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Guest conoley


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Guest conoley

Anyone interested in sharing collections? I'd like to see what other people have. Here's me....

Box set

Bright Eyes – Vinyl Box Set


Humble Ary – S/T 7” – White vinyl (270/300)


Abandoned Hearts Club – The Initial Confessions Of – Handmade cover – Clear Vinyl

Aberfly – Heliopolis by Night

Against Me! – Cavalier Eternal – Translucent Orange vinyl – (/1117)

Against Me! – Crime – Black vinyl – (/5400)

Against Me! – Sink, Florida, Sink – Green/Black Swirls – (/2000)

Against Me! – The Disco Before the Breakdown – Translucent Blue vinyl – (/532)

Against Me! – S/T – Black vinyl

Against Me! – White People For Peace

Alkaline Trio – All On Black – Picture Disc

Alkaline Trio – Burn #1 – Gatefold

Alkaline Trio – Burn #2 – Red Vinyl

Alkaline Trio – Halloween – Marbled Orange vinyl – (2905/3000)

Alkaline Trio – Hell Yes

Alkaline Trio – Mercy Me #1 - Gatefold

Alkaline Trio – Mercy Me #2– White Vinyl

Amber Inn – Life Instantaneous

Amber Inn – Serenity in Hand

American Nightmare – 4 Song Demo

Anklebiter – Song One

Annalise/Gunmoll – Split – Translucent Blue = (/550)

Ann Beretta – Burning Bridges – Blank labels

Arcade Fire – Cold Wind b/w Brazil – Clear vinyl

Arcade Fire – Rebellion (lies) – White vinyl

Ape Shits/The Gash - Split

B-Movie Rats/Invisible Man - Split

Bipolar Bear – Books on Tape Re-Mixes – Translucent Blue vinyl

Blacklisted – Peace on Earth War on Stage - silver

Bollweevils, The – Chicago EP

Bright Eyes – Susan Miller Rag

Brokengirl - Nora

Cancer Bats – S/T – Translucent green/black swirl vinyl – Homemade cover – (/500)

Cancer Kids – Boston Cream – (92/150)

Captain Everything – Bomb Song – Pink Vinyl

Carroll, Nathaniel – Midwestern Blues – White Viny (/500)

Cave In – Anchors - Clear gold – 4th press (/500)

Chuck Ragan – Between the Lines/Dream of a Miner’s Child – signed (219/600)

Chuck Ragan – Do You Pray?/Congratulations Joe – Pale Green Vinyl (1st press /129)

Chuck Ragan – Symmetry/It’s What You Do – Blue Vinyl (1st pressing /400)

Chuck Ragan – The Boat/For Broken Ears – Greyish/Pinkish Vinyl (1st pressing /170)

Chuck Ragan – Valentine/Do What You Do – Deep Purple Vinyl – (1st press /353)

City Mouse feat. Lucero – The Stories of… - Brown vinyl (/500) (two copies + extra stories)

Clairmel – Boots and Bras – Translucent Green Vinyl – (/300)

Cursed – Hell Comes Home b/w Search and Destroy – White vinyl

Dandy Warhols – Ride b/w We Love You Dick – Square Picture Disc (1070/3000)

Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off – With armband/plastic bag

Dead Letter Dept./Left Behind – The Pretty Alright Seven Inch

Death Cab For Cutie – Soul Meets Body

Decay – Back in the House

Defiance, Ohio / One Reason - Split

Dillinger Escape Plan – Cursed, Unshaved, and Misbehaven -

Dillinger Four/The Strike – The Rebel’s Choice

Discount/Cigaretteman – Split 7”

Discount/J Church - Split

Draft, the – Na Na Na/Devil in the Shade – with LP 975/1,100

Draft, the – Na Na Na/Devil in the Shade – Dark grey - First press (/100)

Draft, the – Stop Wastin’ My Time/Up All Night – Grey vinyl - /456

Drag the River – Beautiful and Damned – 262/500

Fairlanes/Latrines – Split – white vinyl (691/1000)

Fake Problems – Spurs & Spokes – Black Vinyl /600

Fifth Hour Hero/The Sainte Catherines – Split – Purple Marble vinyl

Fifth Hour Hero/Navel - Split

Firey Furnaces, The/Ted Leo - Split

Five by Nine – s/t

Franklin – Roy is Dead

Fucked Up – Dance of Death – Jukebox style

Fucked Up – Dangerous Fumes b/w Teenage Problems – Jukebox style, print on inside

Fucked Up – Litany

Fucked Up - Police

Get Up Kids – Loveteller – Second Press

Get Up Kids – Loveteller – Final press – Darker Orange vinyl with some black swirls orange/red cover (/10)

Get Up Kids – Loveteller – Final Press – Orange vinyl – red/orange cover (55/200)

Get Up Kids/Coalesce - Split

Get Up Kids/Rocket From the Crypt – White vinyl

Good Clean Fun – Who Shares Wins

Gorilla Biscuits – S/T (5th press with inverted photos)

Green Day – Slappy EP

Hatepinks/Shoemakers/Neurotic Swingers/Motras – Split - promo

The Hecklets – Eh, You Don’t Know Me – photocopied cover

Hot Water Music – Alachua - Black vinyl - x2 - (/2000)

Hot Water Music – Alachua – marbled grey - (/165)

Hot Water Music – Eating the Filler – Black vinyl xeroxed cover - (/1000)

Hot Water Music – I Was on a Mountain – Picture Disc – (/1000)

Hot Water Music – Moments Pass – Olive vinyl - (/218)

Hot Water Music – Moonpies for Misfits – Dark Grey Vinyl - (/550)

Hot Water Music/Rydell – Split – Black vinyl (/1005)

Hot Water Music/Screaming Fat Rat – Split – Black vinyl – (/1000)

