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  1. It really doesn’t bother me at all but I’ve found the best solution is to press more in a different color so that everybody wins.
  2. It’s interesting how the dinked edition with signed print is cheaper at banquet than the regular or indie versions
  3. Anybody know how many opaque blue’s there are?
  4. Eh I’d trade my version for a /500 clear version. I understand the frustration but...
  5. Hopefully they learned their lessons with those and the ones they are doing for the black vinyl versions will look better.
  6. I don't believe these were obi strips...just pieces of master tape. So I'm guessing everyone can lower their knives...
  7. Well just got an email from Rough Trade saying that they had to cancel my clear vinyl order due to not having enough of them. However, they were supplied hand stamped and numbered pieces of master tape by duophonic for black versions of the vinyl as replacements. So I guess I sort of got my wish...
  8. So Jurrasitol and Trip like I do are on here but Thanks Bro isn’t?
  9. Well I wasn’t fast enough for an obi version so at least you have that
  10. Same here. Just be patient. If it’s really /8000 you won’t have any trouble finding it very soon. Don’t overpay