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  1. PO: Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper 10/20

    The repress is going quick as well. Managed to snag a few from a retailer here in Europe. Sadly not direct from the label as that would have resulted in a lower price. https://www.burningworldrecords.com/search?q=bell+witch
  2. The Patronaat set of 2016 suffered technical difficulties so we could not use that and the other set was their last studio album live. So we decided to release something that wasn't out yet in this form.
  3. There will be copies through distribution and through the band. The band will get some gold but only a limited amount. SO it depend's on how much you need the gold ;-)
  4. The parcel was sent registered, you have been sent a link to follow the process when I shipped it. I've just sent it again. The parcel is still in transit.
  5. Yes, just saw it. Will look into it in a minute.
  6. Roadburn Records is proud to (finally!!!) present two vinyl versions of releases that were only available on cd and digital. First up is Subrosa’s beautiful Subdued set at last years Roadburn Festival. The set was described by JJ Kocsan at The Obelisk as: “It is a reminder of the power a live performance can have and, again, as rich an experience as I’ve ever had in that regard.” The album is available on gold, white and black vinyl of which the gold one is traditionally the most limited: only 100 copies of those. Pre-order Subrosa Subdued Live At Roadburn 2017 on gold, white or black vinyl or on cd here Also Salem’s Pot 2015 set at the famous festival in Tilburg is now available for pre-order. We used the same set up as for the Subrosa album, it is available on gold (100), white and black vinyl. The first ever live album by Salem’s Pot, recorded during the 2015 edition of the prestigious Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, the Netherlands. With this release Salem’s Pot will destroy your mind. The band offers the same kind of winking tease employed by those low budget horror films of the ’70s and ’80s, which essentially dared audiences to experience what they knew they wanted, but couldn’t possibly expect. Pre-order Salem’s Pot Live At Roadburn 2015 on gold, white or black vinyl here. Also available for reduced prices are other Live At Roadburn albums like those of Uzala, Dead To A Dying World, GNOD, Slomatics, Windhand. I'll post pictures of the Salem's Pot album later this week as it came in today!
  7. Hope it arrived! i had some messages of delays but up untill now all boxes arrived! Otherwise mail [email protected] and I can see what I can find out. Jurgen
  8. Here we go. All boxes are packed and will go out tomorrow.
  9. People here liked The Angelic Process We All Die Laughing box set I am releasing (actually it's coming in today!) so I thought I'd post something on the next box set I'm doing. Just to be clear: it's not that I only release box sets (I did the Drunk In Hell and Dead Neanderthals records on single vinyl as well the last few months ;-)), it's just that these came my way and coincidentally they are released almost at the same date (not that smart financially either). Find the info on the set below: it's a 500 pressing and I guess there's about 350 copies for sale to the public. Any questions, ask me at [email protected] A discovery of folk music from dark Britannica. ‘John Barleycorn Reborn’ explores seasonal birth, death and rebirth on this 4LP. Originally released in 2007 on 2CD by Cold Spring and now in a 4LP box with extensive booklet on Burning World Records in December 2017. This compilation explores the darker side of British folk music, evoking the mystery of our ancient past and peoples, the strangeness of their beliefs, arcane traditions and the remnants of this carried down the centuries as folklore. The set has an extended booklet with articles, essays and explorations of the album’s concept. The album was compiled as a co operation between Cold Spring and Woven Wheat Whispers. Curated by Mark Coyle. Get your copy in our online store or on Bandcamp. Copies will be shipped out late 2017 or 1st week of 2018.
  10. RT @SleepingShaman: #Review #Ommadon – S/T – LP/DD 2016 https://t.co/ZxFeUQoeNB @OmmadonDoom @burninworldrecs @DryCoughRecords #doom #drone

  11. RT @SleepingShaman: #Review #TheHeads ‘Burning Up With… Live At Roadburn 2015’ LP/DD 2016 https://t.co/f30KlVhvpA @burninworldrecs @roadbur…