Hot Water Music/Six Going On Seven – Split – Translucent Green Vinyl – (/500)

Hot Water Music/Avail/Discount/The Weakerthans – Red Army Faction – Split - Green

Hot Water Music/The Casket Lottery – Split – Marbled Green vinyl (/288)

Hope Conspiracy, the – Hang Your Cross – Blue/White vinyl (/200) – screened cover

Hughes, Chris (moneen) – S/T – Translucent Blue

Humble Ary/Bailer – split – Second pressing on black vinyl (/200)

Impact – Us Volunteers

J Church/Minority Blues Band – Split -

Jawbreaker/Samiam – Split from No Idea Fanzine – Translucent Red Vinyl – (/300)

Jebediah/Jimmy Eat World – Split – 3x7” – clear vinyl

John Oswald Vs. Change of Heart – In The Tummysuckle Ruse

Jolly Tambourine Man – Double B-Side

Keep It Up – S/T

Kid Dynamite/Elliot – Split – Orange swirl

Less Than Jake/Megadeth Split – Red vinyl

Less Than Jake - Muppets

Lifetime – Boy’s No Good

Lifetime – Two songs – Clear Blue Vinyl

Lifetime – S/T

Lucero – My Best Girl - Repress

Messy Hairs – Skulls and Skateboards Life

Messy Hairs/Ginders - Split

Modest Mouse – King Rat

Neckties Make Me Nervous – S/T

Nobodys/Pinhead Circuis – 7/10 Split

NOFX– 7” of the month #1

NOFX – 7” of the month #2

NOFX – White – 7” of the Month #3

NOFX – Green Vinyl – 7” of the month #4

NOFX – White vinyl – 7” of the month #5

NOFX – Pink vinyl – 7” of the month #7

NOFX – 7” of the month # 8 - Black

NOFX –– Baby Blue – 7” of the Month #9

NOFX – 7” of month #10 x 2

NOFX – 7” of the month #11

NOFX – 7” of the month #12

North Lincoln - Apology

North Lincoln/Gibbobs - Split

Phenomes – It Burns – Clear vinyl

Pipi Skid – Money Matters

Pearl Jam – Christmas 2005

Plum – Short Way – Clear vinyl to Live – 175/500

Portugal the Man – The Pins w/ The Devil – red vinyl - (1037/1500)

Project 27 – Time to FOld

Radon – In Your Home – with original cover

Rancid – Radio Radio Radio

Reggie and the Full Effect/Koufax -

Risky Business - Demo

Rogue Nations – The American Ruins EP – White vinyl

Roman Holiday/Triple Twins - Split

Ruination – Disc shaped like USA

Rumbleseat – California Burritos/Walk Through the Darkness – Marbled Brown – (/939)

Rumbleseat – Picker/Moonshiner – Black vinyl – (962)

Rumbleseat – Saturn in Crosshairs/Cruising Concrete – Marbled Brown Vinyl – (/1099)

Rumbleseat – Trestles/Restless – Marbled Green vinyl – (/934)

Secret Agent – No Winners No Losers/Unwilling (272/500)

Sheryl Cro(w) Mages - #1 Hit - Black - (/900)

Shook Ones – Slaughter of the Insole – purple (/336)

Shot Baker/Vacation Bible School – Tribute to the Vindictives – Clear Green

Shudder to Think -

Skeptic Eleptic – Atomic – Promo

Small Brown Bike – And Don’t Forget Me

Snailhouse – Plans b/w Have a Good Time

Snuggle – Cross the River

Spinanes, The – Madding b/w 10 Metre Platform

Static Radio NJ – One for the Good Guys – Blue vinyl

Supersuckers/Eddie Spaghetti split – Green vinyl – screened covers (/500)

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb – Black Panther

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb/The Devil is Electric – We Do Our Dishes -

Tommy Gun – Something New

Urban Blight – S/T

Weaklings – s/t

Weight, The – Ships – Black – (/879)

Whitey Houston – I got Fucked by Liberty Mutual – White Vinyl


Hot Water Music/Clairmel – Split – Brown Marbled Vinyl (/2200)


Avail – Live at the King’s Head

Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova – One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels – Translucent dark Brown

FYP/Chaniwa - Split

Good Life, The – Lovers Need Lawyers – Blue Vinyl

Groovie Ghoulies – Berry’d Alive – Orange Vinyl – (/1000)

Honor System – 100% Synthetic

Less Than Jake – B is for Besides Remixes (/400)

Less Than Jake – Making Fun of Things You Don’t Understand

Loved Ones – S/T

Mile End Ladies String Auxiliary – From Cells of Roughest Air

Murder By Death – In Bucca al Lupo – 7x gatefold red and gold vinyl (/1000)

Murder By Death – Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them? – 2x10” gatefold

Small Brown Bike/Casket Lottery – Split

Spread/Teen Idols - Split

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb – Dance Part With- Gatefold

Various – 12 Ounces of Courage 2xLP – Puke Vinyl


Hot Water Music/Tomorrow – Split – Clear vinyl – (/508)


1-Speed Bike – Droopy Bike Be Gone!

A.K.A.’s – White Doves and Smoking Guns

Aesop Rock - Freeze

AFI – S/T – Picture Disc

Against Me! – Americans Abroad!!!

