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  1. Album won't be out until next year but fundraiser starts now with the typical demo/acoustic version handmade cds: https://younggodrecords.com/products/is-there-really-a-mind
  2. https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/releases/products/sbr287-boris-w Newbury version limited to 400: https://www.newburycomics.com/products/boris-w_exclusive_lp?variant=40981526937780 Numerous options and even a pedal if that is your thing. ***PRE-ORDER releases 1/21/22*** ***Color Vinyl Edition: Sea blue*** ***Sacred Bones mail-order exclusive version: Edition of 1000 copies, pressed on baby blue and white starburst color vinyl. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.*** ***Sacred Bones Record Society version: Edition of 150 copies, pressed on milky clear and sea blue color vinyl. Comes with an artist curated mix tape. SIGN UP HERE.*** ***Sacred Bones exclusive color of the EarthQuaker Devices new pedal "Hizumitas" designed specially for the one and only Wata of Boris. More details below.***
  3. Newbury has Filth on red limited to 500. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/swans-filth_exclusive_lp?variant=40981526741172
  4. Red is back up at Bleep if anyone is still looking: https://bleep.com/release/246179-radiohead-kid-a-mnesia
  5. Anyone looking to spend around $500 for a White Stripes album? Will also be available at the storefronts at some point. https://electricrecordingco.com/news
  6. This is back in stock at Juno for anyone that still wanted one. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/marilyn-manson-antichrist-superstar/850228-01/
  7. Guessing this will be it other than the gold version through the initial Kickstarter.
  8. I assume they are the same as I just read that the Important ones were just about ready after all this time. Can't be a coincidence.
  9. I was certain it was real when it popped up on Barnes and Noble and Best Buy's sites. Oh well.
  10. I do preorders from them occasionally since their shipping is so reasonable to the states. But I've never got tracking on something until it ships. So I bet they have something. But I've also bought bootlegs from them before too. So I hope this isn't just one of the white copies that has been being sold on ebay.
  11. Is that actually in transit? This will be interesting as it seems to have been completely removed from a lot of sites that referenced it including the RSD site, Popmarket, & Deepdiscount making it seem like it was a mistake or got pulled.
  12. Mine actually just showed up already somehow. I won't get a chance to listen to it until the weekend but I'm super happy to finally have these tracks on vinyl. But my tracking said Monday delivery so be on the lookout in case yours also shows up early.
  13. My copy from FNAC just shipped from France. Billed me $139 US and it will be here on Monday via DHL. Can't wait to spin this! It's also nice to have a preorder not be delayed for a change.
  14. Missed this by maybe 10 minutes. Figured I'd have 30-1hr until they were gone. Not 7 minutes. Hopefully those ebay prices will drop next year when they start arriving.
  15. The new email said hopefully late Dec. They had hoped for Oct/Nov. Vinyl is already pressed so at least that part is good.

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