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My friend game me some 80's/early 90's hc records

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My friend gave me some more records for free. Check this out:

Warzone - Lower East Side Crew (2nd press black vinyl)

Def Jam promo 7" - Beastie Boys - Paul Revere and Fight for Your Right

Gorilla Biscuits - Self titled 7" (first press black)

Youth of Today - Can't Close My Eyes (Schism/Caroline records 1st press black with white labels)

Judge - Bringing It Down (1st press black with purple labels)

Shelter - Perfection of Desire (1st press)

Bold - Speak out (1st press gatefold)

Dag Nasty - Can I say (first press purple cover with $5 price)

Then there a few records I haven't found pressings on but their old:

Sick of It All - Blood, Sweat, and No Tears

And then a few 7 Seconds and a few Verbal Assault records.

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Why did you friend give these up? pretty nice of him considering he could of really cleaned up on ebay for some of these.

He knows I collect records and I'm into hardcore so he just gave me them. He's given me stuff like Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today first press before too. It's awesome. I bought him a large bread stick when I came to pick the records up as gratitude.

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