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  1. fish


    I caved and bought the other 1. They've been adding random halloween copies all week.
  2. https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/releases/products/sbr213-john-carpenter-halloween 1 copy of the art edition available right now.
  3. fish


    SB added one copy of the limited Lynch album for anyone that missed out. https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/releases/products/sbr214-thought-gang-thought-gang
  4. Apparently Music Direct are sending people the following cancellations for the Reznor remix: "Thank you for your order with Music Direct. We do apologize however there was a mix up with our distributor and we have been informed that we will not be receiving Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - Halloween Theme (Remix) (Colored 12" Vinyl EP). This title is intended to be distributed to brick and mortar stores only and we are not able to sell it via our online website." I still refuse to believe that SB won't have some special variants for this for sale online soon since there is way too much $$ to be made off of this for a smaller label like them.
  5. fish


    I own the rest of the limited lynch stuff from SB but passed on this one. Generally buy them just because I love lynch, but after thinking about it I realized that i never listen to the lps. So I guess I like his movies a lot more than the music. Odd that the indie variant is cheaper than the standard black right from SB.
  6. fish


    Was selling slow until the email they sent out. Also they only had 350 inventory of it available so not sure where the other 150 will end up. edit: perhaps the other 150 go to their subscription people?
  7. Yep. I see this listed on a few sites now so I hope SB will announce it (and their versions of it) soon.
  8. I remember when the nin/ja tour happened and they were playing a lot of random tracks and then they came to Detroit and just did a greatest hits show. I was bummed. That was that last time I've seen them. But after seeing these setlists i'm pretty excited for the 2 shows here next month.
  9. fish

    Swans Vinyl Reissues

    I don't recall this being on the initial posting: "This one of a kind collector’s item pricing is based on the availability of this limited edition box set plus my own cost to buy the box set and the paints and packaging materials." I actually think $130 is a fair price. But still glad to have gotten one for $80. Hoping they ship soon.
  10. That would be my dream. Fraser did just do another live show this week. I really wish she'd officially release some of the unreleased stuff she's played live. Some pretty great tracks on the boots I've heard. Holding out on the color vinyl just because of the price. May cave at some point though as they are one of my all time favorite bands. I've heard rumors that they won't tour the states due to some of our administration's policies but i hope that isn't true since this tour sounds like they may play some older tunes.
  11. fish

    Swans Vinyl Reissues

    Thanks, I hadn't pulled the trigger yet from Young God store so for $10 more this was an easy buy.
  12. fish

    Pearl Jam fans

    Congrats. So far 8 people on discogs seem to have it and only a couple people on the Ten Club forum plus us. Figure they probably pressed 5k black? I know they took 4500 web orders (3500 listed the first day and then they added 1k a couple days later when those got down low). So what's that a 1 in 50 chance? So our odds were only 1:25 which isn't terrible. My brother also ordered 2 and his are showing up today. Now if he also gets 1 of each something is up. But I'd be surprised if they sold more than 100. They specifically said on twitter that PJ wouldn't allow them to announce how many black ones they pressed. But they must have been okay announcing it for the color version then.
  13. fish

    Swans Vinyl Reissues

    This will be available on Gira's solo tour and the leftovers will be online. A couple of unreleased songs on it. 500 pressed. https://younggodrecords.com/products/i-am-not-this-2lp
  14. fish

    Pearl Jam fans

    There is an MPO stamp on there as well which I didn't notice at first glance.