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Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl & Sale Discussion

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Lucky you. That's sick

Yeah, part of what made this an amazing day. I've actually never been in an UO before, but wanted to check it out. Was in Baltimore and there was one there, so figured, why not?

The price listed on the record was 18 too, but they rang me up for 10. Curious what else had that discount...considered getting the Youth Lagoon on blue. Also had the Cat Power record, didn't know what the crazy variant was, and it was a shit load listed. But I'm very happy with this purchase, one of the best record purchases I've made. I rarely get it in a store too, made it so much better.

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True enough. Come to think of it, I do have to pass back through tomorrow on my way back to school, so I could try to leave early enough to stop by before they close. Why malls still close at 6:00 on Sundays escapes me...

If I could get one while you are already there it would mean the world to me, I will pay you back obviously

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A new UO Exclusive just hit the shelves today: 2XLP (1 translucent green, 1 translucent orange) Yo Gabba Gabba "The Super Music Friends Show" compilation with Toro Y Moi, Band Of Horses, Belle & Sebastian, The Roots, etc.

Gatefold with download card.

Not listed on the UO website as of writing (12/11).

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