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  1. GREATER THAN COLLECTIVE TEAMS 1st - San Diego Whale Vags (ScottHeisel) 2nd - The Gatos (elgato) 3rd - Alabama Thunderpussy (whoshotthefrog) 4th - herp a derp (mike t / ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) 5th - Burninators (seangj) 6th - Bold City Brigade (Chino) 7th - ANUSTART Back2back (Lemongoat) 8th - The Vinegar Strokes (theshanextm) 9th - Forever Unclean (Will) 10th - Brock n Roll (brock) KEEPER RULES: who is on your roster shouldnt matter if you want to keep anyone or not. if you decide you dont want to keep players you just get first dibs at whoever else is available. its really simple, actually. We only keep a max of 3 players, each player kept is assigned the first three rounds. keep 1 player 1st rd pick lost draft rd 2 draft rd 3 keep 2 players 1st rd pick lost 2nd rd pick lost draft rd 3 keep 3 players 1st r pick lost 2nd rd pick lost 3rd rd pick lost that way if you only want to keep 1 or 2 players, you still get chances of getting great players from the draft pool where someone else might be keeping players and thus losing the chance to pick in that round. YOU CAN ONLY KEEP ONE PLAYER PER POSITION. Once all teams have submitted their keepers I will share the google doc with the breakdown of the draft of who will pick when. If everyone keeps 3 players below will be how the draft will role in a snake style DRAFT ORDER 1st - Brock n Roll (brock) 2nd - Forever Unclean (William) 3rd - The Vinegar Strokes (theshanextm) 4th - old City Brigade (Chino) 5th - Thunder Gun Express (Will From West Philly) 6th - Burninators (seangj) 7th - herp a derp (mike t / ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) 8th - Alabama Thunderpussy (whoshotthefrog) 9th - The Gatos (elgato) LAST - San Diego Whale Vags (ScottHeisel) CHANGES FOR 2016 SEASON: Keepers will be based on the round they were drafted this season. So for next year, if you choose to keep anyone, it will be based on this years round minus 2. If you draft Jay Cutler in the 13th round this season, and you choose to keep him for the 2016 season, he would take your 11th round pick. If you TRADE/RECEIVE a player you wish to keep, the same rule applies. If you receive Jamaal Charles, and he was drafted in the 3rd round, he would be your 1st round keeper for 2016. If you decide to keep a player picked up off of waivers at any time during the season, and no one had drafted them initially, they will be kept starting in round 12, and each kept player will be added to the next following round. If you draft Jay Cutler in round 13 and cut him, but then pick him back up before the season ends and decide to keep him, he would take your 11th round pick. If I drop Jamaal Charles, and I drafted him in the 3rd round, and you pick him up off waivers, and decide to keep him, he would be your 3rd round keeper. If you trade a draft pick that would have been assigned to a player you are going to keep for 2016, that kept player will be assigned the next available draft pick. If I trade my 1st round pick for Jamal Charles, who was drafted in the 3rd round, and I decide to keep him, he would take my 2nd round pick. The WAIVER keeper round is not set in stone for 2016.
  2. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    9/26 works for me, I may have a couple drinks in me at this point, so it'll be better for everyone
  3. VC Fantasy Baseball League

  4. Draft March 27th, 9:30 PM EST, I think only two people will not be able to make it (jefferson and fredrico). this will be a keeper league so keep that in mind! MikeT - Brew Crew 2013 chamb117 - Strangers in the Alps stl_ben - The Sex-Bob-Bombers gkersey - Bad News Bearers jhook - JHooks Moshers TheMoosen - Bringing Sexon Back Lemongoat - Her? Ian Rees - Bad News Beers brock309 - The Milwaukee Beers jeffersonhowell - Luchas Del Muchados
  5. Looking for a certain genre

    APPLESEED cast? Godspeed you black emperor
  6. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    But did you get your records?
  7. Hurricane Irma vs. VC

    hah yes, everyone, priorities! get them in order! 1. preorder status 2. everything else
  8. did they still not pay?
  9. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    so when do we want to do the draft? I have a wedding the weekend of the 23rd and I will not be able to participate, so if we could do it any evening the week of the 25th?
  10. VC Fantasy Baseball League

    the new guy in the league, Garren, was trying hard all season to get quintana from me. I was real close when he got traded to the cubs, because fuck the cubs, but im glad I hung on to him. onward to the playoffs!
  11. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    yeah, that would be the pick
  12. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    sent. are undrafted keepers 15th rd? I assumed they are when I sent mine to you
  13. didnt mind the defenders, it being only 8 episodes was probably the best part about it. I think Danny Rand will start to not be such a shitty character now, and I am really interested to see what happens in DD3. finally watched guardians of the galaxy 2, and man, that was a pretty big fall off from the first... but im assuming that its all just a buildup for infinity wars, right? Like, rather than doing the character development movie as the first movie (ie. getting the backstory of who his dad is, etc.), doing it in the second really seems to tie in to them returning to Earth, right? Havent watched Spiderman, but im pumped. Hope it comes on Fios soon so I can rent it.
  14. So i Just moved to Denver.

  15. only 6 episodes to finish it up, I doubt we'll see them spend much time anywhere else besides Castle Black and Winterfell.
  16. cant wait for Arya Littlefinger Stark to straight up fuck wit people
  17. what if the mountain gets controlled by the white walker without getting touched?!!?
  18. I mean, its pretty much been foreshadowed that the hound is going to kill him.
  19. So i Just moved to Denver.

    how many copies of the jealous sound did you find?
  20. no one dies unless you see them die. thats like, the first rule of GoT. I think dragging Cersei out to the final season is the right move. Bran figuring everything out was fucking tight, too.
  21. totally called it on the Stark girls. cant believe there wasn't more death
  22. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  23. if they dont pay then they dont win the pot. might also forfeit their team for next season if they're not active. I gave them the benefit of the doubt this past month since they've been active every season. sorry, my wifes dad passed away yesterday morning, was in WV with her family. couldnt make the draft
  24. VC Fantasy Hockey League

    no, nothing regarding the draft or keepers has been determined or set. draft will be based on reverse standings, Ian will let us all know what the deadline for keepers will be. I'll toss the offer out again to help with getting the draft order and keepers assigned accordingly.