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  1. My amazon copy just shipped and will be here tomorrow which is surprising as it looks like the item was removed completely from their site. I forgot that I ordered this from a couple places due to price changes. Might have to try and cancel at deepdisount unless they cancel on me first.
  2. The "Society" version comes with an Eggers signed art print. Looks like I'll have to track that one down.
  3. If anyone happens to be going to a show on this tour and wouldn't mind grabbing me a shirt pm me. The one I wanted was out in my size tonight. Great show. So glad I finally got ti see Fraser live.
  4. Too bad I can't buy it on Deathwish or I'd just use my credit they gave me for the clear scratched one I purchased.
  5. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/collections/albums/products/trr334 MONO formed in Tokyo, Japan in the closing winter weeks of December, 1999. They played their first live shows at the top of the new millennium, and released their first album, Under The Pipal Tree, in 2001. Recorded live in one day on a razor-thin budget, Pipal Treewas an earnest introduction to the curious magic of a band that would eventually become synonymous with monstrously dynamic, contemporary classical rock music. To commemorate those austere beginnings – and celebrate their remarkable longevity – MONO revisit three of their earliest songs, and retrofit them with speaker-destroying upgrades. Anchored by the towering 16-minute noise opus, “Com(?)”, Before The Past • Live From Electrical Audioshows the evolution of MONO’s execution, stripping away the strings and layers of guitar overdubs to show just how massive this band can be at their most instrumentally austere. Newly recorded in one day in 2019 with longtime collaborator, Steve Albini – and mixed by Albini with Temporary Residence founder, Jeremy deVine – Before The Pastis as much a declaration of the present as it is a document of the past. These songs, which are now 20 years old, feel more powerful and profound than ever – a testament to MONO’s enduring dedication to their craft, and their dogged exploration of maximum minimalism. LIMITED EDITION COLORED VINYL: CRYSTAL CLEAR WITH PINK SMOKE (EDITION OF 2,000) VINYL FORMAT INCLUDES MP3 DOWNLOAD COUPON INSIDE PACKAGE TRACK LISTING 1. Com(?) (Live From Electrical Audio) 2. L'America (Live From Electrical Audio) 3. Halo (Live From Electrical Audio)
  6. Damn, already ordered the red but my wife would have liked the signed version. Appear to be all sold out now.
  7. If Ticketmaster wanted to stop scalpers they could but why would they? They just sold our every show in no time thanks to them. And now they allow people to sell over face value right through their site and they get a nice % of every sale. It's free money for them. I didn't even bother trying for Tool. The prices were out of control. I'll pay a premium for smaller venue shows like when nin toured last year but I'm not paying a similar amount to be 100 yards from the band. Thankfully I saw them tour for their last 3 albums.
  8. for those looking https://store.toolband.com/collections/all/products/tool-fear-inoculum-limited-edition-cd-package I really don't understand any of what they have been doing. They don't press nearly enough deluxe cds for the demand, or have any vinyl ready when the demand for it is huge. And now they are doing a 1 day only preorder for 2nd pressing? They had 13 years to figure this all out. Seems like someone dropped the ball on this.
  9. Thanks. Looking forward to this but probably will wait to see if Sacred Bones have any other special versions when their preorders go live.
  10. "** group photo will include some band members and will vary per show. There is no guaranteed meet + greet included with this offering"
  11. The Tool Army presale was only for the $500 VIP packages from what I read. Are other presales going on?
  12. FYE can be more expensive which i think is why they always have discounts going on. But $46 is still better than the $100+ on ebay/discogs. Wal Mart had it for $36 which was the cheapest i saw anywhere. Was $45 at my local indie shop.
  13. FYE is showing the cd in stock again as of right now. https://www.fye.com/tool---fear-inoculum-limited-edition-fye.000000190759505526.html
  14. https://www.mlb.com/rangers/tickets/specials/vinyl-night Similar to the Eddie Vedder one for the Cubs a few years back. If you aren't going to the game then $20 + shipping gets you the 7" and the ticket will be donated to veterans.