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  1. How long do you think the blues will be around? Indie exclusive would certainly be a /2000 for an album like this I would think. I really want this but just can’t afford it now
  2. They have a best of album. That was the first thing I ever listened to by them. It covers everything up until the time they first broke up. It helped me get a feel for where I wanted to start with them even though I ended up liking everything
  3. See I thought RTJ3 was a decline but what I’ve heard from this one so far seems like they are back on track again
  4. Damn I missed the $250 test press bundle. 😂
  5. I’ll have to check this out. Huge GvsB fan and I’ve like Dennis’a work here and there. Don’t have high hopes but will give it it’s due diligence
  6. If you look at photos of that one and then mock-ups one the 6131 page, they look different?
  7. I couldn’t find that specific splatter either. I think these are two new /100 presses
  8. Can you not buy Everything else matters” digitally?
  9. There’s a red copy on Bandcamp now. I just snagged a yellow