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  1. Assuming Amazon’s images are correct (of which I have my doubts), they have the same version for £27.97: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08VYD6SFG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_DEENCZXNZ1EAYYFJGETZ
  2. In for this. Holding out for a nice reasonably priced UK variant - the Rough Trade one is just too expensive to justify, personally. Also, holy shit, the video for Bed Head is incredible.
  3. After several listens, I can safely say I love this. It wasn't the album I necessarily wanted from Sufjan, but I'll happily take it. For all the complaints of it dragging/going on too long, I didn't find that at all. In fact, when not paying attention to the tracklisting, I always find I'm much further on in the album that I expected when I check. Also, quite glad I didn't listen to America prior the album release. The ending is beautiful.
  4. My first listen kinda just washed over me. Second listen I really felt like I enjoyed it more. It feels more like Intersections to me than Standards (which is a good thing as I thought Standards was a bit of a drop in quality, awesome drums aside) and is arriving at a perfect time of year coming into Autumn/Winter. Oh, and the packaging is awesome. It's a proper bulky gatefold, and the BSM pressing came out beautifully.
  5. Out on Bandcamp: https://cloudnothings.bandcamp.com/album/the-black-hole-understands It's different to their usual, or at least to the last few albums. I've only listened to the two songs streaming there but I think they're great. The description describes it better than I can:
  6. Just hoping the clear pressing is better this time around. My b-side was off centre. 😔
  7. If anyone spots a UK store selling the America single, please hit me up.
  8. So hyped! Went for the the clear on recordstore.co.uk for now.
  9. Went for the cream/green splatter on BSM. Even took the rare step of ordering the white t-shirt bundle, although now I'm concerned people will think I'm called Owen. The single is great. So glad he's pairing with Sean Carey again.
  10. Interestingly looks like there’s a bit of a storm around this. The artists were unaware of the pressing and say Sony don’t have the rights. They also say these will be lifted from the CD and that they’re in the process of doing their own proper remaster and reissue:
  11. Live album is up on Spotify now: https://open.spotify.com/album/0WuLQrFCT1wO5OILX6LOYk?si=pGIXN4juRrmXzof5PJMCEg
  12. Instant order for me at £55 delivered, but still damn expensive. I really could’ve lived without the live LPs. Still very happy to have finally got this.
  13. As noted in this Facebook status, ASIWYFA will be reissuing their much sought after self-titled album: Could be a while before the pre-order is up since the live album isn't being recorded until June. Personally love the original artwork, so I'm hoping the new artwork doesn't stray too far:

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