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  1. I randomly found one about a month or so back and grabbed it for fun since I didn't have any Sabbath on vinyl. It's a pretty solid pressing - sounded great.
  2. You have the buy the Spotify bundle with the autographed door mat and limited edition onesie.
  3. I mean, it's the label doing these deals... but yeah hahaha
  4. And with this option, you won't need the preamp. You could also scope out local thrift stores and find something cheap with a phono input. It would at least get the job done as you save for something nicer
  5. Glad someone finally released the new MGK on pink vinyl, though they totally botched the shade if the mockup is correct. Interested to see what else comes up throughout the week.
  6. That really depends on your budget.
  7. Hopefully they make good on it. If not, that's on them and they deserve the dispute. That copy is unplayable.
  8. The things I passed on because $20-$22 was overpriced...
  9. Are the BS5s powered or passive? If they are powered, all you would need is the preamp. If passive, you'll need an amp as well. I've been using one of these for awhile now and am quite happy with it. Swapped the tubes out for the recommended GE 5654W set though. For the price, I'm convinced this can't be beat. https://www.amazon.com/Fosi-Audio-Preamplifier-Phonograph-Pre-Amplifier/dp/B07XNTHHBP/
  10. Just got my MCR Bullets repress last weekend. The vinyl turned out really nice, and sounds great. The album artwork looks like shit though, definitely a low res source image. I don't remember if it looked that bad on the old CD releases as well.
  11. Fuck them for being a small indie label who licensed and pressed a highly sought after record, right? Get real haha.
  12. When you come to accept that bent corners is just a part of online/mail order, you'll find an inner peace that I cannot fully explain with words.
  13. Orange it is. I'm beyond excited for this.
  14. My Midheaven order got refunded due to it being out of stock

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