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  1. I'm really digging the new takes on these songs. Definitely going to pick this up.
  2. Openers announced. Tacoma 02/17: Sandrider, Denial of Life Seattle 02/24: Dreamdecay, Haunted Horses Seattle 02/25: Filth is Eternal, Erosion I was hoping for at least one old throwback band (Harkonen?) or something, but still cool to see some active PNW bands get a boost.
  3. Well, it was the HWM box that got canceled, so it sounds like you're going to be in the same boat. 🙃 They didn't cancel the free test pressing portion of the order, or the American Nightmare LP... yet.
  4. Well, just got refunded for one of the two things I ordered from Rise... and it was the part of the order I actually wanted 😂
  5. I still haven't gotten shipping notice on my Rise order from 01/13. Kind of odd for them... hopefully they didn't oversell what I bought, or something.
  6. Absolutely the case for me in many instances. It's the band's sound at that time which originally sucked you in, and in a way, can become your standard when comparing to previous and future releases. That doesn't prevent you from eventually liking a different era/sound more so, obviously... but it does set up that baseline for what the band SHOULD sound like in your own mind.
  7. Trying to sell the entire lot to a record store will definitely be the easiest route. You'll get a fraction of the potential resale value, but it'll be done in one swing. Selling each title individually is going to be incredibly time consuming. That said, you could be missing out on significant profits on some of those records that aren't even in Discogs, depending on what you have.
  8. Got the Hot Water Music 4x12" set, the American Nightmare s/t LP, and the random test for $26 shipped. I'll take it.
  9. Here's one for all you serious collectors. The UO Collection Vinyl Bundle https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/the-uo-collection-vinyl-bundle?category=vinyl-records&color=000&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1
  10. Un-serviced (and technically untested, really)... way too high. I personally wouldn't go any higher than $400-$450, but even then, it's potentially a gamble. Service isn't cheap depending on what might need to be replaced now, or in the near future. If you can get them down to $400, I'd say jump on it if you can afford to wing it. Might end up getting a solid receiver at a steal. If it has an original wood case in decent shape, $600 would be more than fair. The cases alone can go for $200-$400 depending on the condition.
  11. Hard to help or dig into it without some additional information such as the year, matrix numbers, etc. Pictures would be good, too.
  12. Can't go wrong with an old Marantz! I have a 2220 and absolutely love it.
  13. Another option would be to just get the standalone phono preamp, and some powered speakers. This would eliminate the need for a dedicated amp/receiver, and would make it easier for you to move the setup to another space if you wanted to when company was over or whatnot.
  14. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?t=109520 This thread will probably be helpful. People were recommending against using long RCA cables, even at 15 feet, unless you added a standalone phono preamp (located at the turntable) to avoid the distance from the turntable to the preamp. You would end up having to use a non-phono input on the amp, not sure if that would be an issue for you, depending on what else is connected to the current system. 50ft RCA cables are pretty inexpensive, might be worth trying it without a dedicated preamp and see how it sounds for you. Worst case scenario, you'd have the cable ready to go if you do decided to add a preamp.
  15. For what it's worth, I've never had issues with the Spin Clean damaging center labels. Generally, the water stays on the vinyl itself, and more often than not runs on the main grooves exclusively when draining off before drying.
  16. Probaby alright, because he still got paid and these physical media sales likely don't give him a dime more.
  17. Mine's out for delivery now, and still marked as unfulfilled with no notice of shipping ever sent.
  18. Same boat technically, but my USPS Informed Delivery is now showing a that a label has been created for something from MerchConnection!
  19. Yes, scanning barcodes is a feature on the Discogs app. Like everything else, it's based on the accuracy of the user inputted information, though. And unfortunately multiple versions of the same release can share the same barcode, so it's not always going to give you exactly what you're looking for.
  20. If only that was true. They don't like to respond to messages/emails regarding widespread pressing defects.

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