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  1. Greet death...not bad. Still not overwhelming me
  2. I live in OK and missed your show unfortunately but have to say that I love the album!
  3. Yeah I missed the obis on transient and cobras. Really bummed about the transient though
  4. I actually went SLIGHTLY in the other direction. I still don't like most of what's on there but I am digging the songs that are almost synth versions of Sea Change songs like "Dark Places".
  5. the audience is flippers. this will be gone within 10 minutes. the real question is who are the suckers that are going to pay flipper prices for this? they exist im sure but yeah im curious as well.
  6. Yeah I was waffling on the thought of buying that. With the details you’ve just provided, that’s an easy pass. thanks for sharing that!
  7. It took me a long time to get into it. But I’ve pretty much enjoyed everything she’s done since Oblivion. That being said, I’m no superfan or anything
  8. I was wondering what to set the O/U on in minutes for the first Tesla joke.
  9. It’s easily my favorite song of the three new ones they’ve released