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  1. My local just ordered me one for $25. Won't have it for a week or two though. At least I have the mp3s until then.
  2. Damn. just messaged them and that was their last one.
  3. They still seem to let you order it. Says it "should ship in a week". Bleep has it in stock for $24 but they charge $9 shipping. I've been watching discogs hoping to snag one cheaper there from a retail store.
  4. Cheapest I've seen the indie blue was at Bullmoose for $30. Was hoping to grab it for a little less but that isn't looking too likely.
  5. fish

    Flenser Releases

    I think they are going to sucker me into this with the membership exclusive colors or art. 6Lps, 1 EP, and 3 7"s for $200 shipped isn't awful.
  6. Sold out there now too. They really sell 1500 of these for that much in a couple hours? For soundtrack b sides.... really? I just couldn't do it knowing that i got the full soundtrack on 2lp for $20 shipped.
  7. https://store-us.wasteheadquarters.com/products/suspiria-limited-edition-ep (SOLD OUT) https://thevinylfactory.com/product/suspiria-ltd/?utm_source=The+Vinyl+Factory+(New+Main+List) Unreleased and previously unheard material from Thom Yorke’s original Suspiria scores. Vinyl only. Limited to 1500 copies.
  8. Pretty sure that its is. The nin logo is actually printed on the inside of the shirt. I saw it at the merch booth on tour and it was pretty cool looking.
  9. fish

    Flenser Releases

    Unless the colors for these are exclusive I'll probably pass on it myself as well. But I'm looking forward to HANL and Consumer (assuming that it is one of the unannounced projects). But with my luck that'll be the exclusive 12".
  10. fish

    Flenser Releases

    From Facebook: We will be taking orders for the first Flenser membership series tomorrow at 10am PT. Planned releases are below. More info tomorrow. Have A Nice Life - NEW ALBUM (details forthcoming) drowse - NEW ALBUM (details forthcoming) ALL YOUR SISTERS - Trust Ruins (details forthcoming) Unannounced project 1 (who will it be??) Elizabeth Colour Wheel - NOCEBO Members Only Exclusive 12inch Unannounced project 2 (who will it be??) + three 7 inches (TBA)
  11. Considering they charged $50-$60 for different Sciences versions $60 for this is a steal. I'm in. I know this has been asked somewhere 1000x but basically i just sign up, order this, and then cancel my membership before the next quarter/release and I'm good?
  12. mp3s/flac are out in the usual file sharing locations.
  13. fish


    edit: gone 1 copy of the Thought Gang - Monkey Fur screenprinted version is back in stock at Sacred Bones: https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/releases/products/sbr214-thought-gang-thought-gang
  14. I pretty much swore off Newbury when they "found" copies of their Nirvana Bleach pressings well after they were sold out and were selling them for prices that were higher than the discogs flippers. The only thing I have bought from them since that was the Pearl Jam Live LP (and i got lucky to get a color copy of that somehow). As for Sleep, I'm not sure if i blame the band or if it is more SL/TMR? Then again i think my first run pressing of the Clarity on green vinyl bought direct from Aquarius records was still like $20 for 1 song and no packaging. So it's probably the band.
  15. This is $10 more than what the black /green was in store. But I figure the venue usually takes a cut of the sales at shows so the price doesn't shock me at all.