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  1. Complete Night Riots collection including CDs, promos, and the early self-released CDs under their original name, PK.
  2. Keep checking. Things are popping up now as available. Finally got my Wombats.
  3. Dude, you are the absolute worst
  4. You and me both. Flippers haven't even posted any online yet which is weird. Where are all of the copies?
  5. Smart but sellers can block buyers with no feedback
  6. Really wanted The Wombats but the 2nd guy in line picked up the only copy
  7. I wish spamming the board with referral codes would be added to the newly laid out rules. Keep that shit in your signatures. Looking at those in particular that don't post anything but referral codes.
  8. Some new exclusives are up for PO: TBS - Tell All Your Friends (Pink) TBS - Where You Want To Be (Pink) At The Drive In - interalia New Found Glory - Makes Me Sick (Split color with splatter) https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/vinyl-exclusives#/
  9. This is the only variant for sale anymore. VMP had a pink variant limited to 300, but it sold out very quickly.
  10. I was actually hoping for an exclusive color or something but their website just links to Amazon
  11. Anyone know where to get some decent record dividers for shelves that won't break the bank like these. (They look cool btw but I gave up on entertaining the idea of having these months ago.)
  12. I seriously thought all of the gunfire was going to bring out the walkers. The only walker I remember from the episode (you know the one) actually got lost during the fighting and they had to find them in the end.
  13. Typical TWD finale but it was an improvement over last season at least. They really need to hire directors that knows how to shoot action/fight scenes. That "battle" looked like crap. It was basically just framing main cast members and showing them look cool shooting guns.
  14. I mean... it'll happen eventually.
  15. It might be best to buy 3 12"x12" scrapbook frames from your local craft store. Then buy a sheet of the framing cardstock. You'll save quite a bit doing it this way plus you won't get hit with the shipping costs for getting it to Canada.