Pieces aftermarket prices though, but I think it depends on the artist. I'm lucky to have grabbed limited copies of Otto's "The Lost", Blumm and Nils' "Tag Eins", the original press of the Moon at the Dark I+II, Midoro's "Minor Planet" and Rauelsson's "Mirali" but still...sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it. I would really love a first press of Pino though. It's the one I've been hoping to find for a reasonable price for a while now - it's so so so good.
  5. Alright, so as someone who doesn't live in the U.S. and would fucking kill for a concept such as "Media Mail" pricing, you're all fools and don't know the absolute privilege you have. Any album I purchase, whether 2x LP or not, is going to have at least $15-20 shipping tacked on. Every. Single. One. It's not uncommon for single album purchases to run up to $50-60 with shipping factored in; like the latest F.S. Blumm release. I'm hesitant to purchase a copy since it'll end up costing me well over $60 with the exchange rate and shipping. Thankfully ANOST ships via Royal Mail which is usually fairly priced, but still, shit's expensive. Also, free shipping on Bandcamp?!?!? This is news to me.
  6. Minus the kids, I agree with everything here! Hot Car in the Sun felt like the most classic Bright Eyes to me and along with Stairwell Song it stood out on the first listen. Someone else up there mentioned that the first half of the album is especially slow, and I would also agree. The album takes a while to pick up, and I think it does once Tilt-a-Whirl starts.
  7. BEAUTY. One of my favourite albums, perfect from start to finish. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Sweet. Thanks for this! IMO one of the most consistently solid rock bands of the last decade and a half (can't believe it's been that long!).
  9. 15%, and it used to be 10% after 5k in annual sales but I don't know if it's the same anymore. But there's also a cut that Paypal takes, so it really adds up!
  10. I don't know if this is allowed, but shameless plug for my old band. We'll be donating ALL proceeds from the sales on the three days (and any time in between) to a local charity that helps out with the homeless/at risk communities. https://relicband.bandcamp.com/ Thanks
  11. Mogwai were on BBC6 earlier and announced that their latest soundtrack for the show ZeroZeroZero is going to release tomorrow on their bandcamp page and be pay-what-you-want. Half of the proceeds from the first week will be donated to Help Musicians UK and the NHS.
  12. Mavi is the best part of this release. That track is just too good. Also, tan pre-order sold out! Black still seems to be available.
  13. Anybody want my copy of the /250 red splatter? I'll trade for a COVID-19 vaccine.
  14. That video is absolutely atrocious but the track's alright. I feel like he's lost a lot of his classic cynicism and he brings out a lot more cliches lately, but the production reminds me of some of my favourite stuff off the first two albums. There's an interesting mix of features on the track list too! Either way, nice to have some new stuff by Skinner in these weird times.