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  1. Looks like the copies I ordered are out for delivery today. Now hopefully they'll reissue In Prism next.
  2. Drag City: Their site is primitive, they don't send out order confirmations, and in my experience they never EVER respond to order inquiries. They do ship promptly, though. Numero Group and Light in the Attic: Both are great at responding to questions from customers. Bull Moose: Also great at responding to customers in my experience.
  3. Has anyone received their copy from the label yet? I pre-ordered the pink vinyl and naturally the label is not responding to my email.
  4. What's the best way to mail a winning card to the UK from the US? I don't believe I've ever sent mail overseas.
  5. They've stated that only 5% of the cards would be winners: https://stereolab.co.uk/scratchcard I got one out of four tries.
  6. I bought two and won on one of them, so it's possible. Now to figure out the safest way to send the winning ticket back to the UK...
  7. Some of the HMV exclusive color vinyl has ended up on thesoundofvinyl.us, but it's never cheap. Got the Amy Winehouse and Mike Oldfield titles from last year via that site.
  8. Has a non-RSD pressing been announced yet? I've also ordered a copy from Amazon which will probably never arrive. Still says "Expected by July 9."
  9. From what I've been seeing, they've been consolidating all their eBay accounts under the Popmarket name.
  10. I got the black vinyl, and the corners of all four outer jackets are bent up. Strangely, these were facing outward and the outer box doesn't have any damage at all. It's as if they were damaged before being placed into the box. It's not a huge deal to me, as I intend on listening to these a lot and I didn't buy them to flip or as an investment; I'll be curious to see if others are damaged as well. Returning them would be a bigger hassle than it'd be worth. Funny enough, I ordered the White Zombie box from them back when they were selling "damaged" versions with the white vinyl for next to nothing, and it was less damaged than this.
  11. There seems to be no end in sight. They're still pushing the release date forward one day every day. Yesterday it said 3/18, today it says 3/19, tomorrow it'll almost certainly say 3/20. I have the feeling it's not shipping anytime soon.
  12. I pre-ordered the Vince Staples album, and each day the release date slips to the next day. Is this normal for Urban Outfitters when they have no idea when a pressing will be ready to ship?
  13. I got the Handsome Boy Modeling School reissue the other day, and it's an outstanding pressing.