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  1. Some of you were talking about Descender earlier this week. Would anyone be interested in this print: http://cadenceselect.bigcartel.com/product/descender-print-signed-by-jeff-lemire-version-2 I forgot I had it and found it in a poster tube.
  2. Is Fire the only single that's been released? I wanna hear more.
  3. Sweet Tooth is his best work IMO. If you're going to get the series, get them in the 3 deluxe books.
  4. Link isn't working for me. Taken down already?
  5. I'm with you on this. I don't even remember the last time I read a DC/Marvel superhero comic. I stick to Image, Avatar, Vertigo non-superhero comics.
  6. Kind of how I felt about it. The movie was entertaining as hell but the 'daddy issues'/'we're a family' trope made for a boring story to me.
  7. They don't do POs but they list all of their new weekly inventory on Tuesdays at 3pm. They typically have everything in stock a week before Amazon.
  8. Dexter was good when Melissa Rosenberg was there (she's the woman behind Jessica Jones as well), but when Scott Buck (Iron Fist showrunner) took over it went to shit. Scott Buck is also the showrunner on the new Inhumans tv show so adjust your expectations accordingly.
  9. I wouldn't worry too much. These 2 have different showrunners. The Daredevil team is running and producing Defenders. The showrunner of Iron Fist was the same one that gave us those last few seasons of Dexter so... yeah. Not surprising how it turned out.
  10. Well I guess we don't need this message board anymore. Pack it up everyone. Time to go home.
  11. Out of all the times I have ever had anything "lost" in the post, all of them except one have been orders from MovieMars. One of the worst on Amazon.
  12. Another importCDs sale on ebay: 20% off $60. Its mainly any of their vinyl under $20.
  13. When I first hit the home page, it said there were 500. Product pages said 300 and now the home page says 400. The number is all over the place.
  14. Homepage of the website lists smoke as sold out. Also states that there were 400 total now too.
  15. Check your order history. It lists which variant you got.