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WTB: Deadhorse -- all hooked up, thanks!


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I think this is still available through Broken Circles webstore.Wish i still had a copy of this...My name is in the credits...
Yes, they have the Black /150 still for $10, not sure if anyone is running the store based on the state of the band but I ordered anyways.Congrats having your name in the credits
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Just fell in love with that LP. Yesterday was reading the drummer left after the Euro tour, they lost their shirt/bad finances and aren't going to do a kickstarter (says it's not the fans' fault, they risked and lost), and then the guitarist too...but the damsel says Deadhorse will carry on.

We'll see how replaceable they are. sighhh.

Orders worked out fine. Orange-Red 7" is actually Yellow.

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