Against Me! – Don’t Lose Touch

Against Me! – From Her Lips to God’s Ears

Against Me! – Is Reinventing Axl Rose – Pink vinyl

Against Me! – Searching for a Former Clarity – 2xLP Black and White vinyl

Alkaline Trio – Crimson – 180G

Alkaline Trio – Crimson – Red Vinyl

Alkaline Trio – From here to Infirmary

Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning

Alkaline Trio – Maybe I’ll Catch Fire – Peach Marbled Vinyl (/1000)

Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music – Split – Picture Disc

Alkaline Trio/One Man Army - Split

Alkaline Trio/One Man Army – Split – Translucent Red Vinyl (/500)

Aloha – Here Comes Everything

Andrew W.K. – I Get Wet

Angels in the Architecture – The Distance in Writing

Arcade Fire – Funeral

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

Avail – Front Porch Stories

Avail – One Wrench

Avail - Satiate

Band of Blacky Ranchette – Still Lookin’ Good to Me

Barry, Tim – Rivanna Junction – Grey vinyl - /500

Beach Boys, The – Endless Summer – 2xLP

Bear vs. Shark – Right Now You’re in the Best of Hands – Light Blue/Light Yellow - /250

Bear vs. Shark – Terrorhawk – Picture Disc - /200 (second pressing)

Black Flag - Damaged

Black Flag – Wasted Again

Blacktop Cadence, the – Chemistry for Changing Times – Green marbled vinyl

Black Mountain – S/T

Black Sabbath – We Sold Out Soul For Rock ‘n’ Roll

Block Party – Silent Alarm – 3xLP (remixes)

Blood Brothers – Burn, Piano Island, Burn – White vinyl - Gatefold

Blood Brothers – Crimes – Pink Marble vinyl

Blood Brothers – March On Electric Children

Blood Brothers – This Adultery is Ripe

Blood Brothers – Young Machettes – Orange/Black vinyl

Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks

Bones Brigade – Focused – Grey vinyl

Borcherdt, Brian – Moth EP – Hand Labeled

Bowie, David - Pinups

Bouncing Souls – Anchors Aweigh

Bouncing Souls – Gold Record – Picture Disc

Bright Eyes - Cassadaga

Bright Eyes – Lifted or The Story is in the Soil Keep Your Ear to the Ground – 2xLP

Bright Eyes – Noise Floor 2xLP 180G

Bright Eyes – There is No Beginning to the Story EP

Buried Inside – Selected Essays on Time-Reckoning and Auto-Cannibalism – 180G

Burnman – Notes For a Catalogue For an Exhibition

Buzzcocks – A Different Kind of Tension

Buzzcocks – Fast Cars

C’mon – Midnight is the Answer –Translucent Orange (134/500)

Case, Neko – Canadian Amp

Cash, Johnny – American V – 180 Gram

Casket Lottery – Possibilities and Maybes 2xLP – White Vinyl

Cheap Trick – At Budokan

Clash, The – Combat Rock

Clash – Fury - Bootleg

Clash, The – London Calling – 2xLP

Clash, The – S/T

Coco Rosie – The Adventures of Shoothorse and Stillborn

Cohen, Leonard – Songs of Love and Hate

Colossal – Welcome the Problems

Common Rider – This is Unity Music

Constantines – S/T

Constantines/Unintended – Split – (909/1000)

Cosby, Bill – It’s True! It’s True!

Costello, Elivs – Taking Liberties

Converge – No Heroes – Pink/White Splatter Vinyl – 1st press

Converge – Petitioning/Forever 2xLp – 2nd press - Cow Spot Vinyl

Count Me Out - Permanent

Cripsus Attucks – Destory the Teacher

Cursed – II

Cursive – Happy Hollow

Dashboard Confessional – The Swiss Army Romance

Dead Kennedys – Bedtime for Democracy

Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

Death Cab For Cutie – Something About Airplanes – Blue Vinyl (Repress)

Death From Above – Heads Up

Decemberists – Castaways and Cutouts

Defiance, Ohio – The Great Depression – Marbled Olive vinyl

Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubies

Dillinger Escape Plan – Miss Machine - Yellow

Dillinger Four – Midwestern Songs of the Americas

Dillinger Four – “Situationist Comedy”

Dillinger Four – Versus God

Draft, The – In A Million Pieces – Pale Pink (1st pressing /460 w/7”)

Drag the River – At the Green Door, Oklahoma City (1/1000)

Drag the River – Esta Loco – Blue Vinyl

Drag the River – Gabba Gabba Hey Buddies – Green

Elevator to Hell - Eerieconsilation

End, The – Within Dividia – 180G

Few and the Proud – Stampede – Blue Marble Vinyl

Fifth Hour Hero – Collected in Comfort – Translucent Orange vinyl

Fifth Hour Hero – Not Revenge, Just a Vicious Crush Bubblegum Ice Cream Explosion /300 1st press

Fifth Hour Hero – Scattered Sentences – Translucent Green vinyl

Fifth Hour Hero/Gunmoll – Split – White vinyl

Filthy Theiving Bastads – Pappy was a Pistol

Final Fantasy – Has a Good Home

Final Fantasy – He Poos Clouds – Gatefold

Flaming Lips – Telepathic Surgery – Blue marble vinyl

Fleetwood Mac – Rumors

Fucked Up – Let Likes Be Cured by Likes – second press – orange/blue vinyl

Fucked Up – Year of the Dog

Ghost Mice – Europe – Purple Vinyl (1st press /525)

Gil Scott-Heron – The First Minute of a New Day

Give up the Ghost – We’re Down til We’re Underground

Good Riddance – My Republic

Grabass Charlestons – Ask Mark Twain – Lavender-Purple vinyl

Grabass Charlestons – The Greatest Story Ever Hola’d – Purple vinyl

Grade – Headfirst Straight to Hell – picture disc

Gunmoll – Board of Rejection – Translucent Blue vinyl

Hella – Hold Your Horse Is

Hi-Standard – Angry Fist

Hives, The – Veni Vidi Vicious

Hope Conspiracy, the – Endnote

Hot Cross – Fair Trades and Farewells

Hot Water Music – Caution – Black vinyl

Hot Water Music – Caution – Red vinyl

Hot Water Music – Finding the Rhythms – Black vinyl

Hot Water Music – Forever and Counting – Black vinyl

Hot Water Music – Fuel for the Hate Game – Orange and Black split vinyl

Hot Water Music – Fuel for the Hate Game – Test Press – (/16)

