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  1. Looks like there is only 10 of the clear left now as well. That's awesome that they can sell 1k of these in half a day.
  2. Yeah it is very annoying. They did the same thing with the Hide LP they put out. I haven't noticed it on other releases though. I really really hope this isn't something that they keep doing as i buy a lot of their releases. But I bought a set and the tape anyways just because I love Drab so much. I'll probably just try and sell the shirt when I get it to get a few bucks back towards the lp.
  3. There had slightly over 2500 copies available at the end of the day they went on sale. So probably around 3k.
  4. That was way back in 2005. They were announced for Coachella and then she backed out. I remember being really bummed about that as I though CT were also going to tour on their own. But it's probably pretty difficult to go on tour with your ex husband. Other than random Massive Attack gigs she's only done a few solo shows that I'm aware of since CT broke up. Isn't her current husband the drummer for Massive Attack? I assumed that was the only reason she was going to try and tour again.
  5. When i checked after work last night there were 2500 orange available. Not sure if it truly went down to 0 or if that was a glitch but it shows there are 1700 available now. Plus there are around 1800 showing up for each t shirt size in the "bundles". So this isn't a small pressing.
  6. New baby means no RSD for me this year.... except for the Crow Soundtrack. Nothing is going to stop me from getting that on wax after all these f'ing years!
  7. My Amazon order got cancelled. I've gotten other ROG albums from them but apparently won't be getting this one.
  8. 100% agree with you. I was assuming @brandy was just asking about the ECW album.
  9. Yeah, my welcome to the club email said that we'd get the special color and silkscreen.
  10. They seemed to overestimate the demand for that Veruca Salt album (which is one of my favs from the 90's). They posted 20 of them at $100. Didn't sell any so they dropped it to $50 after a few days and sold 1. Now they just took it down and relisted it as only having 1 for sale.
  11. Discogs themselves are selling 50 copies of this at $100 each. It's been up a couple hours and there are 28 left if anyone is interested. https://exclusives.discogs.com/product/a-perfect-circle-eat-the-elephant-limited-edition-promo/
  12. This just reminded me how annoyed I was when I ordered the box way before it was sold out, they sent me a tracking number, and never shipped it. And then told me they didn't have any left. But I'll grab a couple of the albums now for sure.
  13. Agreed. That and "Walking Cloud..." have always been my two fav Mono albums. But this one may bump one of those soon.
  14. Thanks, snagged one. But I probably wouldn't have coincidentally bought the 1991 version of this 2 weeks ago if i knew about this.
  15. I know there are a few people on here who were into "industrial" music. Wax Trax! Records has been working on a documentary for a few years now and finally announced the preorder for the soundtrack. Options for standard LP, deluxe w/ 7", and a "cash grab" box set. I grabbed the box just because this is the music I grew up on and couldn't pass it up. It comes with a couple 7"s of unreleased tracks. One of them is only available in the box. There will also be a blue RSD version in stores. http://waxtraxchicago.bigcartel.com/