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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    remember how taking back sunday and brand new had a fued in 2002?
  2. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

  3. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    not surprising to see people trying to minimize this. this is not a one-time issue. its just one time you all know about. I am hoping more women speak up and out again him and other adults who take advantage of the young and naive.
  4. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    I have to say, it's pretty amazing how good every movie in the MCU has been. I watched ant man over the weekend, so good. (I am onviously excluding the first hulk and daredevil as those are outside of the current story and are fucking awful)
  5. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Spiderman was amazing. Thor was also pretty great! Seemed like a couple holes leading into infinity wars like...
  6. Netflix has got some god damn good shit House of cards Bloodline The killing Daredevil Longmire Orange is the new black Theyve either made new shows or picked up cancelled ones to finish them, backed hard.
  7. Netflix / Amazon Prime original series

    Stranger Things is still my favorite thing ever. Season 2 was awesome. I love everything about this show. I want season 3.
  8. The Walking Dead

    oh, the cold comment was to the walking dead, not the spinoff series, lol
  9. The Walking Dead

    did you guys watch fear of this summer? I totally forgot about it, but I was liking where it was going. biggest peeve of the show is that its never, ever cold.
  10. The Walking Dead

    Also, I feel like the production value of that first episode was spent more on editing than actual set design/zombie-make up. I mean, some of those zombies were so clearly covered in rubber face crap, it was corny-looking.
  11. The Walking Dead

    so it made me think that old rick flashfowards are just delusions of sweaty/redeyed rick that they kept showing throughout the ep. I, of course, have no idea because ive never read the comics, but thats just what I got from it. Also, I thought there was an army? how did no one shoot back at rick and co.? I guess it was a confusing episode for me.. looking forward to this season though! Carl is still the worst.
  12. GREATER THAN COLLECTIVE TEAMS 1st - San Diego Whale Vags (ScottHeisel) 2nd - The Gatos (elgato) 3rd - Alabama Thunderpussy (whoshotthefrog) 4th - herp a derp (mike t / ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) 5th - Burninators (seangj) 6th - Bold City Brigade (Chino) 7th - ANUSTART Back2back (Lemongoat) 8th - The Vinegar Strokes (theshanextm) 9th - Forever Unclean (Will) 10th - Brock n Roll (brock) KEEPER RULES: who is on your roster shouldnt matter if you want to keep anyone or not. if you decide you dont want to keep players you just get first dibs at whoever else is available. its really simple, actually. We only keep a max of 3 players, each player kept is assigned the first three rounds. keep 1 player 1st rd pick lost draft rd 2 draft rd 3 keep 2 players 1st rd pick lost 2nd rd pick lost draft rd 3 keep 3 players 1st r pick lost 2nd rd pick lost 3rd rd pick lost that way if you only want to keep 1 or 2 players, you still get chances of getting great players from the draft pool where someone else might be keeping players and thus losing the chance to pick in that round. YOU CAN ONLY KEEP ONE PLAYER PER POSITION. Once all teams have submitted their keepers I will share the google doc with the breakdown of the draft of who will pick when. If everyone keeps 3 players below will be how the draft will role in a snake style DRAFT ORDER 1st - Brock n Roll (brock) 2nd - Forever Unclean (William) 3rd - The Vinegar Strokes (theshanextm) 4th - old City Brigade (Chino) 5th - Thunder Gun Express (Will From West Philly) 6th - Burninators (seangj) 7th - herp a derp (mike t / ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) 8th - Alabama Thunderpussy (whoshotthefrog) 9th - The Gatos (elgato) LAST - San Diego Whale Vags (ScottHeisel) CHANGES FOR 2016 SEASON: Keepers will be based on the round they were drafted this season. So for next year, if you choose to keep anyone, it will be based on this years round minus 2. If you draft Jay Cutler in the 13th round this season, and you choose to keep him for the 2016 season, he would take your 11th round pick. If you TRADE/RECEIVE a player you wish to keep, the same rule applies. If you receive Jamaal Charles, and he was drafted in the 3rd round, he would be your 1st round keeper for 2016. If you decide to keep a player picked up off of waivers at any time during the season, and no one had drafted them initially, they will be kept starting in round 12, and each kept player will be added to the next following round. If you draft Jay Cutler in round 13 and cut him, but then pick him back up before the season ends and decide to keep him, he would take your 11th round pick. If I drop Jamaal Charles, and I drafted him in the 3rd round, and you pick him up off waivers, and decide to keep him, he would be your 3rd round keeper. If you trade a draft pick that would have been assigned to a player you are going to keep for 2016, that kept player will be assigned the next available draft pick. If I trade my 1st round pick for Jamal Charles, who was drafted in the 3rd round, and I decide to keep him, he would take my 2nd round pick. The WAIVER keeper round is not set in stone for 2016.
  13. Mr. Robot

    this is tied with GOT as my favorite show on TV right now. that first episode was really incredible.
  14. Draft March 27th, 9:30 PM EST, I think only two people will not be able to make it (jefferson and fredrico). this will be a keeper league so keep that in mind! MikeT - Brew Crew 2013 chamb117 - Strangers in the Alps stl_ben - The Sex-Bob-Bombers gkersey - Bad News Bearers jhook - JHooks Moshers TheMoosen - Bringing Sexon Back Lemongoat - Her? Ian Rees - Bad News Beers brock309 - The Milwaukee Beers jeffersonhowell - Luchas Del Muchados
  15. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    congrats on winning!
  16. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    I drafted a better team by not being there
  17. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    sorry I missed all but the last round of the draft, for some reason I thought hte draft was at 9 PM EST and I was doing a final pickup from my house that I just sold today! longest ordeal EVER.
  18. <3 Be the first to hear my EP!

    your EP is 1:38 long? that was a short journey.
  19. hahahahahahaahahahahaha anti-semitic misandristic HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA go on, stretch armstrong
  20. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    27th perfect!
  21. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    good match, it was fairly even! Couldn't believe the performance of Quintana/Kluber (17 IP, 0.00 ERA, 20K) to keep our match close (6-4)