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  1. I passed on it. Shipping was a good $10 more than I paid in the first round when they offered trakpak as an option. I wish she'd sign more regular LPs instead of the Demos.
  2. https://pjharvey.kontraband.store/products/is-this-desire-demos-signed-lp edit: Sold Out now
  3. Signed copies up at Newbury for $40: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/autographed-pre-orders/products/puscifer-existential_reckoning_2lp_autographed?variant=37615237005492
  4. I have the original lp of this but made the expensive mistake 25 years ago to start collecting their releases so I bought the /200 and /400 versions of the Dais first pressing as well. They got delivered a few days ago. The /200 looks nothing like the mock up but is still nice. I'm a huge Coil fan and this is definitely my favorite record of theirs so it is great to finally have the full length tracks pressed on vinyl.
  5. Some people are finding them in the LPs, some in special displays by holiday areas, or womens' and children's clothing, or right by the registers. Also some stores are saying they aren't supposed to put them out until the 22nd? It is really a mess. But a good 25 Target stores within 50 miles of me show as having it in stock, so they must have pressed a ton of these like normal.
  6. The shop has been this new way for a while. I was actually surprised that shipping wasn't as much as the record. They refuse to ship USPS media mail even though whatever courier service>USPS they use takes just as long. My favorite part about their music and posters is that if you order multiples, it has to be in different orders, so you get to double up that shipping. Their shop is one of a handful of sites that I let my browser store my credit card info for as sometimes stuff just sells out by the time i manually enter it. And I feel like Paypal offers too many bu
  7. Yep, looks like they decided to just kill the bottom left half of the back and only use the top right. I haven't spun mine yet but let me know what you think about the sound comparison. The collector in me still wants to get an OG copy someday. But for now I'm really happy to be able to spin it finally for just $23.
  8. Her twitter just announced "Is This Desire? vinyl reissue and Demos album announcement coming soon."
  9. Agreed. I know it'll sell out soon but i had to stop when i saw that $12 shipping.
  10. Been trying to checkout since my page alert went off and you can add to cart but it still seems sold out.
  11. We all know that 10C members on the forums are pretty awful. Although their complaints about shipping charges are totally valid. But 10C brings that on themselves by doing stuff like this and intentionally giving the most limited information possible about everything they put out. They know their fans are suckers and milk it.
  12. They must have some of their info wrong, but they do have 3 different bar codes listed. That 2LP must be the 4LP deluxe set. The codes match with what BM has. And the 4LP is the super deluxe. But $18 is too cheap to be a 2LP. That is single bad sounding LP pricing right there.
  13. Apparently there may be a single LP non deluxe version for under $20: https://www.vinylmnky.com/products/deftones-white-pony-20th-anniversary-edition
  14. Damn. Those 3 bidders who were all willing to go over $1500 are ballers. Hope the winner who has 0 feedback actually pays.
  15. This record still sells for well under 1k right? So just the box and extras are really what really made this go so high?

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