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  1. 15€ to ship a 2€ folded poster ????
  2. This band kicks ass saw em last year will definitely grab that lp but not from Drag City in order to be sure to have it on release day
  3. 4 listed on discogs right now
  4. Where are the girls???
  5. Anyone ordered from Rough Trade andJuno last Saturday? Waiting for my orders....
  6. Not local though...
  7. wait 24 quids for record and shipping from the States ? from omnian ?
  8. FYI 80+ 7" perfectly fit in Ikea KNAGGLIG
  9. Fossil Fuel really introduced me to them, then Black Sea and so on.... still need to find a copy of Apple Venus... At a decent price
  10. Thanks i still haven t received my copy from ITR...
  11. Standard black only 8€79 on Amazon French site (around £13 on the uk one)