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  1. I'll just echo what everyone has said, pretty much. Seattle: Singles Going Steady and Zion's Gate will be your best bet for metal and hardcore, by far. Singles will be your best bet for local stuff, too. Zion's Gate is indeed a little on the high end price wise, but they have good stuff. Lots of cool bootleg stuff too. Also, check out the Light in the Attic store inside of KEXP. Always some rad gems in there. Portland: 2nd Ave will have the best selection of those genres. Landfill Rescue Unit also had some really cool stuff last time I stopped in.
  2. I was already anticipating this would be the case based on the singles, but this is probably my favorite album of 2023 so far.
  3. About time, this has been out of print far too long. I'll probably pass since I finally caved and dropped a bit to get an older pressing, but it's rad to see this available again.
  4. No, you're right. These sound like more polished demos or something. And that style doesn't seem to be lending them any favors. I was excited to hear they were back - I've tried really hard to like both of these songs. There's just something that doesn't hit with me. They sound off. Getting Bruce is pretty cool, though.
  5. Sorry for your loss, Juan. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  6. The best part is that there are a bunch of "updated" versions of this song all over Youtube that do it way better than FOB did. I honestly love the original version of this song. I've had a soft part for it since junior year of high school, when our English teacher had us pick a topic from the song and write an essay on it. I'm pretty sure it was our final. I picked Punk Rock, and proceeded to write a 10 page paper about the mainly the Misfits. Aced it, too. 🤣
  7. Since you've said you other attempts have "failed", what success are you looking for out of this? Monetization, or just shooting the shit with people who like the music you like? If your goal is to reach a wide audience and make something more of it, keep in mind that it's pretty bottlenecked on social media and such now. There's already thousands of people doing exactly what you're describing between all of the platforms out there. If you're just trying to meet some people and chat about music/vinyl, you're probably better off just participating in message board communities, Facebook groups, etc.
  8. Yeah, around 25% of your records sharing the same issue still points to the turntable being the issue. I probably have close to 2000 pieces of vinyl now, and very (very) few actually have pressing defects that cause skips. I could probably count them on one hand. The fact that it's happening with select records is hard to really pinpoint. One copy may have had a tiny warp, that was just enough to bump the needle up. Maybe the grooves are holding dirt, or there are imperfections in the grooves you can't see. It could be anything. Definitely try the penny thing and report back.
  9. Not a preorder, but there is apparently a new version of GEL's Violent Closure 7" in the Atomic Action store. I ordered the Evergreen version a couple weeks ago, and a transparent pink copy with a black/white covered showed up the other day. The vinyl appears to be the same one used with the tour press. https://atomicactionrecords.bigcartel.com/product/gel-violent-closure-7-pre-order https://www.discogs.com/release/27519351-GEL-Violent-Closure-
  10. Definitely an issue with the turntable if you're experiencing this with a bunch of different records. As mentioned above, the problem is likely inaccurate tracking force due to a the counterweight not being set correctly. Balancing your tonearm is a fairly simple/quick fix, assuming your turntable does have a counterweight. Unfortunately, most reasonably inexpensive turntables don't have one. https://longplayvinyl.com/balance-tonearm/ Skipping is generally due to the tracking force being too low, which causes the needle to essentially bounce on the vinyl. This is especially apparent if the album has even a slight warp. If there isn't a counterweight to adjust, you can always try the old school trick of putting a penny on top of the head shell, to see if the additional weight fixes the issue. This isn't a long term fix (and can eventually damage both the needle and the records), but it would be a pretty sure sign that the balance is to blame for your issues.
  11. For 50 seconds, there were monsters on the world.
  12. Tim hosting the political show and just looking at phone when he was getting bested was one of my favorite ITYSL bits yet. Pay it forward and the egg game had me rolling too. The Fred Armisen and Tim Meadows appearances were so good too.
  13. Ahh. The rare quadruple post. Sure sign of the jimmies being rustled.
  14. A new Turnstile song is featured in episode four of the new season of "I Think You Should Leave", which just came out today. Wild spot to drop a new song, but I'm all for it.
  15. Impressive! With a collection of that size, how to you manage things such as terminate droppings?
  16. Doesn't say, really. I can only assume it's a single... no way they are dropping a surprise album with on two days notice with zero press.

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