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  1. my copy of get better is black with white labels, which is not on the list...
  2. am i the only one that thinks cm punk looks kinda like mike patton?
  3. my band is half edge, though we're not hardcore and never mention it. we just sing about fake science and comic books.
  4. ghost circles - "utlimate nullifier" and demo ep. http://ghost-circles.bandcamp.com
  5. http://fortunequerque.tumblr.com my chronicling of the fortune cookies me and my friends get.
  6. ...torche, texas is the reason, stuff like that. it's free, go nuts. http://ghost-circles.bandcamp.com/
  7. seymour duncan alnico 2 pro's. they're the best tele pickups i've ever heard.
  8. i just hung out with bob last weekend and i was like "WHEN'S THE NEW RECORD COMING OUT?!?" and he was like "I DUNNO! he keeps telling me stuff like 'maybe in like 2 weeks?' i should just send it to you" so this is great news.
  9. i have a they might be giants set list... but it's probably lost at my parents house somewhere.
  10. i had one, i loved it actually. i had a 70's 2x12hd something or other, basically the musicman version of a twin. i thought it was a fantastic amp, it just wasn't quite right for what i was doing, so it was part of the trade in for the dual showman.
  11. well, some writers just don't jive with some people, can't argue with that. i loved the losers and green arrow year one.
  12. andy diggle is actually typically a great writer, but you're right, shadowland has sucked. i have a feeling it was an editorial decision that he had to go along with, and his heart just isn't in it.
  13. yeah, long halloween. i really liked "the cult", also really liked "secrets." "hush" & "heart of hush" are both good too. honestly, even though it's not actually batman, if you're looking for the best bat story to come out in decades, get batwoman: elegy.
  14. my buddy rob plays drums for constants, he's one of the best dudes ever, buy him a beer.
  15. No, I haven't picked any up yet. I'm keeping it in mind to get eventually. Right now my unread pile is way too big so I'm not buying any new TPBs until I read that pile. (buying those B&N bargain books did not help this cause) Speaking of French comics... Have you ever read Blacksad? Dark Horse is reprinting it in English and it looks like something I should check out. blacksad is EXCELLENT. you should ABSOLUTELY pick up the dark horse collection. no question about it.
  16. How did you not enjoy Batman in England or the build up leading up to issue 12? I can't get enough of the arc. I haven't loved Morrison's work since New X-Men. it was filled with characters that i had no idea who they were(with little character building), i had trouble following grant's super thick british dialogue, the plot line just seemed out of nowhere and disconnected from everything that came before it. i LOVE cameron stewart's art, but that was the only saving grace of that arc. like i said, overall it's pretty good, but compared to the first 3 issues, everything else has been mediocre.
  17. the second trade doesn't come out till november. but i'd recommend the first trade, the first 3 issues were INCREDIBLE. in my opinion the series has been a bit of a letdown after those 3, but overall it's a good series.
  18. the current run of amazing spider-man has really been fantastic.
  19. i saw them right after mosquito control came out. it was pretty rad.

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