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  1. RT US is garbage. But I've not had one bad experience in 10+ years ordering from their UK shop. I've actually recently ordered a couple things from the UK and paid the extra shipping just to be confident that it'll get fulfilled.
  2. That's a great deal. I paid around $180 from Amazon uk earlier in this year. Sold my Love Deluxe MOV at the time which covered it. This is a great set of albums.
  3. Big Love put the yellow vinyl up online last night at 4:30 est. Was sold out by 5. Really thought the "online TBA" on their IG would have meant they'd give a heads up. Looks like it was around $74 shipped which makes me feel slightly better.
  4. I'll confidently say no until they surprise me after 30 years. But really hoping I'm wrong. Didn't they celebrate Opiate's 21st with a new cd version? That is about what I expect from them.
  5. No way this will be vinyl. But it'd be nice if they unloaded a bunch of signed tour posters like they did a while back. But I wouldn't be shocked if it is just new pressings of their catalog on CD.
  6. https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/loveless-Deluxe-Edition-180gm-Gatefold-Vinyl-LP/6XJL0000000 EDIT - Sold out
  7. Their main website says that they don't ship overseas. But they also have a bigcartel page that does. Guessing it'll be a good $75 shipped though. I have the rest of their vinyl so I need that flexi. Seems like the distribution of the black didn't happen well, or got delayed. Elusive disc also still lists it for preorder. I got my red copy from the bands shop last month.
  8. Indie exclusive version: https://trustyspot.com/products/sleep-the-clarity-leagues-beneath-indie-exclusive-special-secret-release-for-4-20-21-vinyl?_pos=3&_sid=1bc7b243d&_ss= Edit-the above link is for black. They messed up. https://www.roughtrade.com/us/sleep/fourtwentymysteryrelease/12-inch-plus-x2
  9. All the UK and EU ones I have seen have sold out pretty fast today. I'm still looking for one from the US as they all seem to be "in store only" other than TM's Vault sale. And of course today was the only day this week i couldn't make the trip to Detroit to pick one up.
  10. Damn they must just be adding a couple copies here and there. I made it to the final order page before I posted and it looked good. Even had US shipping options. But now that page shows out of stock.
  11. Deluxe back in stock for those who are quick: https://store.mybloodyvalentine.org/release/223063-my-bloody-valentine-loveless
  12. Just saw this posted on reddit: "SLEEP - Iommic Life (April 20, 2021) Pieced together some info about tomorrow’s 4:20 drop. Exclusive to record stores tomorrow, Third Man is releasing a 2 12 inch compilation of Leagues Beneath and The Clarity with new art and etchings. There are two different UPCS with two different price points so there is likely some kind of color or limited variant but I’m not sure what it is. TMR is also repressing The Clarity on its own with new artwork and etching."
  13. There was a list of upcoming TTL exclusives I saw over on reddit last week. No dates or specifics for Sault. I'm guessing maybe it will be Untitled-Black Is only because that one already has a Mr Bongo and 2 different Rough Trade exclusives.
  14. Thanks. Looks like they've already sold more than half of them already. 1200 left right now. Also, do they announce their exclusive's in advance on the mailing list? Or do you just have to get lucky when they drop them? I really don't want to miss their Sault exclusive when it comes out.

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