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  1. They were. But I think the non signed ones were not. Like other have said it ended up being around $55 with tracked shipping. She's done other signed stuff in the past so hopefully she keeps doing it for those that missed it.
  2. Thanks. I hate to order from europe right now as I'm still waiting on 3 packages that were shipped back in March to show up, but couldn't pass this up.
  3. All i ever heard was pretty much the same as the wikipedia entry for Money says: "Bandmates Sascha Konietzko and En Esch had a falling out at the end of their 1990 tour with My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult.[1] Each was given the funds to record one side of their next (and presumed final, at the time) album, Apart.[1] Both worked in the same Hamburg studio, M.O.B., with engineer Blank Fontana and guitarist Günter Schulz, but never interacted with each other directly.[1] These sessions would be the last time the group worked with Fontana at M.O.B. After the two halves were combined and pressed onto an album, Esch's half was rejected by Wax Trax! Records's executives, who didn't think it sounded like KMFDM.[1] The record company gave Konietzko additional funds to record more songs.[1] He finished the album by including new remixes of previously released material.[5] A number of other tracks intended for the album ended up on other albums or singles" I have wanted a copy of this forever. I could see them trying to charge that much if they only had 1 or 2 copies. But i feel like they should be more like $150 since they found so many (but what do i know since they have apparently already sold 6 of them @ $450 each which i find unbelievable). WT used to press around 100 test presses so they probably have many more around since they never got distributed to shops and djs like most of their tests did.
  4. If anyone was interested but missed out on the Cash Grab boxset they just added 30 more copies of it here: http://waxtraxchicago.bigcartel.com/product/industrial-accident-soundtrack-cash-grab-edition They also added 8 test press copies of KMFDM's unreleased LP Apart, but they are insane and want $450 for it.
  5. Hhv exclusive bronze limited to just 500. Not available to ship to the US https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/fiona-apple-fetch-the-bolt-cutters-hhv-exclusive-bronze-vinyl-edition-737466?p=Q9TIdG
  6. The guy at my post office in Ann Arbor told me that they typically have around 30 employees there, and he said only 5 or so have been working for the past month+. And he swears he's not exaggerating. It also sounds like there are trucks full of mail at the Detroit distribution center just backed up. Plus they aren't scanning a good percentage of it even when it processes. It's a gigantic mess.
  7. Yeah i think this is getting fairly common now. I had 2 packages sent to me from different parts of cali a little over a week ago and neither of them ever even showed acceptance scans, just "label created, awaiting item". Then today they just got scanned into Detroit. So i should have them tomorrow. I also shipped a fairly expensive poster to someone in Oregon 10 days ago via Priority mail and it has nothing other than a vague "package in transit to destination" posted 5 days ago. I assume most stuff will make it fine but don't count on tracking being very good for a while, and definitely expect it to take 2x as long as usual for cross country stuff.
  8. Anyone get their stuff from him yet? Guessing international post may take a couple months since my domestic packages are taking twice as long as normal lately.
  9. New pressing of The Witch. Red limited to 300: https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/products/the-witch-original-motion-picture-soundtrack?mc_cid=b89252998e&mc_eid=7a6402bf23
  10. VMP twitter comment on the 4k being removed: "that's for the initial run; our mistake. There's always a chance we repress; there's no number on these." Bought the white from BM just because I love them.
  11. It was another example of where discogs asking prices got a little crazy after it started getting harder to find ($55 is the cheapest right now with no US sellers at all). According to the stock they sold at least 600 of these overnight before it sold out (unless they just pulled it).
  12. Saturday night wrist is restocked as well: https://deftones.warnerrecords.com/saturday-night-wrist-lp.html