Hot Water Music – Live at the Hardback – Black vinyl

Hot Water Music – Never Ender – 5th press of 330 – Translucent Red Vinyl

Hot Water Music – No Division – 2nd press - Purple

Hot Water Music – The New What Next – White vinyl

Hot Water Music – The New What Next – Translucent Gold vinyl (/500)

Hot Water Music/Leatherface – Split – Black vinyl

Husker Du – Metal Circus

Idol, Billy – Vital Idol

Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power

Iron & Wine – The Creek Drank the Cradle

Isis – Celestial 2xLP – Yellow/White, Red/White vinyl

Isis – In the Absence of Truth – black – (/3000)

Isis – The Red Sea – Black/Gold vinyl -

Jackie-O Motherfucker – Change(s) – Tour edition (/?)

Jam, the – All Mod Cons

Jawbreaker - Bivouac

Joan of Arc – Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain… 2xLP – Red and White Vinyl

Joel Plaskett Emergency, the – Down at the Khyber – signed

Jon-Rae and the River – Knows What You Need

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the – Orange

Kelis – Milkshake

Kid Dynamite – S/T

Kweli, Talib – Quality – 2xLP

Lagwagon – Live in a Dive – 2xLp with comic book

Lally, Joe – There to Here

Latterman – No Matter Where We Go…!

Latterman – Turn up the Punk, We’ll be Singing

Lawrence Arms, The – Apathy and Exhaustion

Lawrence Arms, The – Greatest Story Ever Told - Black

Lawrence Arms, The – Oh! Calcutta!

Leatherface – Dog Disco

Leatherface – Horsebox

Leftover Crack – Fuck World Trade

Lifetime – S/T -

Limebeck – S/T – Gold Vinyl /500

Locust, the – Plague Soundscapes – Clear vinyl

Locust, The – Safety Second, Body Last – Grey marble

Loved Ones – Keep Your Heart

Lucero _ Attic Tapes

Lucero – Nobody’s Darlings

Mars Volta – De-Loused in the Comatorium – 2xLP Silver picture discs

MC5 – Back in the USA

Mars Volta, The – Inertiatic esp. – Picture disc – (2461/5000)

Minor Threat – Out of Step

Minor Threat – S/T – 180G

Minus the Bear – Highly Refined Pirates

Minus the Bear – Menos El Oso

Modest Mouse – Good News for People Who Like Bad News – 2xLP

Modest Mouse – We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank – 2xLP

Neutral Milk Hotel – The Aeroplane Over the Sea

New Pornographers – Electric Version

New Pornographers – Twin Cinema

New Mexican Disaster Squad – Don’t Believe – White Vinyl w/ screen printed covers (/415)

Newman, A.C. – The Slow Wonder

NOFX – Wolves in Wolves Clothing

None More Black – File Under Black

None More Black – Loud About Loathing

North Lincoln – Truth is a Menace – Clear Gold Vinyl - /100

O Pioneers!!! – Black Mambas – Grey Vinyl – Black on Black cover /50?

One Line Drawing – The Volunteers

Organ, the – Grab That Gun

Paint it Black – CVA – Translucent Blue vinyl

Pink Mountaintops – Axis of Evol

Plaskett, Joel – La De Da

Police, the - Synchronicity

Portugal the Man – Waiter “You Vultures” Clear vinyl w/ gold splatter /500

Prekop, Sam – Who’s Your New Professor

Pixies – Doolittle – 180G

Postal Service, The – Give Up – 2xLP – Translucent Red

Propagandi – Potemkin City Limits 2xLP – Black Vinyl

Q and not U – Power – 180G

Rainer Maria – Long Knives Drawn – White Vinyl

Ramones – S/T – 180G

Rancid - …And Out Come the Wolves – Picture Disc

Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers

Rise, The – Signal to Noise

Roots, The – Game Theory

Rumbleseat – Is Dead – Marble Grey vinyl (152/1000)

Sage Francis – Human Death Dance

Sainte Catherines – Dancing for Decadence

Sainte Catherines – The Machine Gets Under Way – Translucent Amber vinyl

Saves the Day – Can’t Slow Down – Clear Red Vinyl /500

Shins, The - Chutes Too Narrow – Translucent Red vinyl

Shins, The – Wincing the Night Away

Sigur Ros – Baba Tiki Dido

Simon, Paul - Graceland

Simon, Paul – Still Crazy After All These Years

Skiba, Matt / Kevin Seconds – Split (/1000)

Small Brown Bike – Our Own Wars – Pink/Yellow split

Smith, Elliott – Either/Or

Smith, Elliott – From a Basement on the Hill – 2xLP

Smith, Elliott – S/T

Smoke or Fire – This Sinking Ship – Light Blue vinyl - /200

Soiled Doves – S/T

Some Girls – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens – White Vinyl

Sonic Youth – S/T - reissue

Spoon – Gimme Fiction

Springsteen, Bruce – Darkness on the Edge of Town

Springsteen, Bruce - Nebraska

Springsteen, Bruce – The River

Springsteen, Bruce - The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Hustle

Stars, The – Set Yourself on Fire

Streets, The – A Grand Don’t Come for Free 2xLP

Strike Anywhere – Dead FM – Yellow vinyl /300

Strike Anywhere – To Live in Discontent – Picture Disc

Sun O))) & Boris – Alter – Yellow vinyl - (/1500)

Taken – And They Slept

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Shake the Sheets

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – S/T

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb – Three Way Tie for Fifth – Purple marble vinyl

This is Hell – Sundowning – Red/White vinyl

Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never Die

Transistor Transistor – Erase All Name and Likeness – 2xLP

Trapdoor Fucking Exit – Be Not Content – Grey Marbles vinyl

True North – Put Your Nightlife Where Your Mouth Is – Picture Disc

Unitas – Porch Life – White vinyl

V/A – In the Loop 4

V/A – Rock n’ Roll High School

Weakerthans – Fallow

Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site

Weight, the – Ten Mile Grace

White Stripes, The – Elephant – 2xLP – White/Translucent Red

Whitey Houston – S/T – Gravy vinyl

Wolf Eyes – Human Animal

Wolf Parade – ST EP –

Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Yesterday’s Ring – El Rancho – First pressing /500

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Guest conoley

Sweet collection. I'm trying to make a photo book as well, but for now I'm too lazy to do that.

