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  1. Appears to be somewhere around 3k sold based off of people's order numbers from the PJ forum.
  2. Yeah the shipping charges are really crappy, but they have at least boxed my last few vinyl up like a tank so my stuff shows up mint. Curious to see how long these stick around.
  3. Could be. Santos said the red version should come out right around July so it may be a big month.
  4. For those in the UK: https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/type-o-negative/type-o-negative-none-more-negative
  5. Yeah just tested mine again after using a more powerful light source and it did underwhelmingly glow. But maybe that is because I've never had a blue gitd before. The greens seem stronger. It's a novelty anyways. May grab another standard copy to spin after I decide how much I like this album.
  6. Like most things that glow in the dark it should just need to be exposed to some light. The more you expose it to the more glow it will have. I just had mine out in normal room light for a couple minutes when i ran home for lunch and then brought it into a dark closet and didn't see any glow. My kid's toys glow good enough that way. That along with the fact that it looks just like the other not-really-limited-variant made me think it wasn't gitd. But I will blast it with a high power flashlight or my wife's screenprinting lights for a minute when i get home and try again.
  7. Just got mine and it is also clear and not glow in the dark. Looks like they really messed this one up.
  8. Just ordered one $190 shipped at Plaid Room. https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/products/b-type-o-negative-b-br-i-none-more-negative-12-lp-box-set-i-br-release-date-09-06-2019
  9. Nice, I'll grab the orange non deluxe from Amoeba or BM when they go up.
  10. Plus for things limited to 1-2k like this you can generally find them for around retail at some point anyways.
  11. Stock shows 50 Galaxy and 150 of the red/black still available stuff at hellomerch. I wonder how many were up for sale as I don't really see her selling 3k vinyl in a few hours. Indie Red at BM: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/30839684/chelsea-wolfe-birth-of-violence-red-vinyl-indie-exclusive