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  1. Matador email just said that clear was the indie exclusive copy. So I doubt that’ll be a /500 variant
  2. I figured it would be something like Phoebe’s signatures on her art prints. Custom but very short.
  3. I can add it to cart as well but when I go to check out it says item unavailable nevermind
  4. If you check your invoice, it should be included on there at a $0 cost item. Also it appears her version is already sold out??
  5. Despite that $40 price, grabbed her exclusive version with the note
  6. Certainly the pressing will be larger than what they sold on their page?
  7. I still have no idea what it was all about
  8. I’m really worried about a major record label jump. I hope she won’t since she just started her own record label which is part of secretly.
  9. If 2K sold out in under 20 minutes with 1 per person, 20K might actually be pretty limited. Lol its the cooler of the two variants too
  10. At one point in time a long time ago, I would do dumb shit like this for some of my favorite artists. But I quickly learned the lesson you just stated above. that and I said I’d never help a “middle-man” profit off a release again
  11. Oh they were stupid well before the stimulus. It’s why flippers still have jobs
  12. I still can’t believe that 2000 orders went that fast. Unless they weren’t really checking to see if people were getting multiple copies
  13. Thanks for both responses. Oh well lesson learned. I guess I should just be happy with the fact that I actually bought the variant I thought looked better sitting next to a Taco Bell meal
  14. How did people get the password? Sign up for her newsletter?

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