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  1. I didn't have that problem with either of my records. But that reminds me, though. A while back I got a record from Count Your Lucky Stars that felt and sounded like it was coated with sand. That was the only time I think I've ever had that issue. And I was able to get it cleaned and put in a new sleeve anyway.
  2. I just got my shipping confirmation email for my order. Both Formlessness & KEXP, and also some other stuff. I'm just excited to know that everything is finally on its way.
  3. I think my order confirmation email from when I placed my order got deleted but I know I ordered quite a few things with my records. I ordered the Formlessness LP & KEXP, and I think I also had a shirt, a patch, and the Tumblr book. None of which are on BWM or their merch site anymore so I hope that won't cause any problems.