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  1. If anyone is looking for the Vale subscriber edition someone just posted one on discogs for $ 30/OBO: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/13661309?ev=rb
  2. Well technically from when the coroner called it. But to me it'll be the 17th as he was gone before I even got home from the show.
  3. Just realized tonight was the 2 year anniversary. Shit still bums me out everyone I think about it.
  4. Mine show as "packaged" now thankfully. And just got a shipped notice for the 7M3. Not a bad day at all.
  5. Same here. It would be nice to know if they will be fulfilled since they are supposed to be up for sale on SR's website tomorrow.
  6. Agreed. I really can't wait to see what the unannounced records will be as well. Hoping at least one of the three 7"s will be a Consumer release. Plus the last record and exclusive 12" are listed as "Classic Flenser Artist" so you already know those will be good as well.
  7. I think they already gave these out with hand screenprinted covers at the 10th anniversary celebration to the people with the ultra tickets. So they must have made a decent amount of them vs a regular "test pressing". But I assume the new ones will be pretty impossible to get.
  8. This will be the 3rd blue/green version of this album now (original press and the Newbury exclusive). Even if it sounds way better I'll be impressed if they can sell another 4k copies of this after all these years. But the packaging sure does looks nice.
  9. just view the "page source" through your browser and search for "inventory_quantity".
  10. I'm sure they just haven't activated the cd and black lp. From what I recall everything since "For My Parents" has stuck around for months if not longer before they are sold out. Much different than the old days when they'd limit something to 500 and it'd be gone in a couple hours.
  11. The release date was the 16th, but close. But anyhow you can probably flip it on Ebay for a couple hundred profit whenever it does show up.
  12. I pay for the Distill extension and it has been worth it for me. I have it running on a computer that is always up and it emails me immediately when my alerts go off. The free version is great if you are just monitoring a few pages, or if you don;t need email alerts. Sadly today I was dealing with some paperwork at the Canadian border and had to have my phone off so I just missed LiT.
  13. At minimum they should just allow people to buy however many they want and just make them pay shipping on them if there are more than 4. If I was actually interested in these and had to pay over $10 shipping numerous times I'd be annoyed.
  14. Okay well I'm now pretty sure I've always just misunderstood what a rsd "exclusive" vs "first" was then. But I'm good with that as I'd rather see all this stuff get a wider release if it is just going to be OOP otherwise. But if this is the case I'm actually shocked that way more stuff hasn't been rereleased in different variants after the fact for people to make a quick buck. I know there is plenty of stuff I'd buy from years ago that I missed out out if they repressed them.