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  1. Clear was set to ship around December 10th. I don't believe that variant was impacted by delays as badly as the white one, which won't be out until May.
  2. I just want the first three records, which would end up costing more to get separately now. It's not a bad deal, really.
  3. Public Enemy's "It Takes A Million..." and an Eazy-E single for less than $20 shipped? Deal. Almost want to bite on the Rise Against boxset at $105...
  4. Bought mine in store. Cover is in pretty good shape, though all of them had at least one small corner ding. No warping, all labels accounted for. Seam splits on the inner sleeves, as expected. The second disc has some black speckling all over both sides. Doesn't look like transition bleedover really, so I'm guessing it's some random junk. I'll have to see if it impacts play at all. Doesn't appear to be raised or anything.
  5. Yeah, same. I entirely quit buying multiple copies based on color alone. If they were to reissue something with demos or unreleased session tracks, that would be an instant buy.
  6. This just got in last night, hoping to get reading tonight if time permits. Ozzi co-wrote Laura Jane Grace's book, which was pretty enjoyable.
  7. Pretty happy with how these turned out. Vinyl sounds great, and the packaging is rad too. Loved the write up from Brian Cook.
  8. I've seen them so many times, its hard to keep track which tours I saw haha. Pretty sure I got to Menos and POI tours. Also got to the Beer Commercials 10th Anniversary show in Seattle, which was rad.
  9. Got shipping notice from Suicide Squeeze as well! I was going to hold off on listening until the vinyl got here, but I caved. These recordings are fantastic, glad they were able to do this before calling it quits. MTB was always a band I loved exponentially more live, and this perfectly captures them in that setting.
  10. Some test pressings can be worth thousands, others are worth $5. Like anything, it just depends on what someone is willing to pay.
  11. The link @Billich0986 posted is a listing for a test pressing of this release. There could be multiple different variations of the test depending on how many different pressings of the single were made, and this appears to be the case looking at the master release. Hard to say anything specific about what you have without pictures and details on the runout (words/numbers in the "dead wax" along the edge of the center label) of the vinyl itself. Unfortunately, not all test pressings are created equal. Different artists and release have a different level of collectability and value, for a wide range of reasons. What a Rolling Stones record sold for in 2012 has zero to do with what this is worth. Per the link provided, a good starting point would likely be around $45.
  12. Fully funded with five days to go! Several vinyl variants and test pressing packages are still available. Here's a live rendition of one of the new songs:
  13. https://www.discogs.com/master/1139262-Restless-Alone-In-The-Dark This artwork (very) loosely matches up with your description, but the first track is titled "Guilty". But its from the late 90s, so probably not it.
  14. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1497616189 https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1207394933 https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1294123956 https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1412918680 Prices aren't too bad, really.
  15. Bumping this. He's over half way with 18 days to go. Get after it!
  16. "...and looking forward to exciting things in 2022" definitely gets my hopes up, but it'll probably just be everything going back into print on vinyl. Estimated Shipping Date: 06/14/2025
  17. Here's to hoping that there will be some unreleased material, or even a show or two sometime. I've all but given up hope on a reunion of any sort, but hey, you never know anymore...

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