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theres photos of my entire collection in my signature...i will eventually make a list but for now im too lazy

i was just going through those pictures and saw "this rooms too cold" by TEN! i didnt know that was ever pressed on vinyl. do you know if it's still available anywhere?

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edit: this is a pretty up to date list... i have to do another run through of my collection and make sure i'm not missing anything.

Band Title Serial # Year Notes

31 Knots Talk Like Blood PRC-095 2005 180g

31 Knots The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere PRC-127-1 2007 180g

AC/DC High Voltage SD 36-142 1976

AC/DC Let There Be Rock SD 36-151 1977

AC/DC Powerage SD 19180 1978

AC/DC Highway to Hell SD 19244 1979

AC/DC For Those About to Rock SD 11111 1981 Columbia House Release

AC/DC Flick of the Switch A1-80100 1983

AC/DC Fly On the Wall 81263-1-E 1985

AC/DC Blow Up Your Video 81828-1 1988

AC/DC Razor's Edge 91413-1 1990

Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East SD2-802 1971

Allman Brothers Eat a Peach CPN-2-0102 1972

Allman Brothers Brothers and Sisters CP 0111 1973

Aloha Here Comes Everyone PRC-076 2004

Aloha Some Echoes PRC-104-2 2006

Animals, The On Tour E-4281 1965

Animals, The Best Of E-4324 1966

Appleseed Cast, The Low Level Owl: Volumes 1 & 2 GLM004/DER396/397 2006 limited pressing of 1000, 3LP set

Band, The Moondog Matinee SW-11214 1973

Band, The Northern Lights - Southern Cross ST-11440 1975

Bars Introducing… RFL057 2004 500 Pressed Splatter Orange/Black

Beach Boys, The Smiley Smile ST 9001 1967 Bootleg of Smile

Beach Boys, The Surf's Up RS 6455 1971

Beach Boys, The Endless Summer SVBB-11307 1974

Beach Boys, The Pet Sounds 72435-21241-1-4 1999 180g reissue

Bear vs Shark Terrorhawk fric-034b 2006 2nd Press - 200 Picture Disc

Bear vs Shark Right Now You're In the Best of Hands Fric-034 2007 250 half yellow/light blue

Beatles, The Introducing… VJLP 1062 1963 fake

Beatles, The Meet the Beatles ST 2047 1963

Beatles, The Meet the Beatles T 2047 1964 brown lettering

Beatles, The The Beatles Second Album ST 2080 1964

Beatles, The Help! SMAS 2386 1965

Beatles, The Rubber Soul T 2442 1965

Beatles, The Rubber Soul ST 2442 1965

Beatles, The Revolver ST 2576 1966

Beatles, The Magical Myster Tour SMAL 2835 1967 Includes Booklet

Beatles, The Magical Myster Tour SMAL 2835 1967 Includes Booklet

Beatles, The Sgt. Peppers SMAS 2653 1967

Beatles, The Sgt. Peppers SMAS 2653 1967 orange label

Beatles, The Abbey Road SO-383 1969 "Her Majesty" listed

Beatles, The Hey Jude SW-385 1970

Beatles, The Let It Be AR 34001 1970 red apple, "bell sounds"

Beatles, The Live at the Hollywood Bowl EMCJ(D) 5102 1977 YEX 969 on label

Beatles, The Historic First Live Recordings PTP-2098 1980

Beck, Jeff Blow by Blow PE 33409 1975

Beck, Jeff Wired PE 33849 1976

Berlin Pleasure Victim GHS 2036 1982

Black Sabbath Paranoid WB 1887 1970

Blacklisted The Beat Goes On… DWI48.1 2005 349 clear red vinyl

Blind Faith s/t SD 33-304 1969

Blow, Kurtis The Breaks 12" single MDS-4010 1980

Bluesbreakers (John Mayall) s/t PS 492 1966

Boston s/t JE 34188 1976

Botch We Are the Romans HH666-041 2000 first press

Botch Anthology of Dead Ends 10" HH666-63 2002

Brubeck, Dave Dave Brubeck Octet 3-239 1956 red vinyl

Brubeck, Dave Time Out CS 8192 1959 180g reissue

Buried Inside Chronoclast RR 6629-1 2004 180g

Butthole Surfers Pepper 10" Single spro-11230 1996

Byrne, David Music for "The Knee Plays" 25022-1 1985

Calla Strength in Numbers BBQLP251 2007

Carlos, Walter Switched-On Bach MS 7194 1968

Cars, The Shake It Up 5E-567 1981 Promo copy

Catharsis Live in the Land of the Dead WWR-015 1997 split w/ Gehenna

Catharsis Samsara 1997

Cheap Trick In Color PE 34884 1977

Cheap Trick S/T PE 34400 1977

Cheap Trick Heaven Tonight JE 35312 1978

Church, The Starfish Ml-8321 1988

Clapton, Eric Guitar Boogie w/ Page, Beck AYL1-3768 1971

Coalesce 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening HH666-42 2000 45rpm 12"

