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  1. I got my deluxe vinyl box set and the double cassette set in the mail today. They're both really cool and the vinyl looks really nice. I also like that the record is inside its own regular sleeve inside the box case, so that you don't have to have it inside the bulky case all the time if you don't want. The only thing that kind of bothers me is it looks like the outer case for the vinyl was bumped or pushed against something and there's a kind of crease on the side and back cover. It's not a huge deal for me but I'm guessing it happened in shipping since they didn't have much padding at all in the mailer. Overall I'm happy with the look of the pressing. I haven't had the chance to actually play the record or tapes yet though.
  2. I thought this would be worth mentioning. I found this band the other day and I've been listening to them on repeat since. Wristmeetrazor is a still a very new three-piece screamo/emoviolence band. They just put out their first EP titled "I Talk To God...". They also just announced that it will soon be coming out on cassette through Arduous Path Recordings. Pre-orders are available now and expected to ship in early October. Only 50 copies are being made! Listen here: https://wristmeetrazor.bandcamp.com/album/i-talk-to-god PO cassette here: http://arduouspath.bigcartel.com/product/wristmeetrazor-i-talk-to-god
  3. The marketplace is the only really good thing about Discogs. A new collection system from VC would be awesome. I'm not a programming/software kind of guy but I hope you'll find someone that can help you out. It'll be difficult to find anything near as nice and simple as deadformat.
  4. I've definitely wanted to add this to my collection for a long time. I'd consider making an offer for it, but I really have like no extra money to spend right now. I imagine someone will come along soon enough with a decent offer. Good luck!
  5. I've only been using DeadFormat for a little over a year, but I liked it a lot. Honestly, it had a lot of potential but it didn't seem it was going anywhere. It was my favorite site for keeping track of my collection though. I do use Discogs to buy and sell, but I don't really like it for keeping track of what I have. For now, I'm just working on putting everything into a spreadsheet.
  6. The last day to pre-order and be entered to win a test press happened to be my payday, so I impulse bought the deluxe vinyl and cassette sets... oops. I personally think the price tag on the deluxe vinyl set seems pretty alright. Like, all that extra shit, dice, enamel pin, carrying bag, they're all eh. It's just part of making it an item people can resell for three times the original price a collector's item. But seriously, I think the box set will be just a cool thing to own, and the exclusive variant will look nice too. Honestly, $38 isn't that bad, you know it could've been so much worse.
  7. I came across a post of yours the other day and decided to check out the Quality Time album. I've now had it on repeat for the last few days, it's amazing! I also ordered the tape right away too. I can't wait to see what else is to come, not just from the band, but from your label as well.
  8. I saw the preorder when it went up and decided not to order right away, but the next day I looked at it again and said fuck it and ordered the sky blue variant and a shirt. Didn't know there was a coke bottle variant as well until just now, no big deal though.
  9. A while ago I started variant collecting all releases from the band I Hate Sex. I've got a good amount of their stuff but there are still several things I'm trying to get a hold of. The list below is of all the items I am still looking for and want to buy. I'll update the list as I get each of the items. Thanks! World of Grief // Vinyl Test Press // I think they only made 5 copies of this World of Grief // Special Alternate Cover Version sold at the Miss The Stars Festival Circle Thinking // Purple Cassette // via Too Far Gone Records Circle Thinking // White Cassette // via Pint-Sized Records Circle Thinking // 2017 EU Tour Exclusive Cassette // via Damnfinetapes! Low Level & I Hate Sex Split Cassette // via Chainsaw To The Bass Records I Hate Sex Demos Cassette // via Driftwood Tapes 5-Way Split Cassette (I Hate Sex/Thisismenotthinkingofyou/Yotsuya Kaiden/Healing Powers/Ghostlate) // via Rubaiyat Records
  10. I didn't have that problem with either of my records. But that reminds me, though. A while back I got a record from Count Your Lucky Stars that felt and sounded like it was coated with sand. That was the only time I think I've ever had that issue. And I was able to get it cleaned and put in a new sleeve anyway.
  11. I just got my shipping confirmation email for my order. Both Formlessness & KEXP, and also some other stuff. I'm just excited to know that everything is finally on its way.
  12. I think my order confirmation email from when I placed my order got deleted but I know I ordered quite a few things with my records. I ordered the Formlessness LP & KEXP, and I think I also had a shirt, a patch, and the Tumblr book. None of which are on BWM or their merch site anymore so I hope that won't cause any problems.

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