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  1. Is that BM version different than the $30 one linked in the original post?
  2. It showed as gone for me last night. Pretty amazing that this album has a ton of versions and is always available yet they can sell 500 of a new pricey variant in a day no problem.
  3. I never thought I'd be able to see Fraser perform live. So I was insanely excited for this. But I was really really hoping that Detroit show would be earlier in March. So I was bummed yesterday when these dates got released as that show is two days after my child is due. Guess I'll just have to be happy with that instead!
  4. Signed copies available now: https://www.amoeba.com/10-years-1000-shows-live-at-the-regent-theater-autographed-lp-touch-amor/albums/4092176/
  5. Ive been page monitoring that site all day just hoping these would go up after the signing last night. So pumped to get one.
  6. You'll probably want to hurry on this one: https://www.amoeba.com/halloween-2018-ost-autographed-lp-john-carpenter/albums/4090008/
  7. Yeah I agree that the first night was awesome with 15 of the 19 songs being pre 2000. But the 2 combined were perfect.
  8. I grabbed the show edition of both nights earlier this week ($30 each). This was the better of the 2 posters. Shows were great. Between the 2 setlists they pretty much covered everything I wanted to hear including Mr Self Destruct/Happiness in Slavery/Last all of which were skipped the 6 other times I saw them over the past 23 years.
  9. I don't think it is very limited at all as most places seem to have it readily available. Anything actually limited doesn't tend to stay on Amazon that long. It is up at BM still: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27978912/suspiria-music-for-the-luca-guadagnino-film-2lp-pink-vinyl
  10. My $19.99 Amazon version just shipped. Pretty excited as I worried that it would get cancelled for some reason since it was so cheap and out of stock for a while.
  11. BM said they weren't getting enough to sell online. Your best bet now that everywhere else is sold out is to hope some get listed by smaller shops once they receive them.
  12. Gone now but I think it is 2 separate. The listing is confusing and makes it sound like it is a set of 2 double LPs. But they say they have set #7 and set #8 and the quantity available to buy was 2 from late last night until earlier this morning. So I assume they sold one of them and have 1 left. $500 is a lot for a record but isn't really out of line for one of those considering one recently sold for $1200 on ebay (but that was a charity auction so it went higher than it probably should).
  13. They already sold one of those 2 white stripes this morning. Considered it last night but couldn't do it.
  14. http://exclusives.discogs.com/product/the-sacred-bones-collection/#0 Here is the "discogs exclusive" mentioned earlier. 4 tape box.
  15. Even worse when you realize it is all of 11 minutes of music total. But i fell for it too.