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  1. When was the Metamorphosed preorder? never mind, see it now. Also never mind 33 Euros plus shipping
  2. Did just that. Still kicking myself for missing the box set. $60 compared to $25 for one LP. But I needed this album
  3. Cool. I just picked up that Duster tri-color and the Blonde Redhead that I had been sleeping on.
  4. S/t>strange peace>II a d even though I haven’t heard the new album in its entirety yet I can pretty safely say that it’s better than II so far
  5. I heard that Whirr weren’t into men slapping each other with ding dongs
  6. If shipping from the UK didn’t cost more than the US LPs I’d probably err on the side of caution. But it’s the big reason why I passed on the signed copies so far. But I’ll probably grab one now that she’s signing jackets again
  7. Yes. I emailed their support email and they eventually sent me a new code
  8. https://www.banquetrecords.com/julien-baker/turn-out-the-lights/julienbaker2 not in the UK
  9. Does anyone have a digital copy of Dry from the UK version they’d be willing to share?