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  1. VC Forum Software Updates

    Same. Its still the same shade of blue as before.
  2. AMC can refuse to be on the list of eligible theaters, which they've done in some areas. AMC is only pissed about Moviepass because it'll interfere with the success of their Stubs membership program. It makes me think that they're were probably considering their own subscription service and it'll never be able to compete with Moviepass' price now.
  3. No problem. Normally UO posts pressing numbers but not this time. I wonder how limited this actually is.
  4. They aren't making their money on subscriptions sold (alone). They're data mining. They're going to sell off info like age, viewing habits, movie tastes, etc. That's where the real money is.

    Are you looking to collect variants? If so, I have Crisis by AoF on picture disc. It's more of a rare collectible than anything else since other pressings are cheaper and more readily available so it might not be what you're looking for. If it's something you're interested in, shoot me an offer. Shipping to the UK would be around $25USD, so I'll take that in consideration for the offer.
  6. VC Forum Software Updates

    Seriously. The blue is so light, reading the forum topics for more than 10 seconds makes my vision go blurry.
  7. VC Forum Software Updates

    Where can find the options to change the theme on this update? I liked the darker theme I had changed before. This default is too bright for me.
  8. For those that don't know, Rationale has been working as a songwriter and producer for other artists but recently started creating his own solo music. He's probably best known from all of the support he gets from Bastille by touring as an opener and doing back up vocals on some songs. This album has been a couple years in the making so a lot of the tracks have already been released. Here's the latest single. No variants, just a standard edition. Amazon UK does have a signed edition for pretty cheap. It only cost me £14.67 shipped to the US.
  9. Every part of this album is fantastic. Odesza is a master at creating beautiful, cohesive albums. Like the way every song just flows into the next. The singles still are great on their own, but are somehow even better in their intended context.
  10. Do you know the pressing numbers? I never saw anything saying they were limited editions.
  11. I just noticed that the earlier EPs are sold out on vinyl. Now I hate that I waited for them to be sold outside the bundles.
  12. Across the Room with the instrumental on the b-side
  13. I bought a green copy at my local store and it came with a numbered 7" (/1000) and a poster.