Cole, Nat King After Midnight LCT 6133 1966

Converge When Forever Comes Crashing EVR 41 1998

Converge You Fail Me DW39.1 2005 1st Press - 552 180g Black

Converge You Fail Me DW39.1 2005 1st Press - 895 Clear and White Cross vinyl

Converge Petitioning Forever DW47.1 2006 1st Press - 500 Gold Vinyl w/ Bonus 7"

Converge No Heroes DWI57 2006 1000 Red/White inside/outside vinyl

Corea, Chick s/t BN-LA395-H2 1975

Cornerstone Beating the Masses UER003 1995

Cosby, Bill I started out as a child W 1567 1964

Cosby, Bill Why is there air? w 1606 1965

Cosby, Bill It's True! It's True! WS 1770 1969

Cosby, Bill For Adults Only 73112 1971

Cosby, Bill More of the Best Of WS 1836

Costello, Elvis My Aim is True JC 35037 1977 yellow photo

Costello, Elvis Armed Forces JC 35709 1978 and the Attractions

Costello, Elvis Imperial Bedroom FC 38157 1982 and the Attractions

Cream Disreali Gears RS-1-3010 1967 1977 reissue RSO Records

Cream Wheels of Fire SD 2-700 1968

Cream Goodbye SD 7001 1969 w/ poster

Cream Wheels of Fire SVLP 202 1997 180g reissue

Crimethinc. In Our Time 49024 1997 Marbled White vinyl, no label

Criteria When We Break LBJ-81 2005 180g

Croce, Jim His Greatest Songs NE1059 1980

Crosby, Stills & Nash s/t SD-8229 1969

Daltrey, Roger s/t 2406107 1973 uk import

Davis, Miles Round About Midnight PC 8649 1955

Davis, Miles Sketches of Spain PC 8271 1959

Davis, Miles Seven Steps to Heaven CL 2051 1963 mono

Davis, Miles Bitches Brew GP 26 1969

Def Leppard Pyromania 422-810 308-1 1983

Dejohnette, Jack New Directions ECM-1-1128 1978

Delfonics, The Super Hits PG 1152 197?

Derek & The Dominos Layla and other assorted love songs PD2 -3501 1972

Derek & The Dominos In Concert SO 2-8800 1973

Diamond, Neil Greatest Hits BLPS219 1968

Diamond, Neil Classics - The Early Years PC 38792 1983

Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity HH666-043 1999 1st press - 335 phlegm colored vinyl

Dolby, Thomas The Golden Age of Wireless ST-12271 1983

Don Caballero For Respect TG120 1993

Don Caballero World Class Listening Problem rr-6693-1 2006 500 Grey

Dylan, Bob Blonde on Blonde C2S 841 1966

Dylan, Bob Greatest Hits KCS 9463 1967

Dylan, Bob Nashville Skyline JC 9825 1969

Dylan, Bob Blood on the Tracks PC 33235 1974

Dylan, Bob Desire PC 33893 1975

Earth, Wind & Fire That's the Way of the World PC 33280 1975

Ferguson, Maynard Primal Scream PC 33953 1976

Fleetwood Mac s/t MS 2225 1975

Follow Through Taking it Back ECE05 1997

Franklin, Aretha Spirit in the Dark SD 8265 1970

Fugazi Instrument dis120 1999

Genesis Duke SD 16014 1980

Get Up Kids Red Letter Day DOG-063 1999 10"

Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About DOG-066 1999

Grey Area s/t VR90 1998

Grinderman s/t 8686-1 2007

Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction GHS 24148 1987

Hatebreed Satisfaction is the Death of Desire VR-63 1997

Hayes, Isaac Chocolate Chip ABCD-874 1975

Haymarket Riot Bloodshot Eyes DVT022 2001

Headphones s/t S 045 2005

Hendrix, Jimi Smash Hits MS 2025 197?

In My Eyes The Difference Between Rev 67 1998

Integrity …and for those who still fear tomorrow ht .5 1996 192 of 1000 white vinyl, sick packaging

Iron Maiden Live after Death SABB 12441 1985

ISIS The Red Sea SN014 2006 364 half black/half gold w/ black splatter

Jackson, Michael Thriller OE 38112 1982 1st record ever

James Gang Best of ABCX-774 1973

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins Rabbit Fur Coat team love 08 2006

Jethro Tull Aqualung MS 2035 1971

John, Elton s/t MCA 2012 1970

John, Elton Madman Across the Water MCA 2016 1972

John, Elton Captain Fantastic MCA 2142 1975

Jones, Tom What's New Pussycat? PAS 71006 1965

Jones, Tom Live in Las Vegas PAS 71031 1969

Joplin, Janis Pearl PC 30322 1971

Judge Bringin' It Down Rev 15 1989

Judge The Complete Discography Rev 122 2006 1st press - 1 black splatter red/gold, 1 red splattered yellow/clear white

June of 44 Anahata qs64 1999 Clear Vinyl

King Crimson In the court of the crimson king SD 8245 1969

Kinks, The Greatest Hits R-6217 1966

Kinks, The Lola Vs Powerman and the Moneyground RS 6423 1970

Kinks, The Kronikles 2XS 6454 1972

Kinks, The Soap Opera LPL1-5081 1975

Ladyhawk s/t JAG 97 2006

Led Zeppelin I SD 8216 1969

Led Zeppelin II SD 8236 1969

Led Zeppelin III SD 7201 1970 pinwheel cover

Led Zeppelin IV SD 7208 1971 scratched to shit

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy SD 7255 1973

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti SS 2-200 1975 pull-out sleeves

Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same SS 2-201 1976

Led Zeppelin Coda 90051-1 1982

Linell, John Montana Single ZOE 1005 1999 Die-cut in the shape of USA

Little Richard The Very Best Of… UA-LA497-E 1975

Mahal, Taj Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home CS 9919 / CS9924 1968

Mama's and the Papa's If you can believe your eyes and ears DS-50006 1972

Manowar Battle Hymns LT-51125 1982

Maritime We The Vehicles FL004 2006 clear blue, #543/1000

Mastodon Blood Mountain rr-6676-1 2006 500 double sided red/blue swirl

Matt Pond PA Several Arrows Later PRC-101 2006 180g

Mayall, John Jazz Blues Fusion 2391 032 1973

McCartney, Paul Band on the Run SO-3415 1973

Men At Work Business as Usual FC 37978 1982

Men At Work Cargo QC 38660 1983

Metheny, Pat American Garage ECM-1-1155 1979

Metheny, Pat Still Life (Talking) GHS 24145 1987

Mingus, Charles Mingus Ah Um CS 8171 1959

Minus the Bear Menos el Oso S-047 2005

Mitchell, Joni Blue MS 2038 1971

Mono Walking cloud and deep red sky… trr-68 2004 2xLP die-cut cover

Mono You Are There trr-98 2006 2xLP Marbled Trans blue/black, green

Morning Again Martyr GL010 1997 Brown wax

Motorhead No Sleep Till Hammersmith xfm-1-4023 1981

Nels Cline Trio Chest lb-006 1996 limited pressing of 1000

Nugent, Ted Cat Scratch Fever JE 34700 1977

NWA Straight Outta Compton 72435-37936-1-6 1988

Old Man Gloom Christmas MB060 2003 double lp, 3rd press, green/red vinyl

One AM Radio A Name Writ in Water LP62 2004 Swirled/Splattered Black/White Vinyl

One AM Radio On the Shore of the Wide World LP78 2004 Swirled/Splattered Blue/White Vinyl

Orchid Chaos Is Me EB45 1998

Orchid s/t EB51 2002 1000 pressed on blue vinyl

Owen At Home With PRC-118-1 2007

Parker, Charlie "Bird" is Free PLP-401 1961

Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon SMAS-11163 1973

Police, The Ghost in the Machine SP-3730 1981

Postal Service, The Give Up SP595 2004 Double LP, white wax

Presidential Targets Songs for the Shower STB12001 1989

Pretenders, The Learning to Crawl 23980-1 1983

Prince and the Revolution Purple Rain 25110-1 1984

Probot s/t sunn30LP 2004 double lp

Q and Not U No Kill No Beep Beep DIS 123 2000

Queen A Night at the Opera 7E-1053 1975

Queen News of the World 6E-112 1977

Reed, Lou Sally Can't Dance CPL1-0611 1974

Reed, Lou The Blue Mask AFL 1-4221 1982

Reed, Lou New Sensations AFL 1-4998 1984

Reversal of Man This is Medicine ebullition 44 2001

Rogers, Kenny Greatest Hits RS 6437 1971 & The First Edition

Rogers, Kenny 20 Greatest Hits LBS-90119 1983 japanese pressing

Rolling Stones England's Newest Hit Makers PS 375 1964

Rolling Stones Beggar's Banquet PS 539 1968

Rolling Stones Black and Blue COC 79104 1976

Rolling Stones Some Girls coc 39108 1978

Russian Circles Enter Fric-031 2007 600 black and white splatter

Seldom Scene, The Act One SLP-1511 1972

Shai Hulud Hearts Once Nourished… CRIS018 1997

Shai Hulud The Fall of Every Man CRIS020 1998 Split 10" w/ Indecision

Sigur Ros Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do B0002157-11 2004 1 side etched with stick figures

Sigur Ros ( ) fatlp22 2002

Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence CL 2469 1965

Simon and Garfunkel Bridge over Troubled Water KCS 9914 1970

Simon, Paul Graceland 25447 1986

Simone, Nina Baltimore CTI 7084 1978

Sixteen Horsepower Folklore Volk 009 2002

Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream Caro 1740 1993 2xlp Marbled Orange

Snapcase Lookinglasself VR13 1993

Sons of Abraham termites in his smile EXT009-1 1997 Teal Vinyl

Speaking Canaries, The Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged SCAT 39 1994 2xLP

Springsteen, Bruce Born to Run JC 33795 1975

Springsteen, Bruce Born in the USA QC 38653 1984

Star Wars A New Hope Soundtrack 2T-541 1977

Star Wars The Story of Star Wars PR-103 1977 Picture Disc - Still Sealed

Star Wars Zubin Mehta Conducts ZM1001 1978

Star Wars Story of Return of the Jedi 63155 1983 Picture Disc

Starkweather into the wire Edison 001 1995 Purple Vinyl

Stevens, Sufjan Come on Feel the Illinoise AKR 014 2005 Double Gatefold LP, balloon artwork

Stooges, The s/t EKS-74051 1969

Stooges, The Raw Power KC 32111 1973

Strife California Takeover VR42 1996 Picture Disc split w/ Earth Crisis, Snapcase

Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight 12" Single SH-542 1979

Sweet, Matthew Into your Drug ZP37218-1 1997 Promo Picture Disc 10"

