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  1. More detail. Limited to 1k, but pre-orders sold out. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/music/sleep-leagues-beneath
  2. Perhaps that was part of it. But I think a lot of stores had the option of buying it but they had to order very expensive records without having any idea of what it was going to be. At least that is how my local explained it back when it came out. Edit: that same local store just told me they didn't even have the option to buy a color variant of this. So it may be similar to the green/black.
  3. I'll probably run down to Detroit to stupidly pay $30+ for the variant. There was no line there when Sciences came out. But that was short notice. I'm also wondering if it'll be limited to a handful of shops like the black/green Sciences was or distributed all over like the green (guessing like the black/green).
  4. fish

    Pearl Jam fans

    So that crazy people buy 5 copies in hope of getting one of them. Newbury and PJ know what they are doing to get that extra $$$$$.
  5. fish

    Pearl Jam fans

    They just added another 1k to the inventory so those waiting can hold out a but longer. Who knows maybe this will be like NIN's Fragile Deviations where the "limited" vinyl just keeps getting more inventory added as needed.
  6. fish

    Pearl Jam fans

    Should be good until tomorrow but my guess is it won't last much longer than that. They've sold over 1300 today. PJ posted it on their website but didn't send an email out about it. If they do that it'll disappear fast.
  7. fish

    Pearl Jam fans

    Ordered two as well. Less than 2k available now so these are selling pretty steady as expected.
  8. Wow, really wish I could justify getting this right now.
  9. I never bought one but it was definitely listed as "one run only" when it first came out. I wonder if that is why they didn't go 180g this time, to technically make it different.
  10. 10 clear just got added: https://www.daisrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/them-are-us-too-amends-lp-cd?variant=8164495196248
  11. fish

    PO (Soon): Pearl Jam - LP11

    "Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. One vinyl record will be granted for each ticket purchased through this offer, pending availability." So no guarantees you'll get one, but they don't seem to be charging extra for it which is nice.
  12. The 2015 LP pressing of this has been selling for over $100 on ebay/disocgs lately so someone out there is probably excited. Just not us.
  13. Really disappointed that Maybe You Should Drive still hasn't been pressed.
  14. Yeah the add to cart button just got removed so they appear to be gone again. Doubt they had many up, and you know Ben bought a few of those cancelled ones back with friends/relatives credit cards. I have an alert set up to notify me within a minute when if/when the add to cart button comes back so i'll post it here if they reactivate it and i happen to be online.