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  1. I might pick up the box set of 7’s. I don’t have any of them. But I hate buying 7”s
  2. I have 3 versions of this album already. Somebody please convince me that I need both the box set and this album reissue
  3. New clear vinyl pressing of Am is up on bandcamp. https://explodinginsoundrecords.bandcamp.com/album/am
  4. I like Taylor Swift well enough but I just don’t understand this type of hype. Luckily I guess I should say. Lol
  5. Was anybody brave enough to try and download the full album zip file that the Wilco store sent you? Does it actually contain the album?
  6. Maybe they are included on the vinyl in the 11 LP. But the CD that comes with the 11LP is definitely that SO performance in its entirety. whereas the digital copy of songs that comes with the 7LP only includes the songs from SO. So they may only be DL only on this version?
  7. I think I figured out the Sound Opinion stuff finally. the 11LP had a cd with the full performance including the songs and interviews. The 7LP version has the songs on vinyl but doesn’t include the interviews.
  8. I'm pretty certain it's CD only on the 11 LP version. That's pretty consistent in the listings. What I'm not sure of is how it comes in the 7LP. There is no CD with that so it's either on vinyl or just included in the digital download.
  9. I think the 7LP and 11LP color vinyl versions are store exclusives.
  10. I am interested and I'm thinking that the one "making of" version on the 7LP would be interest enough for me when it comes to having it on vinyl. But I'll definitely listen to all of the demos at least once at some point.
  11. I've never heard the demos before but I gotta say that one of the main reasons I love this album is because of Jim O'Rourke. Is he involved in a lot of the demos or the making of the album versions?

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