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  1. Is there anywhere to preview the songs now?
  2. Or that. I've already spent ~$500 this year on those promos. It's my new go-to for all new releases now.
  3. This feels like one of those albums that I wait to pick up from someone here or on Reddit that's strapped for cash.
  4. Standard variant is $23. Much more reasonable. That $40 price tag for color vinyl is still ridiculous. It's not common at all.
  5. Yeah, sending everyone that PO'd the deluxe a free copy of the standard is pretty cool. I can't think of anyone else that would do that.
  6. I think they were trying to be funny, idk. Vinyl is also delayed another 2 months to 9/29.
  7. I believe all episodes were eligible for nomination. Honestly, it probably could've gotten more if Handmaids Tale didn't come along last minute and absolutely kill it. I think that show took some nominations from a few shows. Legion didn't get a nomination which feels like the bigger let down to me. It was the most inventive and original show of the last year imo. It was even looked over in the technical categories.
  8. Man, idk. All of those other nominations are well deserved (with the exception of House of Cards of course.) And even if I could replace the HOC nominations, I would replace them with Legion or The Americans first. It was just a good year for TV.
  9. Another importCDs sale on eBay: 15% off $60+ This sale has more titles than the one that ran in June. Any record they sell at <$30 normally is included.
  10. No Scatman or We Like to Party? Pass.
  11. They did last year. I don't recall all of the releases (there were at least 10), but I bought red variants of Leon Bridges and Borns débuts.
  12. Has anyone heard of any exclusive vinyl variants for this year's Prime Day?
  13. It's yellow. There are bundles up on the band's bandcamp also and its specified that it's yellow vinyl.
  14. Just announced 3rd album is up for pre-order. There is a special edition limited to 1000 on yellow: https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/products/offering