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  1. Oh man that's awesome, I'll probably wait and hope for a price drop though.
  2. Burial/The Bug - Flame 1

    I think Pressure is a new label. Not sure whose it is, cause this is listed as Cat No: PRESH001 . Fog was kinda meh but ordered anyway.
  3. Burial/The Bug - Flame 1

    PO is up. Sold out at bandcamp and bleep, still available at boomkat though.... https://boomkat.com/products/fog-shrine
  4. PO: Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

    Did anyone else see his gofundme to raise $2 Million for him to shut the fuck up? lol https://www.gofundme.com/sdkch-gtfomd
  5. Wow that's savage. Did he have it sent to his home address? I thought I heard recently that there are about 2,500 postal inspectors nationwide and they take fraud pretty seriously. Hope they catch him!
  6. Burial/The Bug - Flame 1

    I wish Burial would do a full album instead of all the 12"s. I know collabs are a little different, but he could still do it with all his solo stuff. He's released eight solo 12"s since untrue, could've made a sweet album. Maybe he's just trying to cater to all the DJs that would prefer singles?
  7. It's true, both the black and clear sound like shit. So much so that it actually made me mad because it's such a beautiful album.
  8. Looks like that Thriller is a picture disc with reported defects FYI
  9. Is this a limited press? Wish I wouldn't have slept on that vroom vroom
  10. Wow really? I was always under the impression that it was a really good pressing. The whole thing needs to be recut and repressed. That and Drukqs, I don't understand why Warp has repressed everything but Drukqs.
  11. Is there a significant sound difference b/w the '101 distribution' and the Warp press? I have the '1972' press of SAW II and it sounds like shit, surface noise from start to end on a quiet album.
  12. How to Start a Record Store?

    I like that. I have seen coffee shops with a small vinyl selection. A coffee shop/vinyl shop/small venue is a really awesome idea. Thank you!
  13. How to Start a Record Store?

    Thanks! Great points I did not think about. Sometimes I forget Amazon is taking over the world. Do you use different distros or purchase from labels directly or a combination of both? I've even bought albums from amazon when they are a crazy deal and made profit just putting them on ebay.
  14. How to Start a Record Store?

    haha, I may have to take you up on that once I get something off the ground
  15. Hey everyone. So I am a 31 male who has been struggling with what to do with my life for pretty much forever. I've always wanted to own a record store and was looking for some tips and advice from any of you that own a brick and mortar store or are a record distributor. I sell a little online, maybe 10 records/month and do record shows when possible. I have a BA in Business Mgmt and am very entrepreneurially inclined. I have been collecting vinyl since I was about 12 and love music. About the current market. The county I live in a county that has over well 600k and has two legit record stores. The city is expanding rapidly with a good mix of people and new development. The record stores are nice, but overpriced, especially for mediocre used vinyl. You know that... 'this is a beatles record therefore it's $25' mentality. One of the stores is located downtown, the other in the corner of the county. There are plenty of up and coming/established corridors that support local businesses. So anyways, does anyone have any advice on opening (or reasons not to) open a record store? Obviously I'm in the very preliminary stages at this point. I have about 500-700 used records that could used for stock. How does one purchase new albums in bulk? From record labels directly or larger distributers? I've done a ton of research, but couldn't find a solid answer and figured an insider would be more helpful. I've received catalogs from a few distributers, but the prices were higher than retail. Emails to labels have gone unanswered and I wonder if it's due to not having an established store. I guess I'm mainly interested in the logistics of the whole thing. I'm fairly comfortable with finding a space, accounting, management, legal, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated or sarcastic remark for that matter. I'm not really in this for the money, but I would be happy making $35k+ a year and not work in some shit manufacturing job.. Thanks in advance VC!