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Genuine Q: How Much of Your Vinyl Gets Played?

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Geez this thread has really put my collecting into perspective. 

Long story short, I bought hundreds during the covid Era and was not listening to them much because I was in the middle of a move/organizing/sick(long covid 😥). And to top it all off, my brother packed all my records in uhaul boxes randomly unmarked. I'm in the 3,000 range. 

I've been listening to my favorites mostly. But also my most newest purchases. I've got about 400 or so new records that haven't been touched because of said reasons above. But I plan on listening to everything and weeding out that which will not listen to. I acquired several collections over the years but never really looked them over. I peeked at a few of the boxes and wasn't too impressed. A lot of old stuff from 60s(big band kinda stuff) that's what's gonna be purged def! So I'll prolly get rid of about 1000 or so. Don't know how. That's big problem coz that stuff doesn't even sell in dollar bins. But I like the discogs a-z idea. Sounds fun. Anyways...I like collecting. New or old. I get a thrill when I realize that I have this record or that record.  Which in turn makes me wanna sift thru my collection and listen to them. I have a dedicated room for my records. It was a MUST when we purchased our new home. Now I have all the time in the world to listen to them. That is of course if the world doesn't end soon 😉

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Pre-Covid, I was a lot more dilligent about this, but I try to keep my collection curated & pruned to the point where if something hasn't gotten at least one spin in the last year or so, it goes out the door. Conversely, damn near everything I own gets played. Out of ~600 records, I'd say maybe less than a dozen haven't seen my turntable at least once in the last 365 days, and the only reason those haven't gotten swept away is because they're too cheap to be worth the effort to list on Discogs or haul to Newbury (and/or Newbury won't take them anyway), or they're novelty items that I keep out of sentimentality. 

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1 hour ago, thebilljim said:

and the only reason those haven't gotten swept away is because they're too cheap to be worth the effort to list on Discogs or haul to Newbury (and/or Newbury won't take them anyway)

I'm stuck in this position as well, with a bunch of random hardcore albums I bought multiple variants of back in the mid-late 00s. Maybe I'll throw them out at the next garage sale we have for a $2-3 bucks and see what happens. Probably more than I would get for them if I traded in to a local shop or Discogs after fees.

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While it’s not a ton, I do have 1 crate that I dedicate to records that were included as freebies with other orders, or the rare obscure release that has never once sold on Discogs, or goes for < $10.  I just include them as bonuses to the records I sell, especially if it’s an adjacent genre.  Opening up the shelf space is more important to me than wasting a mailer on a $7 sale and driving to the post office to hand them off.

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