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  1. You put emperor and mars ahead of Vol 2 and I think my list would look very similar. Albeit I haven’t given eclipse and sound much of a chnace yet
  2. So I'll admit, today was really the first time I've given these two albums a go. For you Stereolab completists, where do these albums stand for you in comparison to their others?
  3. Got mine today surprisingly. Everything was in pristine condition. I’m now 0/4 on scratch off tickets. So yeah...
  4. I just cancelled my order even though it’s already shipped
  5. No. Tomorrow will be Angel Olsen BNM. and there’s no way this DIIV album will be BNM. They’ve barely mentioned it
  6. Both variants look great. Going with rough trade for the instrumentals.
  7. Two days after emailing DPD, I received an email from Aramex stating that my parcel cleared customs and should be delivered tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  8. I've sent multiple emails to DPD and they said they should be responding in 24 to 48 hours. Fingers crossed.
  9. Yeah CT version looks a lot better than its “mockup”. still sticking with RT for the bonus disc of instrumentals
  10. How do you contact DPD? Is the phone number you listed above the only way to contact them?
  11. Rough Trade US has now changed their galaxy version to match the UKs. there will be no blue version
  12. Did they mention that all US orders were handled by Aramex? Because my parcel still shows to be held up in US Customs and I still havent received my parcel yet. I also don’t have a PO Box so I’m not sure what trouble they would be having with mine