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  1. I've noticed the silver on is listed back in stock on the US store and there's also been a yellow variant added
  2. I'm most excited for whenever they release Symphony of the Night sound track. Loved that soundtrack and game for that matter
  3. PO: Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper 10/20

    I've been ordering from them for years and generally everything goes swimmingly just sucks to have a couple experiences like that with a label, especially one who seems to put out quality releases. I ordered the new Pallbearer from them and nothing wrong with it. I'd be really sad it my limited to 100 copy was damaged lol
  4. PO: Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper 10/20

    They would be silly not to press more of these
  5. PO: Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper 10/20

    Yeah I have a few jackets from Profound Lore that have seam splits and as soon as I bring it up in an email I never get a response. Also I ordered the latest Loss album from them the black/blue merge color and got sent a color A/B but a black C/D and all I got was the plant sent them only A/B of color and the last I heard of it
  6. Amazon OOS Waiting....

    I pre-ordered an album on Amazon.ca a few months ago that's not even sold by Amazon.ca anymore and they assure me it will be shipped soon so we'll see I guess
  7. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Giving how terrible the CDN dollar is sucks ordering from anywhere's outside of Canada lately. Would recommend picking up the game though, It's amazing
  8. Video Game OSTs v2.0

  9. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I hope that Horizon Zero Dawn boxset gets listed in the North American store
  10. I don't even care if Earache is "milking" their back catalog and not really releasing anything great new. It's definitely enabled me to get some classic metal albums at a good price with a decent pressing (all the ones I bought sounded great) and Eternal Kingdom is my favorite COL release so definitely grabbing this. I was late to the game discovering COL so picking up Salvation and Somewhere Along the Highway for a good price was awesome.
  11. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    It is indeed legit. Already up for pre-order from the label Black Lodge Records and is listed on amazon
  12. I don't think the Metal Blade issue sounds bad, just every single other album got a very nice reissue with Relapse and remaster and the people associated with the band has been dealing with them so would be nice if it got the same treatment But Individual Thought Patterns will be amazing. The last issue Human sounded really good I thought
  13. Definitely in for this one. I felt like on the Death facebook page they hinted that they are working on getting the rights to Symbolic to do a Relapse reissue as well
  14. Grabbed a pink copy from the Canadian site. Pumped to get this one. The last album was really good
  15. I might just wait for a black variant or something to buy elsewhere. Don't know if I wanna pay $54 CAD for just the vinyl. But otherwise very excited for the album