T.Rex Electric Warrior RS 6466 1971

Talking Heads Talking Heads:77 SR 6036 1977

Talking Heads More Songs About Buildings and Food QSR 6058 1978

Talking Heads Fear of Music QSR 6076 1979

Talking Heads Live on Tour WBMS 104 1979 Live Promo

Talking Heads Remain In Light XSR 6095 1980

Talking Heads The Name of this band is… 2SR 3590 1982

Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues 23883-1 1983

Talking Heads Speaking In Tongues 1-23771 1983 Clear Vinyl, Rauschenberg Artwork

Talking Heads Stop Making Sense 25186-1 1984

Talking Heads Little Creatures 25305-1 1985

Talking Heads True Stories 25512-1 1986

Talking Heads Naked 25654-1 1988

The Hold Steady Boys and Girls in America ACT019 2006 400 Baby Blue Vinyl

The Shins Wincing the Night Away SP705 2007

These Arms are Snakes Oxeneers SN056 2004 2st press 546 White

These Arms are Snakes Easter SN-066 2006 400 Clear

They and the Children Thoughts on Becoming a Ghost SVR07 2005 Splatter Silver/Clear Vinyl

They Might Be Giants s/t A-HAON 002 1986

They Might Be Giants Don't Let's Start A-HAON 004 1987 EP

They Might Be Giants They'll Need a Crane 12" single EPRO-167 1989 Promo

They Might Be Giants Flood 60907-1 1990

They Might Be Giants Twisting 12" Single ED-5458 1996 Test Pressing

Torme, Mel Raindrops keep Fallin' on my Head ST-430 1969

Traffic John Barleycorn Must Die UAS 5504 1970

U2 War 90067-1 1983

Van Morrison Moondance WS 1835 1970

Various Artists Vintage Music/Collector's Series MCA 1429 1986

Various Artists Vintage Music/Collector's Series MCA 1430 1986

Various Artists Vintage Music/Collector's Series MCA 1431 1986

Vaughan, Stevie Ray Couldn't Stand the Weather FE 39304 1984

Waits, Tom Foreign Affairs 7E-1117 1977

Walls of Jericho The Bound Feed the Gagged GEN1236 1999

Walsh, Joe So What DSD-56171 1974

Weezer Green Album 69493045 2001 Green Vinyl

Who, The Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy DL 79184 1971

Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot LP 5161 2002 180g double lp

Wilco A Ghost is Born RL 76492 2004 180g double lp

Wilco Sky Blue Sky 131388-1 2007 2xLP 180g

Willowz, The Talk In Circles SFTRI 753 2005

Winter, Edgar They Only Come out At Night PE 31584 1972

Wonder, Stevie Talking Book T319L 1972

Wonder, Stevie Songs in the Key of Life T13-34062 1976 w/ booklet

Wonder, Stevie Original Musiquarium I TMSP 6012 1982

YES Fragile SD 19132 1972

Zombies, The s/t PAS71001 1964

ZZ Top Tres Hombres BSK 3270 1973

ZZ Top Fandango PS 656 1975

ZZ Top Tejas BSK 3272 1976

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Guest conoley

Dude - you need Cheap Tricks live album!

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theres photos of my entire collection in my signature...i will eventually make a list but for now im too lazy

i was just going through those pictures and saw "this rooms too cold" by TEN! i didnt know that was ever pressed on vinyl. do you know if it's still available anywhere?

yeah it's pressed on white vinyl. I think only 1000 copies but don't quote me that one. I just saw it on the drive-thru records webstore about two weeks ago(along with the movielife, senses fail, New found Glory, and RX Bandits). I'm sure all of them are still available. The movielife is limited to 1000 and is numbered. Mine was #976 if I remember correctly and I ordered it a while ago so if it's something you think you need you probably want to pick it up soon.

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i have a list/photos of all my records here:


dude you're the one with all the HRC splits. i need that...badly

where/when did u get all the colors?

i just got them on ebay sometime over the last few years, just whenever id see a different color id buy it, im pretty sure thats all the colors you can get of that split

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dude you're the one with all the HRC splits. i need that...badly

where/when did u get all the colors?

i just got them on ebay sometime over the last few years, just whenever id see a different color id buy it, im pretty sure thats all the colors you can get of that split

yeah thats what i figured. ive been checking for months and ive only gotten my hands on the black one. someday

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i was just going through those pictures and saw "this rooms too cold" by TEN! i didnt know that was ever pressed on vinyl. do you know if it's still available anywhere?

yeah it's pressed on white vinyl. I think only 1000 copies but don't quote me that one. I just saw it on the drive-thru records webstore about two weeks ago(along with the movielife, senses fail, New found Glory, and RX Bandits). I'm sure all of them are still available. The movielife is limited to 1000 and is numbered. Mine was #976 if I remember correctly and I ordered it a while ago so if it's something you think you need you probably want to pick it up soon.

thanks man. i was just gonna buy it but the shipping is 9 bucks, that's just ridiculous. vinycollective should get some in haha, i love the 3 dollar shipping

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Guest conoley

Nice, I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of Can't Slow Down

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The movielife is limited to 1000 and is numbered. Mine was #976 if I remember correctly and I ordered it a while ago so if it's something you think you need you probably want to pick it up soon.

i got one recently and its not numbered on green marble

It's actually etched into the the vinyl I think on side B near the label.

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Its missing a ton of stuff, as i haven't been able to update it.

i'm most proud of my AM! collection.. including:

AM! - S/T 12"

Axl Rose - 1rst Rejected Test Press

Axl Rose - B-Side Only Test Press

Axl Rose - Test press w/ Red ink Cloth Cover

Axl Rose - Test press w/ Blue ink Cloth Cover

Cavalier Eternal - Test Press

Sink Florida Sink - Test Press

Disco Before the Breakdown - Orange Vinyl (unknown pressing... only 15 exist) - 3 copies of this :)

Cavalier Eternal - all of the in between presses, the light yellow, and the light and hot pink variants

Disco before the Breakdown - red explosion (only 2 copies exist, and the other was lost in the mail to australia)

also have a pretty good alk3 vinyl collection including:

sundials 7"

for your lungs only 7"

i lied my face off - test pressing

i lied my face off 12"

halloween 7"

smoking popes split 7"

maybe i'll catch fire - orange 12"

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