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  1. Sale threads should lock for new posts after a specific time
  2. It's hard to explain but watching Legion feels like watching a comic book. Like each episode is a single issue.
  3. I like how there's a vinyl "bundle" for just a penny more. Gonna pick this one up from Amazon probably.
  4. Cool idea. User interface leaves a lot to be desired. What interests me most is the comic database they've started. I've wanted a discogs for comics for sometime since I'm not a fan of the UI of the dbs that exist now. I'm gonna have to check out that database once its more established and cleaned up though.
  5. All good. I would like to know how some online sites are able to charge much less. I end up losing a ton of potential sales from overseas buyers when they find out how much shipping costs.
  6. I ship records all the time and never has it been that low. $13.50 can ship a 7" or CD not an LP. I was rounding up a bit and I didn't see how $30 was so drastic. I try to keep shipping to $23 for the buyer including adding $1 for the mailer.
  7. It costs $25 to ship a record overseas from the US. Hate to be to tell you, but US shipping prices suck. Says on the site that its a preorder.
  8. Yeah, that's part 1. I still have hope that OU will press parts 2 and 3 as well because I don't want to drop $300-500 on the compiled album.
  9. I'm not sure what your position is at UO, but any heads up on future pressings of Robyn's Body Talk series will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Okay, thanks for answering. I was hoping someone else made that size. I need another large storage piece but I won't be able to move anything larger than that size out of my basement. I bought one on clearance after they were discontinued. Then I learned why they were discontinued while I was assembling it.
  11. Did you get your 3x4 cube set at Walmart?
  12. LSTN gets generally good reviews for sound quality. Can't speak for the over-the-ear headphones, but my ebony LSTN earbuds are the best sounding earbuds I've ever owned.
  13. I've already spent $275 on this sale but seriously considering purchasing 10+ more records. I bought 21 records so it averages out to about $13 per record. Not a lot of places you can buy new records for $13 shipped and this sale is especially good since most of these normally cost between $20 and $25.
  14. I've mainly picked up some 2017 releases and a bunch of singles/EPs from indie pop artists. My last order was for some missing items in my collection for Future Islands, M83, and Tame Impala.